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Students in the Soldiers' Orphan Schools

Centre County, Pennsylvania

June 1, 1902

                                                                         Parents Living                              Record of Service                             
                                  Date of     Date of order                 or Dead**           Name of                                                             P.O. Address
          Name of Pupil            Birth      for admission    School*   Father  Mother         Father           Rank    Co. Regt.   State    Application by        of Applicant


 1  Bradley   Theodore H       Feb 29, 1888   Dec 12, 1898      CS         D       L          Philip Bradley     Pvt      H  4th     Pa       Elizabeth E Bradley   Axeman
 2  Bradley   James I          Jul 30, 1890   Dec 12, 1898      CS         D       L          Philip Bradley     Pvt      H  4th     Pa       Elizabeth E Bradley   Axeman
 3  Everhart  Alice B          Jul  7, 1886   Jul 31, 1897      I          L       L          Foster Everhart    Pvt      F  107th   Pa       Foster Everhart       Phillipsburg
 4  Fish      Charles A        Jun 16, 1888   Mar 14, 1902      CS         L       D          John H Fish        Pvt      C  54th    Pa       John H Fish           Phillipsburg
 5  Garis     William H        Feb 17, 1891   Sep 11, 1899      CS         D       L          Charles H Garis    Sergt    B  5th     Pa       S Emma Garis          Axeman
 6  Hunter    James G          May 26, 1888   Sep 19, 1900      CS         D       L          Daniel W Hunter    Pvt      E  1st     Pa Cav   Loviana Hunter        Phillipsburg
 7  Lair      Carrie M         Jun 15, 1887   Feb 17, 1894      I          L       D          Henry Lair         Pvt      F  106th   Pa       Henry Lair            Zion
 8  Swab      Joseph E         May  8, 1890   Mar 25, 1898      CS         D       D          Edward Swab        Pvt      F  148th   Pa       J Kennedy Johnston    Bellefonte


 * Schools were abbreviated for this transcription: Chester Springs (CS); Uniontown (U); Industrial (I).
** Dead and Living were abbreviated for this transcription as D and L, respectively.

This list was Donated by Marian Mallory and
Transcribed by Carol Holmbeck
March 2001
for The Orphans' Home Website

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