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EUBANK - Albemarle County, Virginia

Families of the Eubank name have lived along the south fork of Hardware from the earliest times.
They sprang from two brothers, George and John. It is believed they came from Orange County. In
1758 George bought from James Ireland three hundred acres on Beaverdam, not far from the present Soapstone Quarries. The next year John purchased from Matthew Jordan in the same vicinity. The year after the organization of the county, 1746, a John Eubank obtained a grant of nearly three hundred acres on Rocky Creek, in its northwest section; it is possible he was the same person as the one just mentioned.

John died in 1789. His wife's name was Hannah, and his children were John, James, William, Nancy, Elizabeth and Sarah, who were both married to brothers named Fortune, a family that lived in the same neighborhood, and Frances, the wife of a Gilmer. George died in 1802. He and his wife Mary had six children, John, Elizabeth, George, Frances, the wife of her cousin, John Eubank, Nancy, the wife of David Watson, and Mary, the wife of Richard Hazelrig. George also brought up two orphan children, Nelson and Sarah Key, whom he committed to the care of his daughter Frances and her husband, and for whose subsequent welfare he made special provision. His two sons, John and George, had each twelve children.

The Eubanks appear to have been quiet, industrious farmers, fairly prosperous in their worldly affairs. The family particularly marked for its energy and success was that of James, son of John. He married Mildred Melton, and had five sons and three daughters. He died in 1821, leaving a considerable estate. Two of his sons, John and George W., took advantage of the opening of the Staunton and James River Turnpike, established taverns on the road, and for many years did a large business in the entertainment of those transporting the vast amount of produce at that time passing between the Valley and Scottsville. George married his cousin, Winifred Eubank, and had eight children. He died in 1841. John married Sarah Strange, and died without children in 1854. Emigration to the West has taken many from the different branches of this family, so that comparatively few of the name remain now in the county.


The History of Albemarle County, Virginia, A description of the founding and events of this Virginia
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