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Taylor Orphan Asylum

Racine City, Mt. Pleasant Township
Racine County, Wisconsin, A.D. 1900*

 1 Gay Margaret G     Head    W F May  1867 33 S     Wisconsin England     Pennsylvania             Matron      0    Y Y Y R F 97
 2 Lienlokken Alan R  Teacher W F Aug  1872 27 S     Wis       Norway      Norway                   Teacher     0    Y Y Y
 3 Hopkins James      Servant W M Apr  1853 47 W     Wales     Wales       Wales Farm    *     * *  Laborer          Y Y Y
 4 Capaul Celia       Servant W F July 1872 27 S     Wis       Switzerland Switzerland              Nurse       0    Y Y Y
 5 Olson Jennie       Servant W F Apr  1852 48 S     Norway    Norway      Norway        1894  6    *           0    Y Y Y
 6 Shaw Ann           Servant W F Sept 1844 55 W 0 0 England   England     England       1889 11    House Work  0    Y Y Y
 7 Torgyersun Betsey  Servant W F Mar  1844 56 S     Norway    Norway      Norway        1846 53    Seamstress  0    Y Y Y
 8 Mayer Carrie       Servant W F Sept 1876 23 S     Wisconsin Germany     Wisconsin                Cook        0    Y Y Y
 9 Mayer Barbara      Servant W F Nov  1882 17 S     Wis       Germ        Wis                      * Cook      0    Y Y Y
10 Osborn Mable       Servant w F Mar  1878 22 S     Wis       England     England                  Laundrywork 0    Y Y Y
11 Paulson Minnie     Servant W F Mar  1877 23 S     S Dakota  Denmark     Denmark                  Laundrywork 0    Y Y Y
12 Kisner Peter E     Inmate  W M Oct  1891  8 S     Wis       German      German                   At School     11 Y Y Y
13 Kisner Edith M     Inmate  W F Apr  1895  5 S     Wisconsin Ger         Ger                      At School     11 Y Y Y
14 Nelson Nellie C    Inmate  W F Apr  1895  5 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark                  At School        Y Y Y
15 Hulin* James       Inmate  W M Sept 1890  9 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark                  At School     11
16 Holm* William      Inmate  W M Aug  1896  3 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
17 Holm* Martin       Inmate  W M Sept 1893  6 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
18 Autboron* Alvin H  Inmate  W M Mar  1890 10 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
19 Helton John        Inmate  W M Apr  1891  9 S     Wis       American    American
20 Helton Elizabeth   Inmate  W F Oct  1884 15 S     Wis       American    American
21 Porter Edna        Inmate  W F Mar  1888 12 S     Wis       American    American
22 Johnson Harry      Inmate  W M June 1893  7 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
23 Johnson Mabel      Inmate  W F Mar  1891  9 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
24 Johnson Anthon     Inmate  W M Jan  1889 11 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
25 Babrich* Charles   Inmate  W M Jan  1887 13 S     Germany   Germany     Germany       Un   Un Un
26 Williams Finn*     Inmate  W M Feb  1888 12 S     Wis       American    American
27 Olson Robert       Inmate  W M May  1891  9 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
28 Olson Bert         Inmate  W M Apr  1889 11 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
29 Olson Marjorie*    Inmate  W M Dec  1885 14 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
30 Gunderson* Joseph  Inmate  W M Mar  1887 13 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
31 Rasmussan Elmer    Inmate  W M Oct  1888 11 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
32 Rasmussan Annie    Inmate  W F Oct  1890  9 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
33 Rasmussan Emma     Inmate  W F Oct  1888 11 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
34 Hollister Clarence Inmate  W M OCt  1888 11 S     Wis       American    Germany
35 Willison Antone    Inmate  W M Aug  1888 11 S     Denmark   Denmark     Denmark       Un   Un Un
36 Anderson Alfred    Inmate  W M Jan  1883 17 S     Norway    Norway      Norway        1890 10
37 Johnson Emile      Inmate  W M Jan  1889 10 S     Wis       Denmark     Denmark
38 Anderson Ivan      Inmate  W M July 1888 11 S     Wis       Norway      Norway
39 Wright Nellie      Inmate  W F May  1858 42 W     Wis       Wis         American

**Transcriber's Notes**

Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth 
year, age, marital status, number of children, number of living children, 
birth place, father's birth place, mother's birth place, year of immigration, 
years in United States, naturalization, occupation, months unemployed, 
months at school, can read, can write, can speak English, home owned or 
rented, home or farm, number of farm schedule.

Columns omitted are years married, home owned free or mortgaged.

All abbreviations are those of the enumerator.

No address given in census.  Other:  Dwelling 145, Family 145
This census was taken June 14, 1900 by F J Lingsmith, Enuemrator.

 3 Check marks are entered in the immigration columns
 5 Slash mark is entered in occupation column
 9 Unable to read first word of occupation - appears to be Sed
15-17 Might be Huhn, Huhm.
18 Hard to read; might be Anthorn, Authorn.
25 Might be Bubrich
26 Given name is not clear; might be "Fonse"
29 Given name is not clear.
30 Not clear; might be Gundeson, Gnudeson ....

CITATION, On-line Census Images.
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Wisconsin
Racine County, Racine City
Mt. Pleasant Township 
SD 5, ED 29, Sheet 9B; Image 18 of 26
Img Ref# 554/Roll: T623 1813. 

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
18 February 2003
for The Orphans' Home Website

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