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Butler County, Kentucky - History
Published by:  Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. 1987


Orange --- medieval Principality of France, eventually absorbed by the House of Nassau.  It has given its name to the Royal House of the Netherlands.  The capital of Orange is located north of Avignon, France.

Byrd (Bird) Orange was born June 4, 1789, Cumberland County Virginia. He was the son of William Orange (born January 26, 1759, Cumberland County, Virginia) and Elizabeth Melton (born November 5, 1761, Cumberland County Virginia).

William's father was Lewis Orange. His mother Kezia. William owned 135 acres along Stamping Branch, a fork of Little Guinea Creek in Virginia. On this land was a family cemetery.

William moved his family to Smith County Tennessee where he died May 4,1815. William's children were: Polly, John, Byrd, Zephaniah, Chizziah, Yearby, Eliza, Nancy, and Elizabeth.

Byrd Orange was a farmer. He served as a Private in Captain James Tubb's Company, 2nd. Regt. West Tennessee Militia in the War of 1812, from September 20, 1814 to April 10, 1815. His pay was $8.00 a month. Byrd married Rebecca Moss (born April I 7, 1800, Smith County, Tennessee) Somewhere between 1846 and 1850 they moved to Berry's Lick, Butler County, Kentucky. Their children were: Julia F., George H., Elizabeth, Rebecca Jane, Bird Wilkerson T. Fet, Luther Bird, John Anderson, and Joseph. Byrd and Rebecca are buried in the George H. Orange Cemetery in Butler County. Kentucky.

Bird Wilkerson T. Fet Orange was born December 22, 1830 and was a farmer. He married Mary Elizabeth Tompson. Their only child was' Rebecca. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Hutcheson. Their children were: Janie. Eliza. Lettic. Octavia Elvira. Virgil Marion. Presley. Robert. and Beverly.

Virgil Marion Orange was born February 23, 1872. He married Ida Belle Tines. daughter of George Washington Tines and Mary Milton. He was a farmer and a merchant. Their children were: Vera Mae. Othella Floyd. Carley Cleburn. Arthur Guy. Alton Claron. and Hobert Clyde.

Arthur Guy Orange was born March 26. 1908 in Butler County Kentucky. He married Willie Ruth Barrow (born October 22, 1908) daughter of Bunie Calvin Barrow and Lydia Sharon Finley. They moved to Toledo. Ohio where he worked for the Wabash Railroad System. In July 1935 they purchased Rochester Home Telephone Exchange and moved to Rochester, Kentucky. He built a long distance telephone line from Rochester to Browder, a distance of 9 miles, setting the poles by hand. He helped build Highway 79 between Morgantown and Russelville. During the Depression he worked at McCarley's Flour Mill for $1.00 a day. He drove a truck at night hauling crude oil from Butler County to the railroad at Browder, Kentucky. He purchased a truck and became Guy Orange Trucking, expanding until he covered 14 counties. He furnished employment for 22 Butler Countians and contributed greatly to the economy of Butler County for 40 years. During this time he owned and operated Aberdeen Sawmill, employing 24 persons. In 1953 he purchased the Rob Taylor farm in Little Bend on Green River.

Arthur Guy is a 32nd Degree Mason and a Director of Logan Telephone Cooperative Inc. serving Butler County. Guy and Willie Ruth have a daughter, Hazel Jean Orange Sullivan. She has one son, Don Orange Sullivan, who has two children: Amy Jean, and Donald Andrew Sullivan.