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Men of the Armed Constabulary
who recieved the
New Zealand War Medal

Name Rank
Adam Samuel Private
Alfrey William Constable
Anderson Andrew Constable
Andrehan Edward Constable
Aveling Henry Sergeant
Baker Thomas Constable
Baker Charles Constable
Barry David Constable
Bassett W. H. Sergeant
Beamish J. G. Constable
Becketield Richard Constable
Beatty james Constable
Beauchamp George Constable
Bennett C. D. Sergeant-Major
Berkley John Sergeant
Biddle Benjamin Constable
Bigley Charles Sergeant
Bland John Constable
Bluett H. P. Sergeant
Blyth Donald Constable
Black Solomon Constable
Blake J. G. Corporal
Blake George Farrier Surgeon
Blake James Constable
Bourke Peter Constable
Brett Sergeant
Bryson Alexander Constable
Bradkart Werner Constable
Browlaw Henry Constable
Brunt W.M. Constable
Bradley George Constable
Brooking H.L.S. Constable
Brennan John Constable
Brennan W. Constable
Brown W. Assistant Surgeon
Brown Harry Constable
Brown Patrick Sergeant
Brown Charles Sergeant
Brown Daniel Constable
Brown John Constable
Bullot Frederick Constable
Burrow John Constable
Burns Henry Constable
Burns Robert Constable
Buchanan James Constable
Carr H.H. Constable
Carlyon P.F Lance Corporal
Carter Harcourt Constable
Cain Thomas Constable
Cameron George D. Constable
Cahill Patrick B. Sergeant
Carkeek Arthur Wakefield Sergeant
Campbell Alexander Constable
Campbell Charles S. Constable
Campbell Duncan Constable
Chawner Edward Sergeant
Chase John Constable
Clansey Samuel Constable
Clansey Henry Constable
Collins James Constable
Collingwood H.A. Corporal
Coffey Dennis Constable
Collart Robert Constable
Collins Michael Constable
Crossman George Constable
Cooper George Constable
Crapp Arthur A Sub Inspector
Craig Andrew Trooper
Crowley Frederick Constable
Croxwell Thomas Constable
Crawford Peter M. Constable
Cudworth Watter Constable
Cumming George J Inspector
Curtice H.T. Constable
Daly William Constable
Davey Henry Constable
Day J.N. Constable
Davies Sydney H. Sub Inspector
De Fangerand Perre Constable
Dean Edward Corporal
Dismore Nathaniel Sergeant
Dolan Patrick Constable
Drummond John Edward Constable
Drew james Constable
Durie P.S. Inspector
Dunn John Constable
Duffy Thomas Constable
Dundass Henry W. Sergeant
East Charles Constable
Ebberley Peter Constable
Ebbett William Constable
Edgworth Robert Corporal
Elliott Frederick Constable
Elley Reuben Constable
Erskine Robert Constable
Evans John Constable
Evans Henry Constable
Egton Thomas Sergeant
Farrelly Thomas Constable
Fahey David Constable
Ferraby John Constable
Finlay William Constable
Forster A.R.L Sub Inspector
Forster H. Sergeant Major
Frazer John Sergeant
French William Sergeant
Froggart Henry Constable
Gascgoine F.W. Sub Inspector
Gay M.J Constable
Gannon M.J. Constable
Gibbons James Constable
Glennis William Constable
Goldsmith J.W.P. Sergeant
Goring Foster Y. Sub Inspector
Griffith William J. Sergeant
Gudgeon Walter Edward Sub Inspector
Gundry W. J. Sub Inspector
Guthies William J. Constable
Hallet Charles Constable
Hare George Constable
Hayden John Constable
Hayes Thomas Constable
Halloran Richard Constable
Hart Patrick Constable
Harding Charles Constable
Harrison H.F. Constable
Hearle Edward Constable
Hesketh James Constable
Heaney Alexander Sergeant Major
Henderson Joseph Constable
Hickey Patrick Constable
Hinton John Constable
Hickman Thomas Constable
Horsford Samuel Sergeant major
Hurton John Constable
Hutchison David Sub Inspector
Hughes W.F. Constable
Hynes Joseph Constable
Hyde Edward Constable
Ingwerson Marcus Constable
Ingram C.E. Constable
Isgard H.E Constable
Jackson H.B. Constable
Jamieson James Constable
Jefferies Walter Constable
Jordan Robert Constable
Jordan Thomas Edward Constable
Johnson Alexander Constable
Johnson Alexander Constable
Kershaw Philip Constable
Kernighan James Constable
Keene Laurance Constable
Kelsall William Constable
Kegs George Constable
Kennedy Alexander Constable
Kelly Thomas Private
King Robert J Constable
King Thomas Constable
Lane James Constable
Lanauze H.W.C. Constable
Lanauze George Constable
Lacey Garrett Constable
Langfred James Constable
Langridge Matthew Constable
Larrett Phillip Corporal
