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R.L. Polk & Company's

Little Rock City Directory 1893


updated 08/15/99
Abeles to Angell Anhalt to Baker Baker to Bell
Bell to Born Borum to Brown Brown to Butler
Butler to Chapman Chapman to Coleman Coleman to Cross
Cross to Denney Dennis to Dunscombe DuPee to Ewing
Ewing to Forbess Forbess to Gaylord Gaynon to Grant
Grant to Hammond Hammond to Hazer Hazer to Hoeltzel
Hoeltzel to Hurd Hurd to Johnson Johnson to Kane
Kane to Kohler Kohler to Lemons Lemoon to Lumsby
Lumpkins to McMullen McMurray to Maze Meacham to Moore
Moore to Neff Neighbors to Paine Painless to Phillips
Phillips to Radcliffe Radcliffe to Riegler Riegler to Rudd
Rudd to Scofield Scott to Smith Smith to Stearnes
Stearnes to Taylor Taylor to Trice Triggs to Walker
Walker to Weny Werker to Williams Williams To Wright
Wright to Zwirn