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tim and carol
Our Wedding Day
Tim and Carol League
February 14, 1966

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Updated February 17, 2010

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Welcome to our family. My name is Carol League, glad to meet you. Look around. You may find we are related. On the bottom of this page you will find links to my other pages, where you just might be able to find what you were looking for to break down that brick wall. Each link will have research data of all surnames that I am working on. Even if the surname has it's own link, there will be documents provided on the other pages for specific files. If you do not see what you are looking for please check back at a later time. I update weekly and sometimes daily so make sure to refresh your pages if you haven't been here in a few days. At the bottom of the page is a link to email me. I welcome all correspondence and will reply to all as time permits.
This site is dedicated to all the families that have gone before us.
For many years I have researched and interviewed family members about what it was like when they were a child. They told me about games they played with brothers and sisters, about the meals they ate, the teachers in their schools, their hopes, dreams, fears, disappointments, loves, morals and many other wonderful stories. With all of these years of research I have a lot to share. I will add their stories to this site as time permits. You can find the links to them at the bottom of this page. I am currently transcribing them from notes and videos. I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I did gathering them. Some are funny and a few made me cry.

It is my hope that one of my children or grand-children will develop an interest in continuing my research. A couple of them have ask questions about what I'm doing. So far none of them have expressed a desire to start researching themselves. This is not something that can be taught or required of someone. Genealogy is something that is inside of those of us who have discovered it. Since the first day that I found that first fact it has become my passion. I have met many others who share my interest of the past. You can tell us apart from the weekend fact hunters. The ones who are putting together their tree from the little tidbits they find here and there are a great asset to family research. We all respect anyone with an interest in climbing their family tree. We know how hard it can be to shake just one name from it's branches. However, if you see a life long dedicated genealogist you will recognize them from across a room. These are the family historians that everyone directs weekend researchers to speak with. We are the ones whose eyes glaze over when we come upon a new story, photo, fact or any other part of history that relates to our family. We get excited over things that the rest of the population can not understand. It is hard to sleep at night once we have found another cousin to share our work with or spot a name we are researching in a hundred year old newspaper.

Below, is something I ran across online one day, that pretty well explains what it is like to be a genealogist. Any true family historian will recognize themselves in these words.



Genealogy Pox is VERY CONTAGIOUS

SYMPTOMS: Continual complaint as to need for names, dates and places.
Patient has a blank expression, sometimes deaf to spouse and children.
Has no taste for work of any kind, except feverishly looking through records at libraries and courthouses.
Has a compulsion to write letters. Swears at mailman when he doesn't leave mail.
Frequents strange places such as cemeteries, ruins, and remote desolate country areas.
Makes secret night calls and hides phone bills from spouse.
Mumbles to self. Has strange, farway look in eyes.

TREATMENT: Medication is useless.
This disease is not fatal, but gets progressively worse.
Patient should attend genealogy workshops, subscribe to genealogical magazines
and be given a quiet corner in the house where he or she can be alone.

REMARKS: The unusual nature of this disease is that
the sicker the patient gets, the more he or she enjoys it.



This site will be under construction for awhile. Thanks to Rootsweb's Freepages, I will now have a place for the future generations, of my family, to find my research. It has been my fear for quite some time, that my research would be lost if I did not find a way to share it. If you have a tree that you would like to share, you can upload it to Rootsweb's World Connect. It's free for everyone to upload and view the trees there. The free sites are a wonderful addition to genealogist's research. I have found quite a few now and I will be adding my page of links soon. You can see some of the websites I've used for finding useful information, by clicking "Research Links", in the box at the bottom of this page. I have also uploaded my tree to Rootsweb's partner site It is another great place to leave our research to the future generations and also for finding information.
I have inherited thousands of photos from our parents and grandparents and I am attempting to scan them all for this site. I still have many pictures to scan and upload. Check the links below to see the ones I have scanned so far. Some of the links are not operational, yet. I will upload more each week.

I have gathered stories from families members that are no longer with us, that I will include here as time permits. Most of my elderly family members were very happy to be included in these interviews. I am sure you will be as entertained, as I was, when you read them. I have created a link called "The Reading Room" where you will find many stories written by family and other genealogy researchers. I also ask any family members that would like to contribute, please, send me a story. Your future descendants would love reading about your first date at at "drive in". Or maybe when you met the love of your life at a "malt shop". If you go into the link below, called "The Reading Room", you will find some of the stories we already have uploaded. Frank Duke, a cousin who has written about his childhood memories, has given permission for his stories to be shared here. I am sure you will enjoy reading about his antics as a young boy. Also in the Reading Room, you can read the stories by Nat League, as he shares the stories he wrote for a genealogy magazine. You are welcome to link to my page, but, not for commercial purposes. Please, email me if you link to me so I can add your link to my page also. No advertisements excepted.

