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Old-Smith Genealogies

Trying to identify the parents and unknown siblings of George W. Jester b 1828/9 in OH. George married Martha Pulliam Oct 1857 in MO-Holt Co. They had 2 children, Julia b 1859 and Ruben Elliott b 1860. Martha died 1861. George m2 Mrs. Matilda Stembaugh. They had 2 children, John b 1868 and George Jr b 1870.

His father appears to be Elijah Jester found in OH-Jefferson Co in 1820 and 1830. I am speculating that this OH-Elijah Jester is the same Elijah Jester who is found in DE-Kent Co, and who was married to and divorced from Elizabeth Peterkin.

DE-Elijah is found in the 1800 and 1810 census of DE-Kent Co with his family, but Elizabeth is listed as head-of-household in 1820. In 1820 and 1830, Elijah appears in OH-Jefferson Co with a new family. OH-Elijah matches the age of the DE-Elijah.

There were 5 children in the family of OH-Elijah. Based on census location, all of the children appear to have been born in OH-Jefferson Co. The name of OH-Elijah’s wife is not known; possibly it is Julia.

  • Son1 b. 1820 name unknown
  • David b. 1823 presumed to be son2 due to connection* to George and being correct age for child in 1830 census.
  • Daughter1 b. 1826 name unknown (Julia?)
  • George W. b. 1828/9
  • John W. b. July 1832 definitely born in OH-Jefferson Co Warren Twp
  • Brother John W. m Delilah Casner in 1865 (PA). They lived in IA-Boone Co from about 1870-76 and MO-Schuyler Co from 1876-1910. They had 3 children, one lived to adulthood, Ida May b 1867 PA.

    Brother David m1 Margaret E. abt 1847 (probably VA). They had 2 children, Margaret and James F. Wife Margaret and child Margaret died. David m2 Rachel Hamilton in 1853 (VA). They had 3 children, Margaret R., George H., David M. They moved to MO-Holt Co abt 1855.

    * David's brother, George W., was administrator of David's estate and in 1870 was appointed guardian of David's oldest son, James F. George and David lived in MO-Holt Co at the same time.


    James Mitchell Keesler b ~1827 NY-Orange Co, father Elias Keesler b ____. Mother appears to be Elizabeth Mitchell b ____.

    Need proof.

    (details to be added)

    Searching for Confirmation

        Self     Father     Mother
    Old-Coonce Branch
    George W. Jester b 1828/9 in OH-Jefferson Co probably Elijah Jester b abt 1770-75 probably in DE unknown b ~1800 in unk
    Andrew Jester b ~1803 in PA-Washington Co probably David Jester (Sr) b ~1775 probably in DE-Kent Co Nancy unk b 1772-73 in DE
    Matilda Stembaugh   (Mrs.) b 1846-47 in MO unk unk
    James H. Coonce b 1826-27 probably in MO-St. Charles Co probably Jacob Coonce b 1766 in PA Mary (Smith?) b 1791-1800 probably in KY/MO
    George W. Olds
      related by DNA
    b May 1813 in VA or KY possibly William Old b 1795-1800 in VA or KY  OR  poss. father is sibling/cousin of Wm possibly Mary Carter b 1783 in KY

    Ingham-Forbes Branch
    Thomas Ingham b 1817-18 in CT possibly Lucius Ingham b ~1795 in MA unk b ~1800 in MA

    Williams-Hansen Branch
    James M. Keesler b 1827 in NY-Sullivan Co Elias Keesler b 1797 in NY-Sullivan Co Eliz. Mitchell OR Eliz. Crosby b 1800 in NY
    Jane Gallon b 1797 in England-Northumberland Wm Gallon/Galen b 1765 in England-Northumberland Jane unk OR Eliz. Lisle b 1789 in England-Northumberland

    Smith-Richardson Branch
    Henry W. Smith b 1856 in TN-Sullivan Co probably Solomon Smith b 1832 in TN probably Eleanor b 1834-35 in VA
    William Jenkins b 1857-58 in TN probably Nicholas Jenkins b ~1840 in TN Amanda Moreland b 1856-57 in TN
      (not married to Nicholas)
    Mason Edwards
    (related by DNA)
    b 1872-4 in KY
    b 1886 in MD
    b 1886 in MD
    ggfa Wm Edwards b ~1725 VA-Lunenberg OR
    gfa Wm P Edwards b 1821-22 Wales
    (to US > MD ~1848) OR
    gfa Wm D. Edwards b ~1813 Wales
    (to US > MD bef 1840)
    Eliz. (Barksdale?) b ~1745 in VA?
    Ann unk b 1832-3 in Wales
    Mary unk b ~1815 in unk

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