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Amelia Thompson
Ship: 447 tons
Captain: William Dawson
Surgeon Superintendent: James Evans
Sailed Plymouth March 25th 1841 - arrived Wellington
August 2nd 1841
                                                                                     New Plymouth September 3rd 1841

Arrival of the Amelia Thompson (Wellington)
Arrival of the Amelia Thompson (New Plymouth)

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Baker Miss 27
Brown Edwin 40
Mrs 33 Delivered June 14th female
Master 4
Female child Infant Born on board
Brown Charles Esq 23
Cooke George John Esq 27
Davey Captain Leyson Hopkins 58
Master 10
Evans James Esq 27 Surgeon Superintendent
Goodall Isaac 29
Halse Henry Esq 26
William Esq 24
Ibbetson Thomas 22
King Captain RN 50
Mrs 49
Master 10
Lewthwaite John 25
Marshall Edmund 26
Wallace John 56
Webster James Esq 30
Mrs 27 Delivered April 15th male child
Miss 6
Frederick Lewis 2
William Dawson Infant Born on board
Intermediate Passengers
Browne Miss A 34
Merchant Charles E Esq 26
Mrs 27
Child 6
Child 4 Died on board
St George George Esq 30 "G St George Esq paid his passage as a cabin passenger & came the voyage as such"
Veale John 60
Mrs 63
Steerage Passengers
Allen William 26 Agricultural Labourer
Prudence 25
Thomas 2
John 11 months
Autridge Charles 25 Agricultural Labourer
Frances 23
John 5
Bayly William 30 Yeoman
Elizabeth 26
Daniel 6
Ann 2
Jane 11 months
Bayly Thomas 36 Yeoman
Susan 35
Elizabeth 10
Thomas 8
William 6
Ann 4
Isaac 11 months
Bayly James 25 Agricultural Labourer
Grace 22
Arthur 1
Bassett William 26 Carpenter
Billing William 39
Eliza 20
Mary 8 months
Bullott Eugene 27 Carpenter
Susan 25
Edward 2
Jane 9 months Died the 25th March from acute inflammation of the chest.
Dalby Henry 28 Draper
Downe James 24 Agricultural labourer
Edgcumbe William 26 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 25
James 1 Died of consumption June 7th having been ill all the voyage
Elliot Peter 24 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 21 Delivered the 29th of April of a female child
Female child Infant Born on board
Fishleigh Samuel 29 Blacksmith
Giddy George 30 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 27
Mary 1
Sally Ann 3 months
Grylls Richard 37 Carpenter
Ann 29
Eliza 4
John 11 months
Hambly Charles 39 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 36
John Rundle 11
Caroline 10
Charles 9
Mary Jane 7
Harris Jane 25 Domestic Servant
Hicks Thomas 32 Tailor
Ann 28
Hoskin Arthur 29 Cooper & Sawyer
Eliza 27
William 8
Arthur 1
Hoskin Josias 25 Shoemaker
Elizabeth 24
Hunt Edward 22 Smith
Susan 23
Edward 7 months
Johnson John 28 Servant
Mary 25 Delivered Sept 1st male child
Mary 5
William 1
John Infant Born on board
Jones Edward 29 Agricultural Labourer
Catherine 26 Catherine Jones died August 8th from inflammation of the bowels on. On a post mortem examination the intestines were found much ulcerated.
Edward 8
Lukies William 31 Blacksmith
Eliza 27
William John 7
Elizabeth 5
Emily 2
Matthews Samuel 25 Agricultural Labourer
Susannah 22
Medland John 31 Clerk to Capt King
Grace 27
Newland John 41 Builder
Frances 30
Frances Agnes 13
Susan 8
John 6
William 2
Oliver James 35 Agricultural Labourer
Ruth 38
John 11
William 9
Samuel 8
Matilda 4 Died July 19thfrom consumption unwell when taken on board
Francis 11 months
Oliver Samuel 21 Miller
Oliver Mary 16 Domestic Servant
Oxenham Thomas 34 Carpenter
Elizabeth 29 Delivered June 18th  male child
Ann 6
Susannah 4
Hannah 2
Male child Infant Born on board
Paynter William 30 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 27
William 11 months
Pearce James 29
Grace 24
Child Infant The infant child died of the hooping cough the 8th August
Perry John 45
Frances 43 Delivered March 8th male
Bennett 20
Mary 16
Frances 14
Elizabeth 12
William 9
Francis 5
Walter 2
Edwin Infant Born on board
Roberts William 28 Sawyer
Mary 29
John 2
Mary Ann 8 months Died May 29th from hooping cough
Rundle Richard 34 Carpenter
Ann 33
John 12
William 11
Richard 9
Ann 7
Hannah 5
Sally 4
Jane 8 months
Sandercock Sarah 23 Domestic Servant
Screech Caroline 18 Domestic Servant
Seccombe Richard 35 Agricultural Labourer
Sally 33
William Henry 8
John 7
Shaw Ebenezer John 11
James Thomas 49 Shipwright
Jane 45 Delivered September 3rd male
Matilda Jane 20
Sarah Thomazin 14
Mary Ann 12
Lydia Elizabeth 7
Thomas William 4
Female child Infant Born on board
Shaxon William 23 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 20 Mary Ann Shaxon died April 9th from plurisy having had previously a disease of the heart.
Shepherd John 22 Tailor
Veale Hannah 22 Farm Servant
Jane 20 Farm Servant
Prudence 16 Farm Servant
Veale Thomas 18 Agricultural Labourer
Wallace Robert Douglas 16 Engineer
Williams John 37 Yeoman
Wood Richard 29 Blacksmith
Elizabeth 23
Harriet 2

ALLEN family:
William Allen and his wife Prudence (Nee Hooper) arrived in New Plymouth with two children, John Hooper Allen and Thomas Allen. In New Plymouth they had three further children, William, Martha and William Samuel Allen. William senior’s past is still a bit of a mystery, we know that he was put into an agricultural apprenticeship at the age of seven. He was reputed to have been a very strong and hardworking man. I have a copy of a photo of William (senior ) and Prudence Allen taken in later life. I am descended from William Allen junior and his wife Emily James. William senior’s descendants now number in their thousands. A Reunion was held in the 1970’s and family trees were constructed for these. Another researcher is computerising these currently. Please feel to contact me if you think you may be related

William ALLEN/ALLIN, born to Mary Allin and Charles Stanhope, the third Earl of Stanhope, Chevening, Kent, England. (Lord of the Manor of Holsworthy, Devonshire), was christened in February 1810 at Holsworthy, Devonshire, England. He married Prudence Hooper, the daughter of John and Martha Hooper, and who was christened on April 28th 1811 at Week St. Mary, Cornwall, England. William was paid off by his father's family, to go to New Zealand, as he was a threat to the heir of the family fortune and title. In 1841 he emigrated aboard the Amelia Thompson with his wife and 2 small sons: Thomas born January 7th 1839 and John Hooper christened March 1st 1840, both at Holsworthy, Devonshire. Following their arrival three more children were born in NZ : William  "Samuel" born November 27th 1843, Martha born December 31st 1849 and William born June 18th 1856 all at Mangorei, New Plymouth. William senior bought three farms in the New Plymouth area and was known as a man of exceptional physical strength, which he attributed to having been apprenticed to a farmer at the age of 7 years, following the death of his mother, and to having to work hard in all weathers. He never knew what it was to feel tired. He was an expert axeman, as were two of his sons Thomas and John. William senior died on April 27th 1893, at New Plymouth and Prudence on October 13th 1889 also at New Plymouth. Both are buried at Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Cynthia Glover.  

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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p198a & 198c