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Rush County Poor Asylum**

Rushville Township, Rush County, Indiana, A.D. 1900

 1 Humes Thomas J.         Head    W M Jan   1848 52   M  30     IN    OH    OH               Farmer Poor Farm 9 Y Y Y R F F 99
 2 Humes Indiana           Wife    W F June  1851 48   M  30 4 2 IN    IN    IN                                  Y Y Y
 3 Humes Myrtle A.         Dtr*    W F Dec   1870 29   S         IN    IN    IN                                  Y Y Y
 4 Humes Minnie M.         Dtr*    W F June  1881 18   S         IN    IN    IN                                  Y Y Y
 5 Hunt Cidney L.          Boarder W M Dec   1868 31   S         IN    IN    IN               Farm Laborer     0 Y Y Y
 6 Snoddy Gertrude         Boarder W F Dec   1880 19   S         IN    IN    KY               Servent          0 Y Y Y
 7 ?eoine James            Boarder W M Jan   1833 67   Wd        Ire   Ire   Ire   1860 40 NA Inmate             Y Y Y
 8 Stone Aden              Boarder W M Jan   1824 76   S         NY    NY    NY               Inmate             Y Y Y
 9 Parker Olney T.         Boarder W M Jan   1858 42   D         IN    NC    VA               Inmate             Y Y Y
10 Jones Sherred           Boarder S M Dec   1821 78   D         OH    NY    NJ               Inmate             Y Y Y
11 Wilkuson Samuel         Boarder W M Aug   1839 60   M         OH    OH    OH               Inmate             N Y Y
12 Doyl Patrick            Boarder W M March 1814 86   S         Ire   Ire   Ire   1856 44 NA Inmate             N N Y
13 Signer Phenix           Boarder W M Aug   1822 77   S         KY    MD    KY               Inmate             N Y Y      
14 Mardi?on William        Boarder W M June  1833 66   Wd        OH    NY    OH               Inmate             Y Y Y
15 Ferguson James S.       Boarder B M Nov   1828 76   Wd        NC    NJ    NC               Inmate             Y Y Y
16 Safuight William        Boarder B M March 1837 63   D         NC    NC    NC               Inmate             N Y Y
17 Matheson Christopher C. Boarder W M Mar   1818 82   Wd        PA    MD    PA               Inmate             Y Y Y
18 Daubenspeck Wesley      Boarder W M Nov   1823 76   S         KY    KY    KY               Inmate             Y Y Y
19 Millican Robert         Boarder W M July  1837 62   Wd        IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
20 Davis Elizabeth A       Boarder W F Dec   1828 71   S         OH    VA    NJ               Inmate             Y Y Y
21 Pall Neloine            Boarder W F Mar   1861 39   M  0  1 1 IN    MO    IN               Inmate             Y Y Y
22 Lyons Emma              Boarder W F Dec   1880 19   M  2  2 2 IN    IN    IN               Inmate             Y Y Y
23 Montgomery Marry        Boarder W F Mar   1843 58   Wd    8 7 IN    NJ    OH               Inmate             Y Y Y
24 Shephill Julia A.       Boarder W F Jan   1858 42   S         KY    KY    KY               Inmate             N N Y
25 Smith Pheby J.          Boarder W F Jan   1822 78   Wd    3 2 KY    KY    KY               Inmate             N N Y
26 White Lew               Border  W F Feb   1828 72   Wd    2 1 KY    KY    KY               Inmate             N N Y
27 Walingford Sallie J.    Border  W F Mar   1831 69   S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
28 Duffy Patrick           Border  W F Apr   1826 74   S         Ire   Ire   Ire   1851 49 NA Inmate             N N Y
29 Ball George             Border  W M May   1873 28   S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
30 Guin? William           Border  W M Jan   1864 36   S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
31 Ruce Evan               Border  W M Feb   1822 78   M         Wales Wales Wales 1861 39 DA Inmate             Y Y Y
32 McGuire Noble           Border  W M May   1843 37   S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
33 Jacks Harrison          Border  W M Aug   1821 78   S         IN    UNK   UNK              Inmate             N N Y
34 Miligan Ann             Border  W F July  1877 23   S     2 2 IN    IN    IN               Inmate             N N Y
35 Gi? Omer                Border  W M Sept  1866 33   S         OH    OH    OH               Inmate             N N Y
36 Hall Robbert            Border  W M Oct   1828 71   Wd        KY    KY    KY               Inmate             N N Y
37 Lyons Ella              Border  W F Mar   1899  1   S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate 
38 Lyons Roy               Son     W M May   1900 0 mo S         IN    IN    IN               Inmate

** Transcriber's Notes **

Please Note: This poorhouse was listed side by side with the Rush County Orphans Home in the
original document.  The name(s) given in the heading of same was/were "Rush County Poor Asylum & Orphans
Home".  Because they were listed as two dwellings, they were divided here for transcription as well.
The transcription for the Rush County Orphans Home may be viewed by clicking here.

Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth year, age, marital status, years married, 
number of children, living children, birth place, father's place of birth, mother's place of birth, year of 
immigration, years in the United States, naturalization, occupation, months not employed, can read, can write, 
can speak English, home owned or rented, home owned free or mortgaged, farm or home, number of farm schedule.  

Column representing months attended school omitted as all spaces in this column were left blank in the original

Birth place not abbreviated on original page. Spelling given was recorded as such in the original document.

Address of Poor House not given in census; number of Farm schedule was given as "99" 
This census was taken June 29, 1900 by Will A. Alexander, Enumerator

 2 "Daughter" not abbreviated on original image
 3 "Daughter" not abbreviated on original image
 7 Cannot read last name 
14 Cannot read last name
30 Cannot read last name
35 Cannot read last name

CITATION's Online Images, Image 17 of 18. 
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Indiana, Rush County, Rushville Township North Half, 
Supervisor's District #6, Enumeration District #92, Sheet # 17B.

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
9 July 2001
for The Orphans' Home Website

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