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Wayne County Orphan Asylum

Wayne Township, Wayne County, Indiana, A.D. 1900*

 1 Crawley Isabel     Head    W F Oct  1854 45 D 0   Ind N Jer Ken Matron      0   Y Y Y R H
 2 Veal Lucinda       Servant W F July 1854 45 W 4 3 Ind Ind   Ind Housekeeper 0   Y Y Y
 3 Bridget Louis      Inmate  W M Oct  1893  6 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
 4 Harris Edward      Inmate  B M Nov  1888 11 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8 Y Y Y
 5 Harris Roscoe      Inmate  B M Apr  1892  9 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
 6 Johnson Leroy      Inmate  B M Aug  1894  5 S     Un  Mary  Un  At School     8
 7 Kuver Harriet      Inmate  W F Apr  1887 13 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8 Y Y Y
 8 Livenberger Forest Inmate  W M Nov  1893  6 S     Un  Ind   Un  At School     8
 9 Livenberger Russ   Inmate  W F Apr  1890 10 S     Un  Ind   Un                  Y Y Y
10 Smith John J       Inmate  W M June 1889 10 S     Un  Ohio  Un  At School     8 Y Y Y
11 Stevens Mary       Inmate  W F Dec  1889 10 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8 Y Y Y 
12 Stevens William    Inmate  W M June 1890  9 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
13 Stevens Persie     Inmate  W M Abt  1895  5 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
14 Stevens Howard     Inmate  W M June 1896  3 S     Un  Un    Un
15 Shields Edies*     Inmate  W F June 1892  7 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
16 Rawson Jessie      Inmate  B F Mar  1892  8 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
17 Sturges Ralph      Inmate  W M Nov  1890  9 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
18 Sturges Hazel      Inmate  W F Feb  1895  5 S     Un  Un    Un
19 Wadkins Priscilla  Inmate  B F Jan  1891  9 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
20 Wadkins Eva        Inmate  B F Sept 1893  6 S     Un  Un    Un  At School     8
21 Oxendine* Everett  Inmate  B M Apr  1897  3 S     Ind Un    Un 

** Transcriber's Notes **
Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth 
year, age, marital status, number of children, number of living children, 
birth place, father's birth place, mother's birth place, occupation, months 
unemployed, months at school, can read, can write, can speak English, home 
owned or rented, home or farm.   

Columns omitted are years married, year of immigration, years in United 
States, naturalization, home owned free or mortgaged, number of farm 
schedule as all were left blank in the original census.  

Transcriber used the abbreviations Ind, N Jer for New Jersey, Ken for 
Kentucky, Un for Unknown, Mary for Maryland, Abt for About, and Y for yes.

No address given in census for this orphanage.
This census was taken June 14, 1900 by Frank C. Roberts, Enumerator.

15  Given name is hard to read; looks like Edies or Edus; might possibly be Edna
21  Might be Oxendure, Oxendive (?)

CITATION, On-line Census Images. 
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Indiana
Wayne County, Wayne Township
SD 6, ED 159, Sheet 8A; Image 15 of 21
Img Ref#: 650/Roll: T623 412.

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
19 March 2002
for The Orphans' Home Website

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