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The Daily Southern Cross September 22nd 1863

Some little apprehension was felt on Saturday last, by the report that the 'Annie Wilson' had arrived from London, and that there had been several deaths on board. On Mr. Pilot Burgess landing from the vessel, however, the satisfactory information was received that the cause of deaths or the state of health of the passengers was not such as would be likely to cause her detention in quarantine. It appears that there have been nine deaths during the voyage, five of the deceased being young children, and four adults. Three of the children died of scarlatina and with the exception of one fatal case of fever, to an adult on the 26th ult , the other diseases were not infectious. The last case of scarlatina was on the 27th of last month. The 'Annie Wilson' was, of course, not allowed to enter the harbour, and she will remain outside the Heads until the decision of the Board of Health, which is to meet this morning, is made known. The following is the report of the doctor of the vessel.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ship 'Annie Wilson' Sept. 19, 1863.
Report of the health of the passengers on board the above ship. During the voyage, we have had about ten cases of scarlatina amongst children, three of whom have died. We have had no other infectious disease on board, with the exception of one case of  fever which proved  fatal. There are several now suffering from catarrhal and chest-affections, and general debility,  from the lengthened voyage. There have been three births on board.
Deaths - July 21, Frances Clara Rirk, 6months, atrophy; July 28, George Matthew Gillman, 9 years and 10 months, scarlatina maligna; August 2, John Edgar Gillman, 5 years and 7 months, scarlatina maligna; August 26, Agnes Griffin, 30, catarrh and fever; August 27, Caroline Agnes Bernewetz, 6 months, atrophy; August 27, Anne Ferguson, 3 years, anasarca, following scarlatina; September 7, William Lyne, 23 disease of lungs and brain;' September 10, Thomas Cook, 26, gastric fever and cerebral affection; September 17, Charles Moor, 26 years, hoemotysis and disease, of lungs.
Births.— July 3 Hannah Harvey, a girl; July 7, Anne Stringer, a girl; September 18, Harriet Gillman, a son.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Henry Bedwell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Physician and Surgeon.

The Daily Southern Cross September 22nd 1863

The Ship Annie Wilson came into harbour yesterday afternoon and we were enabled to learn the following particulars of her voyage. She left the E.I. Docks on the 28th May, and took her final departure from gravesend on the 30th, which makes her out from England 113 days. Crossed the line on the 8th July, 39 days out, in long 25 W.; passed the meridian of the Cape on 10th August in lat. 45 50'; made the Three Kings on the 14th of this month, and had beating weather all down the coast. The Annie Wilson is one of the White Star Liners, of 1,118 tons, commanded by Captain John Duckett, and is in a highly creditiable state of cleanliness not withstanding the number of passengers on board. on discharge of cargo she will proceed to Lyttleton to load for England.

The Daily Southern Cross September 24th 1863

The following is published at the request of Dr Bedwell - "On board the Annie Wilson, Off Auckland, September, 1863 "We the undersigned passengers in the ship Annie Wilson, from London to Auckland, New Zealand, do hereby certify that Dr Henry Bedwell, Surgeon, has anxiously attended to his duties, being always zealous and earnest for the comfort and health of his patients."— Signed by H W Cottle (chaplain), Alice Cottle, E Webster, and forty-eight other passengers.

The Daily Southern Cross October 2nd 1863

The ship Annie Wilson is advertised to sail for Lyttelton on the discharge of her cargo. On arrival at that port she will be laid on for Lonondon direct.

Nearly all the passengers by the ship Annie Wilson succeeded in landing their luggage yesterday by meams of the cargo boats, which ran to and fro the whole of the day.