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Taken from the New Zealand Herald Monday 28 December 1874

The fine iron ship Assay, 1281 tons, Captain D McRITCHIE, under charter to the NZS Company, arrived in port on Saturday, from England, with a general cargo and 319 immigrants. The usual Health-officer's inspection resulted in a clean bill of health being given and the vessel was at once admitted to pratique.

An unusually fine-weather passage has been experienced by the ship. She left London on the 3rd September and took her final departure from off the Start on the 12th.  Sighted the Island of Madeira on the 26th September and
crossed the Equator on the 11th October. The trades proved light.

The meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was traversed on 6th November and the eastings run down in 45 deg. south latitude.  Made the North Cape of New Zealand on the 21st instant after experiencing very light winds.  Down the coast had light westerly winds and calms.  Sighted nothing on the passage since crossing the line.

The Assaye is owned by Messrs J & W Stewart, Greenock, where she was built in 1868.   She is a fine specimen of marine architecture and is a sister ship to the Parsee which came consigned to Messers L D Nathan & Co. some
time since.  She is classed at Lloyd's AA1100.  The following is a list of births and deaths during the passage:-

Deaths on Board
September 7 - Anna Maria COMAN, aged 6 yrs
September 16 - Louis Victor WALKER, aged 71/2 mths
September 25 - Arthur DEWS, aged 9 mths
September 30 - Kate SANDS, aged 6 weeks
October 4 - Anna DRINKWELL, aged 12 weeks
October 28 - Eusta HUNT, aged 7 mths
November 10 - Edward ALCOCK, aged 10 mths
November 11 - William Charles PURCELL, aged 16 mths
November 16 - Mrs Drucilla ACKROY, aged 19 yrs
December 8 - Mrs Harriet COLBOURNE, aged 30 yrs

Births on Board
December 20 - Mrs BIRT of a daughter
December 24 - Mrs REIDY of a son