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Barque: 437 tons
Captain: Parsons

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London October 29th 1859 - arrived Lyttelton February 15th 1860

Ambrosine, 437 tons, Captain Parsons, sailed 29th October, 1859, arrived 18th February. This barque sailed from London two days after the wreck of the Royal Charter, and met with terrific gales in the Channel. Shipping generally suffered severe damage during these gales. The barque sailed finally from Ushant on 9th November, and made a run of 29 days to the Equator. Captai Parsons reported heavy gales throughour the voyage.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Chief Cabin Passengers
Abbott Mr
Revans Mr
Paying Steerage Passengers
Baker W
Bax Charles
Dunlop J
Gardner G
Irons George
Putron Frederick
Ribman Charles
Wynd J
Assisted Steerage Passengers
Families and Children
Butler David 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Mary 23
Catherine 1
Bugg Jonathan 37 Suffolk Ploughman
Mary 30
John 11
Jane 7
George 5
Marianne 18 months
Crow Thomas 34 Essex Farm Labourer
Eliza 30
Frederick 9
Rhoda 8
Harry 6
Elizabeth 11
Ellen 4
Walter 2
Daniel 10 months
Foden Edward 34 Staffordshire Labourer
Mary Ann 36
Green John 32 Suffolk Labourer
Eliza 31
Grigson William 38 The Provincial Government initially gives 2.0.0 in this case. The passage costing only 15 per adult.
Ann 34
Ann 13 T/F to single women
Susanna 11
Herbert Mary 25 Middlesex
Clements Fanny 28 T/F to single women
Holmes Thomas 26 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Mary 28
McNicoll Charles 30 Scotland Shoemaker
Rachel 30
Morley Henry 57 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Susan 48
Charles 18 T/F to single men
Mary 16 T/F to single women
William 8
Osborne Thomas 28 Kent Gardener
Frances Mary 26
Thomas 2
Frances Mary Infant
Vague William 50 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Jane 51
Edmund 10
Single Men
Forster Richard 18 Kings County Farm Labourer
Lawcock John 24 Lanark Shepherd
Mathew Alexander 24 Forfar Farm Labourer
McMorran James 19 Lanark Shepherd
Morley Charles 18 Suffolk Labourer
Reeves William 22 Kent Farm Labourer
Rolfe Samuel 15 Suffolk Labourer
Shaw Edward 28 York Farm Labourer
Ann 29 Whole family crossed out on list. No indication as to reason.
Ellen 4
William 2
Elizabeth 4 months
Yeomans Edward 37 Stafford Labourer
Emma 11 T/F to single women
Mary 7 T/F to single women
Single Women
Bugg Mary 18 Domestic Servant
Clements Fanny 28 Domestic Servant
Close Mary 33
Mary 11
Elizabeth 6
Cummings Eliza 40 Middlesex Housekeeper
Matron. To act also as Schoolmistress
Grigson Ann 13 Suffolk Domestic Servant
Lovett Sarah 21 Stafordshire Domestic Servant
Mathew Ann 32 Forfar Domestic Servant
Catherine Crossed out
Morley Mary 16 Domestic Servant
Yeomans Emma 11
Mary 7

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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/28

Lyttelton Times February 18th 1860