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 The Timothy Driscoll Family 

          of Oswego, New York                     

Driscoll coat of arms

Welcome to the genealogy of the Driscoll family of Oswego, NY and beyond...

This website celebrates the history of the descendants of Captain Timothy Driscoll who
emigrated from County Cork, Ireland at the time of the Irish famine migration in the mid-1800s.  
He arrived in Canada and traveled  down the St. Lawrence River to settle in Oswego, NY.  
Although we are still searching for clues to his Irish ancestry,
what we know of his story--and the story of his descendants--is found here.

Here you will find some of the documents in my collection; I will continually be adding more.  
Source citations have been provided in the narrative portions.

If you think (or know!) that you are part of this story and would like to share information,
narratives or photos, or if you find any errors in the historical information, please email me.

There are many other surnames which enter our Driscoll story through marriage,
and on which you may find information in these pages.
I have italicized those for which I have more substantial information:

 Shepherd, Harrington, Goolah, Kane, LadueGalvin, Todd, Slattery, Robillard, Dupliesse, Read, Burke,
Rabradoux, Wood, Rogers, Bradley, Savage Fitzgerald, Brogan, Hon, Sou, Bricker, Forsyth, Fenski, Ryder,
Krumhar, Farrell, Gill, O'Neill, Poulin, Cherrier, Tuper, Counterman, Berg, Pryor, Blanchette,
LaRue, Sullivan, Nelson, Smith, Maguire, Knopick, Hale, McCutcheon,
Johnson, Bastedo, Hill, North, Gummer, Miller

All names of relatives who are still living have been omitted from everything that I publish online
to protect their privacy.  
I have only included names of the living if I have received the express permission of that individual.


This site and all of my genealogical travels

Leo Xavier Driscoll c. 1930

are dedicated to my grandfather

Leo Xavier Driscoll

December 3, 1910-
January 10, 2004

All pages and content © Tara C. Maguire Knopick 2007

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