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Thanks are due to many people who have helped me along the way in my genealogical travels.

First and foremost, to my ancestors and extended family far and near, in years and miles.  
I never knew most of you, but after all of the time I have spent reading about your lives and studying your photos,
I truly feel as though I did.  
I hope to meet you all someday.

To Mary Edna Savage, great-grandaughter of Mary Ann Driscoll.  
Her previous research on the family was invaluable.
I would not even have known where to start without the ample groundwork done by her.

Thanks to the living members of the family who were willing to share their stories, photographs, and DNA (!) to further this effort.

This research would also have been very difficult without the help of the Old Fulton NY Postcards website.  
It certainly would have been a lot less interesting.  
The insight given by these old newspapers is not only valuable for the names, dates and data provided,
but more importantly, for how it helps to bring these people, and their world, to life.
Many thanks to Tom Tryniski for this incredible resource.

Thanks as well to Colin Ferguson and all of the existing (O') Driscoll websites and listservs who have been doing this work for so long, as well as to our Clan chieftan, Bruce Driscoll.  
I hope that someday we'll all find our connections.

Much gratitude goes out to the many people in the Oswego area who have helped me to gain information long distance such as:
Richard Benjamin for the photos 
Merry Gantley for the information on St. Paul's & St. Peter's
Rita Vona in the city clerk's office
the office at St. Mary's Church
and Justin White at the Oswego County Records center for all of his assistance and for all of the information on the Farrell family.

And thanks, of course, to my own personal Driscoll connection--
my mother, Colleen Mary Driscoll--
without whom I wouldn't be a part of this big wacky clan.

To my grandfather, Leo Driscoll, who always yearned to find out more about the family history,
and who always wanted to go to the O'Driscoll Clan Gathering.
We finally made it for the first time in 2007, three years after he passed away, 
but I like to think that somehow he was there with us.  
I'm just so sorry that I didn't start this research back when I could have shared it with him.  

To my late husband, Stephen, who watches over all of us.  
His memory inspires me to live for the future without forgetting the past.  
I hope he's
somewhere out there in the stars right now, raising a glass with Timothy Driscoll
and the rest of the dearly departed clan.

And last, but not least,
thank you to my husband and daughter
for their patient tolerance of my genealogical obsession
and the many hours involved.
Thanks for all of the coffee, too.

With gratitude,

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