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A Collection of OSTRANDER Family Newspaper Notices


For some time now my research efforts have been concentrated on the OSTRANDER family genealogy - mainly as it relates to the OSTRANDER family in Northern California.  In the process I've managed to collect a good number of newspaper notices (births, marriages, death notices and obituaries, stories, etc.), and I've been wondering to what best purpose I could put this "collection."

I've decided to "publish" the "collection" through this page and, in that fashion, share the information I've gathered with other OSTRANDER family researchers.

While the newspaper sources are mainly from Northern California, the people written about originated from all parts of the United States . . . Ostranders born in New York or Michigan or Colorado, died or married here; they had children and they lived their lives here, as well. So don't let the sources put you off . . . the one family member you've been looking for lo these many years - your "brick wall" - just might be found in the "collection." And the "collection" continues to grow as I do more "looking and finding."


In 1999, the Ostrander Family Association published its seminal work, "Ostrander: A Genealogical Record 1660 - 1995," by Emmett and Vinton P. Ostrander (Ostrander, Corliss, Ed., Walsworth Publishing Co., Marceline, MO), and since its publication, my aspiration has been to provide a means to "update" the "Big Book."

It is my hope that the "collection" will help in this endeavor - and, further, that it might also assist OSTRANDER researchers to further their efforts - even if they don't have a copy of the book.


The Index contains the “Collection”, arranged in alphabetical order, by family name.  The number assigned to each individual in the “Big Book”, is the same number that I’ve carried over to the Index.  Where I found an unrecorded family member, I carried on that person’s family number to the Index.  Where I found an individual that I could not identify, I assigned a “DK-“ number (meaning I Don’t Know who that person is or to which family he or she is connected).  I did this just for identification purposes.  If you can identify any of these “unidentified” people, please let me know so I can list them with the proper family and “bring them home”.


I’ve been working on the over-all “OSTRANDER PROJECT” for quite some time now – finding and adding more individuals and families and trying to connect “Unidentified” lines.  The point here is – visit the site often – see if I’ve added any of your particular Ostrander interests.

If you have a “brick wall” – and it relates to Northern California – let me know – maybe I can add yours to the “project list.”


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