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Following are links to my pages containing information on the Morgan family that I have collected over the years. If you'd like to contact me to compare further notes, just email me at

External Links
My blog
My book: Like the Cats of Kilkenny: A True Story of the Civil War
Morgan DNA Project Note, my markers match group M0007, but none of us have been able to find our most recent common ancestor . . . YET! For some of the trials and tribulations of this search, click here
The family business in Orlando, Florida
Coke Morgan, operatic tenor, a distant cousin
Rogers & Morgan of Knoxville, Tennessee, business co-founded by distant cousin Peyton Morgan

Cemetery Records
Glen Haven Memorial Park, Winter Park, Florida
Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida
Jacksonville Burial Ground, Floyd County, Virginia
Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia

Colonial Virginia
Immigrants and Adventurers extracts from Martha W. McCartney's wonderful biographical dictionary of Virginians (1607-1635)
Masters of Indentured Servants A list of Morgans who imported indentured servants to the colony.
Indentured Servants A list of indentured servants who bore the Morgan surname.
1761 Cumberland County Court Record Earliest documentation found of Thomas Morgan.
1771 Deed to Thomas Morgan from the Pleasants family for land formerly held by his brother-in-law William Davis.
1773 Deed to Thomas Morgan from the Pleasants family to confirm 1771 conveyance to old Davis property.
1779 Deed Record Transcript of an old deed to my ancestor Thomas Morgan.
Revolutionary War record of Uncle William Morgan from his 1832 Pension Declaration.

Antebellum Years
1787 Personal Property Tax List of Prince Edward County, Virginia
1795-1810 Marriage Records of Prince Edward County, Virginia
1796 Marriage Bond, Terrell Morgan, Prince Edward County, Virginia
1810 Census Extracts
1814 Will of Thomas Morgan
1820 Census Extracts
1821 Will of Great-aunt Elizabeth Morgan
1830 Census Extracts
1838 Deed to Shady Grove
1840 Census Extracts
1840 U.S. Presidential Election
1846 Will of James Morgan of Daviess County, Missouri
1850 Census Extracts
1854 Will of Thomas Tucker Morgan of Prince Edward County, Virginia
1850s Death Records of Prince Edward County, Virginia

Civil War (1860-1865)
My book about the family's experiences during the war
1860 Census Extracts
Service Records from the National Archives
Company C, 11th Virginia Infantry A roster of the unit that included three of my great-uncles.
1862 Deed to Shady Grove
1862 Skirmish at Fristoe Farm - where James Lorenzo Morgan ordered his men to aim at the trees!
1865 Poster Recently sold on Ebay for more than $300. The poster was put out by Richard Morgan to solicit supplies for the Confederate Army.
1865-6 City Directory, Brooklyn, New York lists James Lorenzo Morgan and his family.
The descendants of a former Morgan family slave (a work in progress).

Reconstruction (1866-1877)
1867 Morgan Family Farm in Howard County, Missouri
1870 Census Extracts
1873 Probate Record of James Lorenzo Morgan's estate

Gilded Age (1877-1893)
1880 Census Extracts
1887 Morgan-Simmons Wedding
1889-1893 Kansas City Directories
1892 Obituary of Martha Virginia "Jenny" Brown-Morgan

Progressive Era (1893-1911)
1900 Census Extracts
1901 Special Orders issued regarding Robert W. Morgan's service in the Army Dental Corps
1902 Will of Taylor Morgan of Gladys, Virginia
1904 Will of Dr. Robert Withers Morgan of Lynchburg, Virginia
1910 Census Extracts
1911 Book Review of William H. Morgan's Civil War memoirs.

Missionary Era (1911-1929)
1912 South Dakota land patent of Charles McNair Morgan
1913-1929 Orlando City Directories
1917 Obituary of William S. Morgan
1917 Death Certificate of William S. Morgan
1917 Death Certificate of Kate Morgan Manning
1917-1919 World War I notes on the 89th Division, American Expeditionary Forces
1919 Army Discharge Papers of William S. Morgan, Jr.
1920 Obituary of William H. Morgan from The Confederate Veteran
1920 Obituary of William H. Morgan from The Henry Bulletin of Martinsville, Virginia
1920 Census Extracts
1921 Orlando City Directory
1926 Birth Certificate of William S. Morgan
1926 Social Register of Virginia listing for Georgia Morgan
1929 Obituary of Robert Burkes Morgan, Sr.

The Great Depression (1930-1939)
1933 Obituary of Lt. Robert B. Morgan, Jr., U.S. Navy
1933 Laura Morgan and the First National Bank of Orlando
1935 Florida State Census
1937 Obituary of Elizabeth Morgan Simmons
1938 Obituary of Roberta Morgan Strother
1938 clipping from Orlando newspaper about a football game

World War II (1940-1945)
1945 Obituary of William Morgan of Harriman, Tennessee
1945 Florida State Census

Post-War Years (1946-1949)

The 1950s
1950 Obituary of Richard Clark Morgan of Gladys, Virginia
1953 Obituary of Mary Morgan Barksdale of Lynchburg, Virginia

The 1960s
1960 Death Certificate of William S. Morgan of Orlando, Florida
1965 Obituary of Peyton Leftwich Morgan of Lynchburg, Virginia
1969 Orlando Evening Star clippings about Skip Morgan at The Citadel

The 1970s

The 1980s
1982 Application to put Shady Grove on the National Register of Historic Places

The 1990s
1992 Orlando Historic Homes Survey
1993 "Monster Storm" recollections by Hubert Morgan of Lynchburg, Virginia
1993 Obituary of Agnes Morgan Newell
1994 New York Newsday article mentioning Dan Morgan
1998 Orlando Sentinel clipping about Skip Morgan's ginkoba

The New Millenium
Marriage Records of Orange County, Florida
2000 Application to put "Centerview" on the National Register of Historic Places
2004 Obituary of Clara Alma Morgan of Gainesville, Florida
2004 Navy Induction
2005 St. Petersburg Times article featuring Justin Morgan
2006 book about the Morgan family's experiences during the Civil War
2007 Lynchburg News & Advance article featuring Peyton Morgan
2007 Feature story about Skip Morgan from Orlando Sentinel
2007 Obituary of Skip Morgan
2007 Peyton Morgan flies to DC to see the WWII Veterans Memorial

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