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Huguenot Settlers in North America and Europe

                           Communication From
                       Governor Francis Nicholson
                              Of Virginia
                     To the British Lords of Trade
                   Concerning the Huguenot Settlement
                      With "List of Ye Refugees,"
                           August 12th, 1700.
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Communication From Governor Francis Nicholson of Virginia

                VIRGINIA, JAMES CITY, August 12, 1700.{86}
 P. R. O.    |
Am. & W. Ind.|  May it please Yo'r Lordp.:
 No. 638.    |


The 24th of the last month, I had the good Fortune of receiving
his Ma'y's Royal Commands of March ye 18th, 1 699/700,
sent me by yo'r Lord'p, concerning the Marquis de la Muce,
Mons'r de Sailly, and other French Protestant Refugees; and I
beg leave to assure yo'r Lord'p, that as I have, so I will endeavor
to obey them (they were on board the ship Mary and
Ann, of London, George Haws, Commander, who had about 13
weeks passage, and the 23d of the last month arrived at the
mouth of this River), and upon receipt of them, I immediately
went down to Kickotan, to give directions in order to their
coming hither, some of wh. came on Sunday in the evening, the
rest the next day. I wrote to Colo. Byrd and Colo. Harrison to
meet them here, w'ch they did, and we concluded that there was

{86} Kindly communicated to the editor by W. Noel Sainsbury, Esq.,
of the Public Record Office, London, England. The list of the
refugees subjoined presents some names not given in the lists included
in Documents relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia,
Collections of the Virginia Historical Society, New Series, Vol. V.

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no settling them in Norfolk nor thereabouts, because esteemed
an unhealthfull place, and no vacant land, except some that is in
dispute now betwixt us and No. Carolina: So we thought it would
be best for them to go to a place about twenty miles above the
Falls of James River, commonly called the Manikin Town.
There is a great deal of good Land and unpatented, where they
may at present be all together, w'ch we thought would be best
for his Ma'ty's Service and Interests, and that they would be
astrengthing to the Frontiers, and would quickly make a settlement,
not only for themselves, but to receive others when his
majesty shall be graciously pleased to send them. They may be
prejudicial to his Ma'ty's interest and Service, vizt., by living
long together, and using their own language and customs, and
by going upon such manufactures, and handicraft Trades, as we
are furnished with from England; but according to duty, I shall
endeavour to regulate these affairs, and when, please God, the
Council meets, I shall lay before them the matters relating to
these Refugees. On Tuesday I mustered them, and No. 1 is a
copy of the List of them. Colo. Byrd went before them in order
to meet them at the Falls of this River, where he formerly lived,
to dispose of them thereabouts, till they can gett housses or
sheds in the place for their Reception, and he promised to go
along with the Marquis and Mons'r de Sailly to show them the
Land. The people at present seem to be very well affected towards
them, and to commiserate their condition, and some who
have seen them have given them money, viz: Colo. Harrison,
5£; Mr. Commissary Blair, the like Sum. The Reverend Mr.
Stephen Touaie, thereabouts; Mr. Benjamin Harrison, 5£; Mr.
Attorney General Fowler, something, as likewise Mr. William
Edwards, Merchant of this place. I am apt to think that Several
Gentlemen and others will be charitable to them. They went
from hence yesterday.

If his majesty be graciously pleased to send over more, I
humbly propose that Mr. Micajah Perry, merchant of London,
may be spoken with about their passage hither, and that they
may have their passage on board the Ships which come to the
upper parts of James River, w'ch is the nighest place to their
settlement, and that there may not above 40 or 50 come in any
one Ship: So they may be better accommodated in all respects,
for I have observed that when Ships that come into these parts,
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are crowded with people, 'tis very prejudicial to their health;
some getting sicknesses, w'ch not seldom prove catching, some
dy on board, and others soon after they come on shore.

Your Lord'ps' dutifull and faithfull humble servant.

                                         FFRS. NICHOLSON.

  [Endorsement]. The Gov'r of Virginia.
                   2 Aug., 1700.
                   R. 21 Octob.
                  Accounts of proceedings there, &c.

                          List of Ye Refugees.

