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My Family Photo Album

I want to thank all my RUPE, SCOTT, & ZIRKLE COUSINS
& BJ my niece for most of these pictures

Ruth Scott and Levi Cline Family Thanks to Joan Case

Moses Cline Tombstone

Ruth Scott Cline<

Levi & Ruth Scott Cline

Nellie Cline

Pearl & Baby Cline

George Polk Cline

George Polk Home

Levi and Ruth Scott Cline

Margaret Ward

Isaac Newton Godwin Family
1890 Ransom, Ness Co, KS

Old Rutland School, Ohio?
William Liddell Scott Family

Zirkle/Circle Family Thanks to Shelby and Judy

George Adam & Elizabeth Ridenour Zirkle Tombstone
George Adam Zirkle Family
Zirkle Family Farm

Zirkle Cem. New Market,VA

Zirkle Cemetery

Looking East from cemetery

John Washington,Sophia,Katie,

Sullivan,Ettie,Matt,Sallie Circle

Circle Brothers/Myrtle and Sallie Rasp

Clara and Sullivan Circle, Arthur and Katie Wilson

Charles & Mary Etta Davis and Unknown

Katie Wilson, Sally Rasp and Children

Lewis Zirkle Rupe
Rupe Families

Sarah & Israel Rupe Family

Enoch Rupe

Isreal Rupe

William H. Rupe, Grandfather

Nancy Jane Hobbs Rupe, Grandmother

Henry Rupe

Thanks to Lisa Rogers for these Rupe Pictures

Uncle Charlie Rupe
John Rupe & Mary Gee

John & Rebecca Hubler Rupe

Oran, Charlie, Pete & Wayne Rupe

L.Z. & Mary Smith Rupe

Bertha, Ellen(Rupe) & Carrie Tillotson

Sam Rupe Deliza Dugan


Mary Rupe & Hiram Ranes

Sarah & Blaine Rupe

Jane, Mamie(Mary), Henry, Stella, Blaine, Fred, John & Charlie Rupe

Blaine, Fred, Charley, & John Rupe

Uncles Blaine, Fred, Charlie, Henry & John Rupe

Wm & Nancy J. Hobbs Rupe

Betty, Roy & Marie Rupe

Dick, Bill & Jim Rupe

Jack Rupe, Ft Knox, KY, 1952

Wm Henry & Marjorie Rupe 1924

Pricilla Rupe

Roscoe Rupe

Aunt Stella Rupe

Nellie, Bonnie & Marjorie Rupe

Dave & Jane Rupe Kirkendall

William Rupe, Minerva Ryan Family
sonof Israel

Grant & Hattie Smith Rupe
Sarah, Mandy, John & Baby

Hattie Ann Rupe Cook, grandmother, daughter of Henry Clay Rupe and Martha Frances Smith, son of Israel and Sarah Rupe & Freddie Allene Wheeler Cooper pic taken about 1950

Claudie Fay Cook Wheeler, daughter of Hattie Ann Rupe and George Vinton cook pic taken about 1945

Thanks to George Sharp for the following Rupe pictures

Grandma & Grandpa Rupe

William Rupe

William & Sophia Rupe

William Rupe Grave



Edna & Jessie Rupe

Hannah & Attie Gardener

Minerva Rupe Grave

The following photos are in Power Point. Not sure if they will appear or what. They work!!!

Grandpa Rupe w/Brother

Great Grandpa Rupe Family

Hannah & Pearl's Families

Hanna Gardner & Children

This sent to me thinking it is John Zirkle, Can you help identify?
Photo Album 2