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The Wellington Independent September 5th 1865

The fine ship Asterope 605 tons, under the command of our old friend Captain Stuart, arrived in this harbour early yesterday morning after one of her usual rapid passages.

The Asterope brings out a large miscellaneous and valuable cargo, and 103 passengers all in excellent health. We are indebted to the courtesy of Captain Stuart for the following account of the voyage from the ship's log:

The Asterope left Gravesend at 6 o'clock in the evening of the 1st June, and experienced seven days fresh westerly gales in the English Channel. After passing the Lizard Point on the 8th June, light variable winds carried the vessel to the Equator, which was crossed on the 1st July in Long 30O W. The South East Trades blow strong and southerly, which occasioned the vessel to make several tacks on the coast of South America. Sighted the Island of Fernando Horonah on the 8th July. Plassed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 2nd August, and sighted the shores of Tasmania on the 28th August. Between the Cape and Tasmania experienced very strong westerly winds. On the 11th August, fell in with a severe gale which lasted for two days. The main yard was carried away, and the close reefed mizen topsail, and foresail were blown to ribbons. On the 12th a tremendous sea was running, at 2 am shipped a very heavy body of water over the starboard beam which carried away all the stanchions and bulwarks from the main rigging forward, washing 1 dog, 3 sheep, and 4 pigs overboard, also washing the lifeboat out of the davits. Cape Farewell was sighted at 8 am on Saturday last the 2nd September, and the anchorage made at 5 o'clock yesterday morning [Monday], after a passage of 86 days from land to land.

The health of the passengers was excellent throughout the passage. One death only having occurred, that being Dr Appleby, who died on the 23rd August of consumption.

The list of passengers by this vessel will be found in our shipping column.