  Pierre Delome, et sa femme.
  Marguerite Sene, et sa fille.
  Magdalaine Mertle, Jean Vidau.
  Tertulien Sehult, et sa femme et deux enfants.
  Pierre Lauret, Jean Roger.
  Pierre Chastain, sa femme et cinq enfants.
  Philippe Duvivier.
  Pierre Nace, sa femme et Leur deux filles.
  Francois Clere, Symon Sardin.
  Soubragon, et Jacques Nicolay.
  Pierre du Loy, Abraham Nicod.
  Pierre Mallet, Francoise Coupet.
  Jean Oger, sa femme et trois enfants.
  Jean Saye, Elizabet Angeliere.
  Jean et Claude Mallefant, avec leur mere.
  Isaac Chabanas, sou fils, et Catharine Bomard.
  Estienne Chastain, Adam Vignes.
  Jean Menager et Jean Lesnard.
  Estienne Badouet, Pierre Morriset.
  Jedron Chamboux, et sa femme.
  Jean Farry et. Jerome Dumas.
  Joseph Bourgoian, David Bernard.
  Jean Chevas, et sa femme.
  Jean Tardieu, Jean Moreau.
Page 253

  Jaques Roy, et sa femme.
  Abraham Sablet, et des deux enfants.
  Quintin Chastatain et Michael Roux.
  Jean Quictet, sa femme et trois enfants.
  Henry Cabanis, sa femme et un enfant.
  Jaques Sayte, Jean Boisson.
  Francois Bosse, Jean Fouchie.
  Francoise Sassin, Andre Cochet.
  Jean Gaury, sa femme et un enfant.
  Pierre Gaury, sa femme et un enfant.
  Jaques Hulyre, sa femme et quatre enfants.
  Pierre Perrut, et sa femme.
  Isaac Panetier, Jean Parransos, sa seur.
  Elie Tremson, sa femme, Elizabet Tignac.
  Antoine Trouillard, Jean Bourru et Jean Bouchet.
  Jaques Voyes, Elizabet Mingot.
  Catharine Godwal, Pierre la Courru.
  Jean et Michell Cautepie, sa femme et deux enfants.
  Jaques Broret, sa femme et deux enfants.
  Abraham Moulin et sa femme.
  Francois Billot, Pierre Comte (?).
  Etienne Guevin, Rene Massoneau.
  Francois du Tartre, Isaac Verry.
  Jean Parmentier, David Thonitier et sa femme.
  Moyse Lewreau, Pierre Tillou.
  Marie Levesque, Jean Constantin.
  Claud Bardon, sa femme.
  Jean Imbert et sa femme.
  Elizabet Fleury, Loys du Pyn.
  Jaques Richard, et sa femme.
  Adam et Marie Prevost.
  Jaques Viras, et sa femme.
  Jaques Brousse, sou enfant.
  Pierre Cornu, Louiss Bon.
  Isaac Fordet, Jean Pepre.
  Jean Gaillard et son fils.
  Anthonie Matton, et sa femme.
  Jean Lucadou, et sa femme.
  Louiss Orange, sa femme et un enfant.
  Daniel Taure, et deux enfants.
Page 254

  Pierre Cupper, Daniel Roy, Magdelain Gigou.
  Pierre Grelet, Jean Jovany, sa femme, deux enfants.
  Pierre Ferrier, sa femme, un enfant.
  La vefve faure et quatre enfants.
  Isaac Arnaud, et sa femme.
  Pierre Chatanier, sa femme et son pere.
  Jean Fonasse, Jaques Bibbeau, Jean March.
  Catharine Billot, Marie et Symon Jourdon.
  Abraham Menot, Timothy Moul, sa femme, un enfant.
  Jean Savin, sa femme, un enfant.
  Jean Sargeaton, sa femme, un enfant.
  Claude Philipe et sa femme.
  Gabriel Sturter, Pierre de Corne.
  Helen Trubyer.

            59 femmes ou filles.
            38 enfants.
           108 hommes.      Messrs. De la Muce
          -----------       et de Sailly fout en
           205 personnes.   tout 207 personnes.

VIRGINIA : James Town, July 31, 1700.
           This is a true Copy.
                                     OLIVIER DE LA MUCE.
                                     CH. DE SAILLY.

Received of ye hon'ble Marquis de la Muce and Chas. de la
Sailly, ye summe of nine hundred, fourty-five pounds in full for
ye passage of two hundred and five people aboord ye ship Mary
Ann, bound for Virginia, I say receiv'd this 19th April, 1700.

  £945.                                         GEO. HAWES.


VIRGINIA: James City, July 31, 1700.
          This is a true Copy.
                                     OLIVIER DE LA MUCE.
                                     CH DE SAILLY.

This is a true copy, the original being in the Custody of--

                     (Signed,)            FFRS. NICHOLSON.