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Leonard-Rupe Stephenson and many Allied lines

This is my tale and the tales of my ancestors. I come from good stock and breeding and am very proud of my family. I never knew any of my grandparents. They had all passed on when it came my turn to be born, but I know about them now, and what a bunch of characters they were.

My ancestors came from many different countries and from varied walks of life. They were a healty, robust and vigorous bunch of folks and I inherited those traits.

I am very proud of my ancestors and I want to keep their memory alive by posting them here and looking at them often. It will be wonderful to see them all together for the first time. So here's to all my kin, young and old. I miss the ones of you I never got to know but am learning more and more about you every day.

These pages then, are for my family that "today" are all over the United States (including Alaska) from the very West to the very East, from the very North to the very South, and in the Arabian Sea fighting the "War on Terror"!

Leonard & Allied Lines
Iron-worker Leonards, Eng, to Mass, N.J, all points West and South
Capt Henry Leonard, grgrgrandson to Henry 1618, Ironmonger
Jacob Leonard & Rebecca Graves, Randolph Co, N.C.
Henry Leonard & Patsey Raines from North Carolina to Indiana
William and Mary Rupe Leonard Family of Iowa (My Parents
Our Greave/Graves from Ireland to PA to N.C (2 Graves Lines)
Our Raines and Wynne Line from VA to N.C. (2 Wynne Lines)
Our Quaker Woodwards & Walkers from Eng to PA, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois Our Thornsberry's and Chapmans from England, VA, KY.
I still have families of Cornell, Briggs, Allen & all their allied lines to ready, but will be coming soon.

Jacob Roop First Generation From Germany
Martin Rupe and Christina Zirkle Rupp from Shenandoah VA to Ohio
John and Rebecca Lewis Rupe from Ohio to Iowa
William and Nancy Hobbs Rupe of Iowa
Our Glenn Family from Scotland to England to America-> PA-> S.C.->TN-> IND-> Iowa
Our Scotts,Liddells and Keiths from Scotland to Pa, to S.C. to points West to Iowa
Our Hobbs Family from Eng to VA, TN and points West, Illinois & Iowa
Our Zirkle & Hertzil Lines from Switzerland, Germany to America etc.
Our Ridenour Line From Germany to Pa, VA all points West
Our DOUBLE Quaker Lewis Lines from Wales, Barbadoes, R.I., PA. N.J, Ohio

Here too, will be more pages of Allied lines as soon as I can get them ready.

John M. Rupe Bio
Lewis Zirkle Rupe Bio

In Patriotic Collection;
John Scott, DAR Letter
James Glenn, DAR Letter
Martin Rupp, DAR Letter

Family Photos

My Folks Tales

My child hood memory begins with being pulled in a wagon by my brother Dave and my sister Pat to a picnic area deep in the woods on Soap Creek, probably on a Sunday afternoon. I am told they had been left in charge of me while I napped. I was probably 3-4 years old. Our parents and the rest of the family had gone on ahead to prepare for the picnic. I do not remember the picnic, nor who attended, but our maternal aunts and uncles from town must have attended because otherwise we would have eaten at home, I'm sure.

The next memory I have is of playing on the cellar door while my dad conducted business with neighbors in selling off the last of the livestock when he gave up farming and moved into town after the "Great Depression". We moved into the town of Ottumwa, and I remember we lived in a 2 story apartment while our folks built a house out on Finley Avenue, on the outskirts of town. I started kindergarten while living there in 1938. I attended Irving school and went there through 7th grade and then went to Stuart Jr. High.

I have no recollection of any of my paternal relatives, so you can imagine the struggle to find our ancestors. After several years of searching to no avail, the family discovered a family history written by our Uncle Edward Alfred Leonard in the 1940's. Armed with that and a computer, we have realized mistakes that were made in it as well as the joys we have had in finding our family. I have remembered some things my dad had said in the past about where they had come from and names of places they had been. That has been the most help in our search.

Our maternal ancestors were not that hard to find, as our mothers people were close to us. We knew a lot and we heard a lot, and thank God for my memory allowing me to keep it in place! We still have a lot of our folks in Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa and Bloomfield area in Davis County, Iowa.

We came from good stock and I am very proud of my family heritage. My parents raised 14 children to maturity. They also raised a grandaughter, daughter of my oldest brother, whose wife died when she was 6 months old, that I did not know was not my sister till my teen-age years.