I have a lot of information to gather and less time to do it. So bear with me.



My name is Carol (Carolyn Jean Daniel) League. My husband, Tim League, has been very patient over the years as I have obsessed over family history. Genealogy has not been his subject of interest. However, he has loving supported me through all of my years of research. We have met a lot new friends through my journeys. The family history search has taken many years tracing the roots of both of our families. Some years it seemed as if the branches had fallen off and I was stumped for awhile. Then all of a sudden it opens up again, just like spring time. Everything seems to bloom and I find good information at every turn. Along the way I have found cousins we would have never met, if not for the wide world of information that the internet provides. Before the internet I spent many hours in the basement of the local Church of Latter Day Saints, going through their records and scanning micro fiche files. I spent even more hours interviewing family members, going through family bibles, visiting genealogy libraries, calling people in the phone book with a mutual last name, writing letters to anyone I thought could help and all the other ways we family historians obsess over our pasts. A girlfriend and I would look up local cemeteries on vacations. Walking between the headstones gave us such a feeling of being in touch with history and what they had endured. The last few years have been much easier since different online sites started putting their files online. Plus, everyone is getting emails, making it easier to contact other researchers. At one time it took weeks of sending files back and forth through the mail, that only takes minutes now. Through this website our family joins in the information highway by adding our files so our future family will know us.

We have three wonderful children that we are very proud of. We have one daughter and two sons, just like our parents combined. Me being an only child and Tim having come from a family with only two sons, it amazes me how a family can grow. From our three kids we have eight grandchildren. So far, we now have two great- grandchildren; one boy and one girl. It's only the year 2008, so there will be many more members of the family in the years to come. When one them gets bitten by the genealogy bug, a hundred years from now, they will have my research to start from. I will have more about my family in future stories. So keep an eye on my stories below for new uploads.

As of 2013 we now have nine grandchildren. I'm proud to say there are also 5 great-grandchildren. The family continues to grow

I've always said that I wear many hats. I was trained for a lot of different positions in my work career. When I was ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, there was never a definite answer. I have worked in hospitals caring for my patients, cared for others in their homes, I worked in factories driving fork lifts, in canneries sorting tomatoes on the line, actually picked tomatoes, as a teenager, when I needed extra money, I went to college where I became a counselor and hopefully helped others, facilitated groups, taught English as a second language, volunteered my time for special projects, changed directions and went back to school where I learned to build computers and then became a Microsoft Professional and Microsoft Network Engineer building networks. Then I decided to become an antique dealer, which was a wonderful direction to take. It didn't matter what field I was working in at the time, I continued with my genealogy. I guess from growing up in the "Hippie" era, it gave me a broader view of the world. My generation spent a lot of time trying to change the world. Looking around, I guess we did.

Besides my genealogy obsession, I also write short stories, poetry and have a couple of novels that I hope to eventually complete. It is a great outlet, even if I never finish them. My characters come alive for me every time I sit down to write. They are friends who are always there to entertain. Each November I join with a group of others online, at NaNoWriMo, where we all attempt to write a novel in 30 days. It's a lot of fun. Combined with building this website my stories are taking some interesting journeys lately. I think my characters are finally discovering their heritage.

I welcome you to view these pages and enjoy what I present. If you have questions send me an email. My address is at the bottom of this page. If you are stumped maybe I can help. Just ask. I might have something you were looking for that I have not uploaded, yet.

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Not all links are operational, yet. I will finish them as time permits.
When I started this page the links were in alphabetical order. However, as time goes by I change things around when making new discoveries. Since it is an ongoing project I can not say when it will once again be in alphabetical order. So please browse the names of the links and enjoy what I offer here. if you have things you would like to include please contact me. If you saw something on one of the links that you can no longer find, it may have been moved to another link for efficiency.
You can use the email at bottom of page to ask which page it is on now.

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By the grace of God, go I.


The background on this page is a photo I took in Snelling, CA.
Some of our ancestors saw these animals in their native countries,
however they were not a part of the United States in the beginning.
Over the years our ancestors changed the face of the U.S. by bringing
animals from their home countries to America.
Original photo for background.

Many of the photos on my website were taken by me or Tim.
I have made many of the backgrounds and icons from our photos.
I have also created many backgrounds with paint programs.
If you want to use any of them please contact me.

A few of the icons and photos were obtained free through Feebleminds gifs.
Their site has thousands of free gifs and programs.
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