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The Wellington Independent October 8th 1861

The arrival of the Asterope with a large cargo of general merchandise has created some little stir in commercial affairs our last summary, and a considerable quantity of goods have changed hands during the past and commencement  of the present month. The cargo however appears to be landing very slowly, a good deal of it being still to discharge although the vessel has now been about a month in port. This will be an immense advantage of the Deep Water  Wharf, that the present slow process of discharing vessels will be remedied and a great saving effected both by owners and consignees. General business continues dull, as it invariably is at this season of the year just prior to the  wool being brought into port. In the course of  another month the new clip, will be coming up and supplies will be wanted for the stations, which we have no doubt will cause more activity in commercial circles.   Although the amount of business transacted lately has been small, it has all been of a bonafide character, and we have great hopes that shortly it will be considerably extended on a sound basis. Importations are likely to be on a moderate scale, several Public Works of considerable importance are proposed to be proceeded with this summer, and we may naturally expect that a number of return diggers and new settlers will find their way to this settlement soon if the long vexed native question were only satisfactorily settled.  The Asterope has been laid on to load wool for London, and will most likely leave about the end of next month. The news of the Wool Market received last mail is of rather a more cheering character, but all advices urge great caution in purchasing on this side.

The Wellington Independent October 11th 1861

The clipper ship Asterope, Captain Mitchell, from London, arrived in port this morning, after a very pleasant passage of 95 days. She sailed from Gravesend on the 3rd July, and from the Downs on the 7th. She brings 17 first and second class passengers, and an assorted cargo. She has brought one Durham Bull, two cows, and 18 pure fered Merino Sheep, for A. Ludlam, Esq., of the Hutt; a number of fancy Fowls, for H, Collins, Esq., among which are Silver Hamburghs, Polands, and Dorkings; and 10 Merino sheep for Canterbury. The stock have arrived in good condition. The passengers speak in high terms of the courtesy and attention shown them by Captain Mitchell and his officers, during the voyage. The Asterope, is one of Messrs. Shaw, Saville, and Co.'s Line,. is an exceedingly pretty vessel, with all the latest improvements, and is consigned to Messrs. Wm. Bowler, Son, and Co.

The Wellington Independent October 12th 1861

The clipper ship Asterope, one of Messrs Shaw Saville & Co's line of packets, arived in port yesterday from London, after a quick passage of 95 days from the Downs, having sailed from thence on the 7th July. She brings a very large cargo and 15 passengers, and a number of valuable breeding stock, consisting of one fine Durham Bull and two Cows imported by Mr E A Carlyen; several pure Merino Rams by Mr C Bidwell, Wairarapa; and some Leicester Rams by Mr A Ludlam, Hutt; a number of fancy Fowls, comprising Silver Hamburghs, Polands, Dorkings, &c by Mr R Collins, Wairarapa; and 10 Merino Sheep for Canterbury; all of which have arrived in capital condition. The Asterope is a very smart looking clipper ship of 600 tons register, with all the newest improvements, and sails very fast. She is consigned to Messrs Bowler, Son & Co. We have been unable to obtain a copy of her mainfest, for insertion in this number, as she was not entered at the Custom House up to the time of our going to press.