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My Long Lost Relatives in Ontario, Canada


Below are pictures of Adam Robb and his niece Mary S. Rowan, also known as May Rowan. I am trying to find out what happened to them  in the 1920's while they were in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I would love to solve these mysteries !!

UPDATE!   Mystery solved after 12 years! Mary Sergeant Rowan married Bertrain Leonard Rodwell, September 23, 1922 in Wentworth County, Ontario and died Dec 1,1923 in Los Angeles, CA. at 22 years old. Now to find out why she died so young!

The first picture below is of Adam Robb in his CEF uniform. The second picture is of Adam and his niece May S. Rowan taken about 1917 in Hamilton. The third picture is May's wedding picture with her groom, Bert Rodwell.

Below are pictures of Adam and May together with the personal information that I have been able to obtain on them. It appears from the photo sleeves that these photos were taken at  Morgan's Studio, 64 Victoria Ave N, Hamilton, Ontario.


Adam Robb of Maybole, SCT and Ontario, CAN

Adam Robb about 1917 in Hamilton, Ontario

Name: Adam Jr. ROBB
Sex:: Male
Adam Rankine ROBB (8 Apr 1838-31 Dec 1894)
Helen MCGHEE (May 1844-17 May 1881)
Individual Facts:
Birth: 18 Jun 1880 in Coral Glen,
Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT
Death: 9 Oct 1945
Immigration: abt 1909 to
Hamilton, Ontario, CAN (age 29)
Occupation: shipr. (1916) (age 36)
Residence: boarder at 11 Case, Hamilton, Ont (1916) (age 36)
Residence: 21 Keith St., Hamilton, Ont. CAN (1920-1922) (age 40)
Occupation: foreman, Dom. Lumber Co. (1922-1924) (age 42)
Residence: rms. 314 Wellington N. (bet 1923 and 1925) (age 43)

Military: 1917 WWI soldier in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, CAN

UPDATE! Adam Robb Found !   February 20, 2003 - Thanks to fellow reseacher Linda Robb's eagle eye, the obituary of Adam Robb has been found! If this information in it looks familiar to you, please contact me!

"Adam Robb Passes in 66th Year"

Following an illness of several months Adam Robb died Tuesday at Christie Street hospital. He was born in 1880 at
Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland, the son of the late Adam and Ellen Robb, coming to Canada 36 years ago he reside at Hamilton where he was a shoemaker for some time. He came to Aurora, Ontario 16 years ago. He was a member of the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and a veteran of the last war. He had been caretaker of the church for the past 12 years.

Surviving is one sister Mrs. Elizabeth (Robb) Rowan  of California. 

The funeral service conducted by
Rev. R.S. Hirtle was held on Thursday from the residence of his niece Mrs. J. McGhee, of Yonge Street with interment in Aurora Cemetery.

Pallbearers were
Martin Southwood, George Walker, James Goulding, Joseph Smith, Jack Maaten and Bert Wythe.


Ms. Mary Sergeant Rowan  Found!!

Adam Robb and his niece, the long lost  Mary "May" Rowan about 1916 in Hamilton, Ontario


May S. Rowan & Uncle Adam Robb, Ont, CAN c. 1916

Below is May's information while living in Hamilton, Ontario from about 1905-1922.  Also below is her wedding portrait.  She may have died very shortly after the marriage,  perhaps of appendicitis. 

Name: Mary Sergeant ROWAN
AKA:  May Rowan
Sex: Female
James Kennedy ROWAN (23 Oct 1868-2 Nov 1942)
Elizabeth Wales ROBB (16 Dec 1869-7 Jun 1963)
Individual Facts:
Birth: 29 Sep 1901 in 39 Whitehall,
Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT
Immigration: abt 1909 to Hamilton, Wentworth , Ont, CAN (age 8)
Residence: 21 Keith St. (bet 1916 and 1922) (age 15)
Occupation: Spinner (1920) (age 19)
Married: Sept 23, 1922 in Hamilton, Ontario to Bertrain Leonard Rodwell
Death: Dec 1,1923 in Los Angeles, CA

May S. Rowan & her mystery groom, Ont, CAN, c. 1923

September 23, 1922 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Bride: Mary Sergeant Rowan - Groom: Bertrain Leonard Rodwell
Witnesses: Thomas Cresswell Whitsed and Isabella Graham

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