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Children's Orphan Home

Huntington Township
Huntington County, Indiana, A.D. 1900*

 1 Tremain Margaret    Head    W F June 1835 64 W 3 Ohio    Penn Penn  Matron H
 2 Johnson Mary E      Servant W F June 1869 20 S   Ohio    Ohio Ohio  Housekeeper
 3 Johnson Myrtle M    Servant W F Oct  1883 16 S   Ohio    Ohio Ohio  Housekeeper
 4 Ketner Wilber A             W M July 1891  8     Indiana 
 5 Ketner Howard C             W F July 1892  7     Indiana
 6 Ketner Albert E             W M Mar  1895  5     Indiana  
 7 Ketner Lawrence O           W M Sept 1897  2     Indiana
 8 Heckman Chester             W M                  Indiana
 9 Heckman Irvin R             W M                  Indiana
10 Cullurs* Richard            W M                  Indiana
11 Keefer Arthur               W M                  Indiana
12 Smith Geo                   W M                  Indiana
13 Smith Jas                   W M                  Indiana
14 Householder Earl            W M                  Indiana
15 Householder Donald          W M                  Indiana
16 Ha?* Wilber                 W M Mar  1896  4     Indiana
17 Bugbee Roy                  W M                  Indiana
18 Lugwie Ernest               W M Apr  1894  6     Indiana
19 Shott John D                W M Jan  1894  6     Indiana
20 McMurray Robt               W M Oct  1884 15     Texas   Iowa Louis              0 Y Y Y
21 Keefer Gertrude             W F                  Indiana
22 Biegbeer* Rosa H            W F                  Indiana
23 Cullurs* Viola L            W F                  Indiana
24 Wintroal* Mabel B           W F      1892  8     Indiana
25 Cullurs* Ethel              W F                  Indiana
26 Frech* Lena M               W F June 1892  7     Indiana
27 Paul* Millie M              W F Feb  1894  6     Indiana
28 Niswonger Unice             W F                  Indiana
29 Niswonger Lida              W F                  Indiana
30 Henline Bertha              W F                  Indiana
31 Wall Tessie A               W F May  1891  9     Iowa
32 Allen Grace M               W F 

**Transcriber's Notes**

Please Note: The enumerator jotted the following notes in the original
census with regard to the enumeration for this orphanage:
"Inmates of the Home" is written down the relation column for all children.  
"Facts here omitted are not known by those who should be able to furnish 
them" is written down the marriage & children columns.  "Unknown" is written 
in the parents' nativity columns of all children unless otherwise noted.

Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth 
year, age, marital status, number of children, birth place, father's birth 
place, mother's birth place, occupation, months at school, can read, can 
write, can speak English, home or farm.

Columns omitted are years married, number of living children, year of 
immigration, years in United States, naturalization, months unemployed, 
home owned or rented, home owned free or mortgaged, number of farm schedule.

Transcriber used the abbreviations Penn for Pennsylvania & Louis for 

Address of Orphanage: No address given in census  Other:  Dwelling 142, 
Family 143
This census was taken June 8, 1900 by Melville M. Clapp, Enumerator.

10  Might be Cullens, Cullins, Culliers ....
16  Looks like Haw or Ham; might be Hans, Haus, Haur or something similar to
    any of these.
22  Hard to decipher; looks like Buybeer/Bugbeer, might be Biegbeer, Buybler, 
    or something similar.
23  Please see note for person #10
24  Might be Wintroale, or something similar.  First letter might be "N" - 
    Nintroale, Nintroab, etc.
25  Please see note for person #10 
26  Might be Fresh
27  There might be an additional letter or two at the end of this surname; 
    if so, the letter(s) has/have faded.

CITATION, On-line Census Images.
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Indiana
Huntington County, Huntington Township
SD ?, ED 76, Sheet 7B; Image 14 of 21
Img Ref#: 74/Roll: T623 378. 

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
7 December 2002
for The Orphans' Home Website

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