Land J. Constable
Leslie A.J. Assistant Surgeon
LeMasurier Phillip Constable
Long James Constable
Lound Charles Lance Corporal
Love Robert Constable
Lydon George Constable
Mathieson G.S. Constable
Maskery Stephen Constable
Maher Patrick Constable
Maycock Richard Constable
Mason W.G. Constable
Matthews A.C. Constable
Marshall W. Constable
Marshall James Constable
Merryless C.J. Constable
Metua Constable
Mitchell Charles Constable
Mills William Sergeant
Milmoe Laurence Constable
Milne John Constable
Monck James B. Constable
Moore John Constable
Morrison H.C. Sub Inspector
Moynahan Patrick Constable
Moon A.M. Sergeant
Murray David Constable
Murphey R.T. Constable
Myhea William Constable
McArthuer David Constable
McCoy John Constable
McCanley William Constable
McCarthy Timothy Constable
McCrovy Patrick Constable
McCartney Arthur Sergeant
McDonald James Constable
McDonald Alexander Constable
McDonald Norman Constable
McDonald Peter Constable
McDonald D. Constable
McDonnell George Sub Inspector
McDonnell C. Sub Inspector
McDowall Trooper
McFarland P. Constable
McGoldrick Henry Corporal
McHugh Patrick Constable
McKearney Hugh Constable
McLachlan Patrick Constable
McLauchlin Dugald Constable
McLaen Henry Constable
McMahon Charles Constable
McMahon Martin Constable
McNeill William Constable
Newall Stuart Sub Inspector
Newland William Constable
Neale George Constable
Neary William Constable
Nicholas Constantine Constable
Northcroft H.W. Sub Inspector
Nolan Michael Constable
O'Brien Martin Sergeant
O'Brien William Constable
O'Brien James Constable
O'Connell George Sergeant
O'Halloran G.L. Sub Inspector
O'Hanlon Peter Constable
Oldfield Thomas Sergeant
Orbell G.G. Sergeant
Orr William Constable
Outon William Constable
Payne F.C Constable
Palmer Alfred Constable
Pearce Henry Constable
Pegley Roland Constable
Pearson Alfred Lance Corporal
Peevor T.G Constable
Phillips Henry Constable
Pilkington Hamlet Constable
Porter William W. Sub Inspector
Powell William T. Sergeant
Power John Constable
Pope Frederick S.W. Sergeant
Pycroft Henry Constable
Quatborough Richard
Rabbits Edward Constable
Rehbork Christian Constable
Reed F.B. Sergeant
Reed Bernard Corporal
Reynolds E. Constable
Richards William Constable
Richardson W.A. Sub Inspector
Roberts J.M. Inspector
Robinson Richard Constable
Roche Henry Constable
Rolls Mark Constable
Rose Hemming L. Constable
Ross Frederick Captain
Rudd William Constable
Rutledge Johnston Constable
Rutherford Walter Constable
Ryan Daniel Constable
Ryan John M. Constable
Sandes T. Goodman Sergeant
Sampson Gerald Constable
Savage James Trooper
Scholes John Constable
Scott Herbert Quartermaster Sergeant
Scott Nixon Constable
Scott James Constable
Scott Thomas Constable
Shanaghan James Constable
Short John Corporal
Short F.J Trooper
Shaw Reginald Constable
Sibley Henry Thomas Constable
Siddons James Constable
Skene George Sergeant
Smith Alexander Sergeant
Solomon William Constable
Spring Francis Constable
Spitter Harvey Sub Inspector
Squibb George Constable
Sturmer Edward Constable
Stidolph Sydney Constable
Strauchan T.H. Sergeant
Stott Abraham Sergeant
Strode Alfred Chetham Sub Inspector
Sutherland Donald Constable
Swan William Constable
Tatty Hugh Constable
Taylor Amelius Sergeant
Teague J.V. Constable
Thompson E.S. Constable
Thomas Benjamin Constable
Thornton John Constable
Thomas George Sergeant
Timms William Constable
Torrey James Constable
Torpey Richard Sergeant
Trueman William Constable
Traynor J.J. Constable
Tuke Arthur Inspector
Turner Thomas Constable
Vance Robert Constable
Vincent Richard B. Constable
Viliars Edmond Constable
Warne G.M. Constable
Watts J.R. Sub Inspector
Waldon Otto Constable
Walters Richard Constable
Wakeford Alfred Constable
Walton T.F. Constable
Washington William Constable
Waters George Constable
Wallace William Sergeant
Webb James Constable
Weatherley James Constable
Whitehead Joseph Constable
Whelan Thomas Constable
White Alfred Constable
Winslow William Constable
Willison George Sergeant
Withers Thomas Sub Inspector
Williamson Charles Constable
Wilson P.C. Constable
Woodfuffe H.S. Sergeant
Worthington A. Sergeant
Wright Samuel Constable
Wylon James Constable
Young Thomas Constable
Zoring Henry Constable