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Ship: 665 Tons
Captain: McLean
Surgeon Superintendent: H J Philips
Sailed London 17th November 1851 - arrived Wellington 1st March 1852

                                                                              Lyttelton 19th March 1852
                                                                               Port Chalmers 4th may 1852

Two ships bearing the name Agra visited New Zealand. The first was a new vessel built at Sunderland in 1851 and was owned by Lidgett and Sons of London. She sailed from Gravesend on 17th November and Plymouth on the 28th arriving Port Nicholson 1st March and Lyttelton 19th March. After landing passengers and cargo at Lyttelton the Agra sailed for Port Chalmers on 4th May where 49 passengers were landed.
Source: White Wings - Sir Henry Bett

These passengers are for Port Nicholson only. There are another 145 aboard this ship.
Our thanks to William Inglis for his help with this list.

Arrival of the Agra

Name Age County Occupation
Anderson Mr A
Clarke Mrs
Constable Mr
Cook Mrs
2 children
Dron Rev. Mr. Free Church Minister for "The Hutt"
Grantham Mr
Hatton Miss J.
Hawk J.
Inglis Alexander St Clair
Inglis John
Inglis William
Johnstone E.
Johnstone H. G.
Johnstone W.
McCulloch Robert 36
Euphemia 33
McGlashan Mrs
2 children
McWilliam Elizabeth
Norris Mr
Russell Mr J. P.
Russell Mr
Russell Mrs
Shields Thomas
Sinclair James 43 Founder of Blenheim
James J. 6 months
Snodgass Mr
Alexander 5
2 children
Strachan David 33
Elizabeth 26
Jane 8
Mary 8
Alexander 6
William 4
Janet 2
Washbourne Mrs
6 children
Weymss Mr J. B.
Wilson J. B.

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