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Some Further Resources
for O'Driscoll Research

Driscolls around the world:

Driscolls of Canada

Driscolls of Cork 

Driscoll DNA Project

O'Driscolls of the U.S.

O'Driscoll Genealogical Archive

(site of historian Eamon Lankford)

Driscolls of Australia

Driscolls of the U.K.

Driscoll Surname Mailing Lists at

History of the Driscoll clan and surname:
Official site of Baltimore, Co. Cork, Ireland
(see the "Heritage" pages for historical info)

Driscoll History at Eamon Lankford's website

Cape Clear Museum

Surname info on

Irish Genealogical Resources:

Skibbereen Heritage Center

Mallow Heritage Center

Failte Romhat

Griffith's Valuation

This is a list of all of the Driscolls in Co. Cork on the Griffith's Valuation.  
A searchable version covering all surnames and counties can be found at the previous Failte Romhat site

Cork County Library

National Library of Ireland in Dublin

Irish Family Research

A list of useful books and booksellers by county

Further Reading:

O'Driscolls Past and Present
Eamon Lankford, 2005.

Cape Clear Island: Its People and Landscape
Eamon Lankford, 1999.

These titles and more of Eamon Lankford's books
are available from the Cape Clear Museum website

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