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The History of my Belt Family

  My late grandfather was Fred Raymond Smith and his mother was Flora May Belt (1883-1941). She married Charles J. Smith.  I can trace her ancestry back to Aquila Belt (sometimes spelled Aquilla; son of Richard Belt and Keturah Price) and Mary Inscho (sometimes spelled Insco).  And from there, others can trace the family ancestry back to the original BELT gentleman who came to the United States, Humphrey Belt (1615-1696),   
  as discussed by Walter E. Belt, Jr. at  Ron Ulrich's site, Humphrey Belt Mystery, and
an outline tree posted by Ron Ulrich, BELT Tree, on his site.
  Two other excellent sources on the history of the American BELT family are:

"About 900 Descendants of Humphrey Belt 1615-1696; Forefather of Belt Families in America," by Walter E. Belt Jr. (of Texas), 1997. Walter is the founder of the BELT research team and works hard to keep us all in contact with each other. The book is now online at BYU,Walter's Book.

"Humphrey Belt Plus Five Generations," compiled by Jefferson Belt (of New Zealand), 2007.  This book is also online at Jefferson's Book.

("Site contains Humphrey Belt, plus the five generations that followed. It is run by the Belt Team, 30+ individuals from USA, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. We endeavor to present information as accurately as possible, so if you find anything you know is incorrect please let us know. New information, comments and inquires most welcome especially on Humphrey Belt, pre 1635.")



My focus here will be on Aquila Belt and Mary Inscho and their descendants.
Aquila and Mary had 16 children, though a few are believed to have died young.


  1. Milcah Belt who married John A. Crow

  2. Elizabeth Belt who married Marshall Trusel

  3. Aquila Belt, Jr. who married Henrietta Lewis

  4. Petty Insco Belt; born 27 December 1809; no further information

  5. Keturah Belt who married Edward Lewis Church

  6. Richard Belt who married Elizabeth Cole

  7. Aaron I. Belt who married Sarah Sell

  8. Mary Belt; born 28 March 1815; no further information

  9. Naomi Belt who married Stephen Ames

10. Hannah Belt; born 27 May 1818; no further information

11. Mariah Belt who married 1. James McSherry, 2. Peter Warner

12. Benedict Belt who married Secilia Griffis

13. Angelina Belt who married Thomas Douglass

14. Hester Belt; born 5 December 1825; no further information

15. Francis Asbury Belt who married Martha Hawn

16. Henrietta Belt who married John Lash

  I would like to thank all of the Belt family descendants who have helped with this research or contributed photos to make this possible.