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Maryland, A.D. 1900

  1. Boys' Home,  Baltimore City
  2. German Orphan Asylum,  Baltimore City
  3. Hebrew Orphan Asylum,  Baltimore County
  4. Henry Watson Children's Aid Society,  Baltimore County
  5. Home of Friendless Children,  Talbot County
  6. Johns Hopkins Orphan Asylum,  Baltimore City
  7. Kelso Home for Orphan Children of ME Church,  Baltimore City
  8. Loats Female Orphan Asylum,  Frederick County
  9. Maryland Baptist Orphanage,  Baltimore City
  10. Protestant Episcopal Orphan Home,  Frederick County
  11. St. Anthony Orphan Asylum,  Baltimore County
  12. St. James Home for Boys,  Baltimore City
  13. St. Vincent's Home, and St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum  (same link), Baltimore City
  14. Washington County Home for Orphans and Friendless Children,  Washington County


Households by County

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