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Wellington Independent October 6th 1863

We have much pleasure in announcing the arrival on the 4th October, of the well known clipper ship Asterope, from London direct, on her third visit to this Port with a full cargo of goods. The Asterope is now in command by Captain Adam Stuart, former Chief Officer under our old friend Captain Mitchell. The present run from England to Wellington has been made in 90 days, being a shorter time by 16 days than either of her former trips. Light Westerly winds caused some some delay in the English Channel, and very light variable winds was experienced until after the Equator. After passing the Cape of Good Hope some severe gales were met with, in one of which the main-yard was sprung, but after sighting Tasmania the windds again fell light and variable. We have much pleasure in congratulating Captain Stuart on the success of his first trip, and also in directing the attention of our readers to the subjoined testimonial to him, signed by the whole of the passengers:-

Wellington Independent October 6th 1863

The arrival of the Asterope, on Sunday, has brought us several old settlers, amongst whom are some whose return we little expected. When Captain Daniell and Mr and Mrs Dudley Ward left Wellington, it was generally supposed that none of them would exchange the many advantages which a life of leisure affords in the old country, for the comparatively few to be found here. But the indiscibable charms of a colonial life, combined with the unrivalled climate which we possess, have acted on them as they act on so many others, and induced them once more to set sail for Wellington. We are always glad to welcome back old faces, and can only hope that the objects they proposed to themselves in returning may be attained by all of them.

Wellington Independent October 10th 1863

To Captain Adam Stuart, ship Asterope - We, the undersigned passengers by the ship Asterope, beg to return you our sincere thanks for the unremitting kindness and courtesy shewn to us by you throughout our voyage from London to New Zealand. We have also much pleasure in testifying to the excellence of the provisions supplied to us. The speed and other good qualities of the Asterope are doubtles too well known in New Zealand to need comment from us; but the fact that her present voyage, despite of most unfavourable weather, has been performed in so short a time, must be ascribed, (under Providence,) to your admirable seamanship, and to the coolness and gallantry displayed by you during the severe gales which have swept over us since passing the Cape of Good Hope. We have also sincere satisfaction in recognising the services rendered, and the courtesy shewn to us, by your officers, Messrs Moulam, Ritchie, and Main. To yourself we offer our warmest congratulations on the success of this your first trip as Commander of the Asterope; and, with all possible good wishes for your future career, we bid you most heartily farewell Ship Asterope, October 4th, I863.

E. Daniell J P
Lizzie Smith
C D R Ward J P
James D Fraser
Helen Fraser
A Ward
Thomas Milner
John Johnson
S E Hudson
John Feast
G S Chiene
R J Chiene
Christopher Alpin
Ebenezer Bishop
Mary Board