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Kentucky, A.D. 1900

  1. Children's Home,  Fayette County
  2. Cleveland Orphan Institution,  Woodford County
  3. 'Colored' Orphan Home,  Jefferson County
  4. German Baptist Orphans Home,  Jefferson County
  5. Masonic Widows & Orphans Home of Kentucky,  Jefferson County
  6. Odd Fellows Widow's & Orphan's Home,  Fayette County
  7. Protestant Children's Home,  Kenton County
  8. Southern Methodist Orphans' Home,  Jefferson County
  9. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum,  Campbell County
  10. St. Joseph's Orphan Home,  Jefferson County
  11. St. Thomas' Orphan Asylum,  Nelson County
  12. Unnamed Orphans' Home,  Fayette County


Households by County

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