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Otago Witness May 17th 1862

The Ardencraig has arrived from London, after a passage of more than four months; and the cargo of this vessel with that of the Maria, (in to-day from Sydney) will keep our market well supplied with goods for some time to come.

Nelson Examiner & New Zealand Chronicle May 7th 1862

Eight very valuable Saxon Merino rams and two ewes were landed yesterday from the ship Ardencraig, from London. These sheep, bred in Germany, are of pure blood, and give a heavy fleece with wool of the finest quality. We shall be glad to find that the spirited efforts of the gentleman who has imported these valuable animals are appreciated by our flockmasters, and we make no doubt but that they will gladly embrace the opportunity now afforded them of improving the breed of their flocks, as a change of blood is much wanted here.

Nelson Examiner & New Zealand Chronicle July 12th 1862

A fire ocourred on board the ship Ardencraig, on Monday evening, June 16, between four and five o'clock, which, at a later hour, caused much excitement, in consequence of an alarm being sounded by the firebell.

Smoke having been observed issuing from the forepeak of the Ardencraig, which had but recently cleared outwards in ballast for Callao, intelligence was conveyed to the agents, who speedily took every possible means for obtaining assistance in subduing the fire. The engine from town, and another, supplied by Mr. Johns, were promptly on the spot, and, after some hours of incessant work, in consequence of the fire being in the fore-peak, and the vessel being down by the stern at least two feet, the fire was fortunately subdued at about three o'clock on Tuesday morning, without any serious injury to the vessel. It is with much pleasure we refer our readers to the letters below, from the captain and agents of the vessel. A survey was held on the morning of June 17, when the following certificate was supplied to the agents : -

"At a survey called on board the ship Ardencraig, at the request of Captain Page, and held this day to inquire into the cause and extent of a fire on board his ship.
"After a careful survey, we, the undersigned, find that the damage is not of a serious nature, and nothing whatever in extent to prohibit the ship Ardencrajg from at once proceeding on her voyage. The fire has originated evidently in the fore-peak, but we are in entire ignorance as to its cause.
"Dated at Nelson, on board the Ardencraig, the seventeenth day of June, 1862.
                                                                                                                               Daniel Stewart
                                                                                                                      Master of Ship Cornelia
                                                                                                                                  P. Greig
                                                                                                                      Of the Brig Lalla Rookh

Witness to the signature -
                 Nath. Edward
            of Nelson, Merchant
                  John Sharp
    Registrar Supreme Court, Nelson

The following are the letters published by the captain and the agents:
"Gentlemen - I cannot, in too strong a manner, express my feelings and thanks to you for the kind assistance you rendered me in aiding to subdue the fire which broke out on board my ship last evening, and I would only wish that I had it in my power to return you a more substantial proof of the very high appreciation at which I hold the great services you so promptly rendered me, for which please now receive my most grateful acknowledgements.
                                                                                                    I am, Gentlemen
                                                                                                                James Page

Nelson, June I7
Gentlemen - As agents for the ship Ardencraig, on fire in the harbour last night, we beg to return you thanks for your very praiseworthy and disinterested exertions, to which, in a great measure, is to be attributed success in overcoming the disaster. At one time it appeared that nothing less than scuttling the vessel would have subdued the fire in her lower hold, and had it not been for every exertion used by yourselves, and those who promptly assisted you, the result would, we fear, have been very much more serious than, fortunately, it has proved to be.
                                                                                                                                                        Yours truly
                                                                                                                                                              Nath. Edwards and Co
                                                                                                                                                                     Agents for the Ardencraig
                                                     Nelson, June 17, 1862

Return of the Ardencraig - The ship Ardencraig, which left here on Wednesday evening, June 18, for Callao, put back on the 20th June, Captain Page requiring medical assistance for the chief officer, who, in the heavy gale from the N. W. on Thursday evening June 18, at about eight o'clock, fell overboard from the main yard, and struck the vessel in the act of falling. Fortunately, Captain Page, who was, on the poop at the time, saw the mate falling, and at once threw him over a rope, by which means he was hauled on board. There was a strong gale blowing at the time, with a very heavy sea on. The vessel proceeds to sea again immediately.