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The Search Continues... 

Many mysteries remain.  I am still searching for:

  • The link to Ireland.  I hope to someday discover the exact birthplace of Timothy Driscoll and a knowledge of his family in Ireland.  At this point too many Timothy Driscolls have surfaced in County Cork, and with nothing definitive to narrow it down, I cannot say which, if any, of them is our Timothy.
  • Anything pertaining to the death, burial and resting place of Sarah Shepherd Driscoll between 1856-1861.
  • Anything pertaining to the family, background and life of Eleanor/Ellen Harrington, prior to 1860, either in Ireland or the U.S.
  • The family's whereabouts in 1860 (Definitely missing are Timothy, William and Margaret; Sarah may have already been dead by this point and Mary Ann is accounted for).
  • The missing descendants of Timothy Driscoll.  We know the whereabouts of some of the descendants of William, Mary Ann, Margaret and John Benjamin; Elizabeth and Frederick never had any children.  What is not known are:
    • The whereabouts of the descendants of Timothy's first child, William through his daughter Sarah G. Driscoll Slattery, through any of her 6 children (James, Rhea, Newell, Harry Alice, and Joseph)
    • The whereabouts of Frederick Joshua Wood and Catherine Ryder
  • The descendants of Sarah's brother John Shepherd and his wife Susan through their married daughters:
    • Rose Olive Shepherd Huff
    • Susan Shepherd Doyle
    • Mary Ada Shepherd Palmer Cummings, through her grandson, John Shepherd Palmer Jr.
  • The fate of Sarah's younger brother, William Shepherd, after 1855.
  • The Driscoll family Bible.  It is presumed to have been in Elizabeth's possession up until her death in 1937, but seems to have vanished after the house at 177 W. Cayuga was sold.
  • I am also always searching for any additonal photos or documents pertaining to the family.  I have not been able to locate any photos of: 
    • Generation 1: Timothy, Sarah, Ellen
    • Generation 2: William C., Margaret, or the first Frederick  
    • Generation 3:   
      • Other than the family of John Benjamin the only gen 3 photo that I have is a very distorted newspaper image of William H. and Minnie; I would love to find any images of the other family members or extended family.
      • The only photo of Howard that I have in my possession is as an infant, and I would love to have an image of him as an older child or young adult.
      • No photos of baby Benjamin seem to have survived, but perhaps one day one will be discovered.

If anyone might have any information, suggestions regarding resources for finding this information,
or if you may be one of the missing descendants, please email me.

Thank you,

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