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Tombstone Photos of Ogle County, Illinois

Our Cousins was created for preservation of older tombstones,
as a way to honor those who have walked this earth before us,
and to assist researchers in their genealogical quest.

This site is dedicated to the memory of
Dr. Laverne M. Stauffer
who died on February 5, 2007.
Doc took many of the photos you will find here as well
as many of the photos at Ogle County ILGenWeb

Donna Baumann created Our Cousins in June of 2001,
Kathryn Arnold-Stauffer managed the site from June of 2004 to October of 2008.

If you see any problems, have any questions about this site, or would like to volunteer to
take tombstone photos of a cemetery for this site, e-mail me: Kris Gilbert

For genealogical questions and help go to:

Look Up Volunteers Page
Cemetery Surnames and Cemetery Locations
Ogle County Transcription Project Ogle County IlGenWeb

Click on the cemetery name to see the available names, after viewing the names you can return to the master list of cemeteries by clicking on the "Parent Directory" at the top of the list.

Each file is listed last name and then first name. If the maiden name is listed on the stone it is also included after the first name.

You are free to download these files and use them if they are of use to you.

These pictures are for genealogical purposes only and not for any other purpose.

Due to human error, we may miss a stone here and there, but we will be as complete as possible.

Unfortunately some stones may not be readable or may have already gone underground.

Townships and their cemeteries: 
Volunteers Needed!

Brookville Township

Brookville Township or Evangelical Cemetery - Volunteer Needed!

Chambers Grove Cemetery - Completed - by Kris Gilbert

Buffalo Township

Buffalo Grove Cemetery - Completed 4/10/02 - by Donna Baumann.

Fairmount Cemetery - Updated 4/29/09- Volunteer Needed!

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery - Completed 6/17/01 - by Donna Baumann.

Reed Cemetery - Completed 8/24/2016

William Durley Monument  - Completed by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Isaac Chambers, first white settler in Ogle County - history & photos - by Lyle Schryver.

Byron Township

Byron Cemetery  - Updated 5/27/05- Volunteer Needed!

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery- Volunteer Needed!

Dement Township

Woodlawn or Brodies Grove Cemetery - - Volunteer Needed!

Eagle Point Township

Eagle Point Cemetery - Completed May 2005 by Kris Gilbert.

Elkhorn or Brick Church Cemetery - Completed May 2012 by Kris Gilbert.

Nichols Family Farm Cemetery - Completed 2005 by Kris Gilbert.

Webster Family Farm - Completed May 2005 by Kris Gilbert.

Flagg Township

St. Patrick's Cemetery - Updated 7/20/01

Flagg Center Cemetery - Updated 7/18/04

Lawnridge Cemetery - Updated 2013

Trinity Memory Gardens - Updated 10/04/2008

Forreston Township

Prairie Dell Cemetery - Completed as of July 2009 by Ben Jacobson

Forreston Grove Cemetery

Hewitt Cemetery - Updated 4/28/09

White Oak Cemetery - Updated 6/22/04

Grand Detour Township

Grand Detour Cemetery - Updated 01/19/08

St. Peters Episcopal Church - Updated 2013

Lafayette Township

Chapel Hill Cemetery - Completed 8/15/04 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Leaf River Township

Egan Cemetery - Completed 7/23/01 - by Donna Baumann.

Lightsville Cemetery - Updated 6/22/04

North Grove Christian Cemetery - Completed 9/27/05 - by Baumann and Stauffers.

North Grove Evangelical Cemetery - Updated 10/4/2008

Lincoln Township

Haldane Cemetery - Completed 9/8/05 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

West Branch Cemetery - Completed as of July 2009 by Ben Jacobson

    There is also a complete set of photos taken by Ben Jacobson on Find A Grave - Completed 3/29/2009

West Grove Cemetery - Updated October 2016

Lynnville Township

Lindenwood Cemetery - Updated 10/02/08

Marion Township

Battle Ground Memorial Cemetery - Completed 8/14/04 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Stillman Valley Cemetery - Updated 11/8/2009 

Mouth of Stillman Cemetery - Completed 10/22/05 - by Kathryn Stauffer.

Maryland Township

Adeline/Adeline U.B Cemetery - Complete as of July 2009 by Ben Jacobson 

Coffman Cemetery - Completed 4/15/02 - by Donna Baumann.

North Grove Evangelical Zion Cemetery - Updated 5/27/05

Monroe Township - Volunteer Needed!!

Bennett or Porter Cemetery

Roseland (Dutchtown) Cemetery -  - Complete as of April 2011 by Ben Jacobson

Kilbuck Cemetery

Monroe Center Cemetery

Mt. Morris Township

Oakwood Cemetery - Updated 9/3/08

Silver Creek Cemetery - Completed 9/24/04 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Plainview Cemetery - Completed 2/19/06 - by Kathryn Stauffer.

Rice Cemetery - Photos by Dave Zellers and Laverne Stauffer - (Restoration Project).

Nashua Township

Lighthouse Cemetery  - Completed by Kris Gilbert.

Daysville Cemetery - Complete as of July 2009 by Ben Jacobson and Kris Gilbert 

Oregon Township

Riverside Cemetery - Completed 8/20/04 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

County Farm Cemetery - Completed summer 2004 by Kris Gilbert.

St. Bride's Episcopal Cemetery - Updated summer 2016 by Kris Gilbert.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery - Completed summer 2005 by Kris Gilbert.

Riverview Cemetery - Updated spring 2009 by Kris Gilbert.

Pine Creek Township

Pine Creek Christian or Evergreen Cemetery - Updated 6/21/01

Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery - Updated 7/12/01

Cedar Hill or Salem Cemetery - Completed 8/15/05 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Oak Ridge Cemetery - Completed 8/19/05 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Mt. Zion Cemetery - Completed 9/23/05 - by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

Coffman Farm - Completed Kris Gilbert.

Pine Rock Township

Cooley or Seaworth Cemetery - Updated August 9, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - 

Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery - Updated August 9, 2009

Stinsonian Cemetery  - Updated 4/10/2009

Washington Grove Cemetery - Updated 5/15/09 

Rockvale Township

Camling Cemetery - Completed 4/28/2006 - by Kris Gilbert

Brooklyn Cemetery - Updated 9/28/08

Wertz Family Cemetery - Updated 12/11/2016 - by Kris Gilbert

Ebenezer Reformed Cemetery - Updated 11/09/2008

Scott Township

Beach Cemetery Completed- 7/13/04 - by Sheryl Dowden.

Big Mound Cemetery

White Rock Township

Chaney Cemetery - Completed by Juli Chaney Jarvis

Bethel or Hayes Cemetery - Updated 11/15/09

Lucas or Hathaway Cemetery - Completed by Laverne and Kathryn Stauffer.

White Rock Cemetery - Updated 6/03/09