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    Descendancy tree     Timeline
    Birth :
          Date : 11 JUL 1786
          Place : Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA
    Death :
          Date : 15 SEP 1869 (83 years old)
    Ancestral File : 1KP7-MNQ
    Burial :
          Place : Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas, USA
          Address : Buffalo Cemetery
    Note :
All of Abner's and wife Elizabeth's children were grown, by the time the decision was made to leave Tennessee and "go west." By the time they reached the Arkansas Ozarks, all the Casey offspring were married, but for the youngest son, Abner "Berry" Casey (born 1820).
"Included in this wagon train, in addition to the Casey families, were the Bowens, the Stewarts, the Boyds, the Eubanks, probably the Arbaughs, and many others--practically all the families whose ancestors had lived as neighbors in Virginia more than 100 years before this time..." (1834-35, when they reached the Mulberry River, Arkansas Ozarks.)"
While gathering information for "The Abner Casy Family in America" quoted above, its authors found that Turner Casey, Abner, s second born (1804) was probably the leader of that extensive wagon train: "We are told that Turner Casey was with the party which selected the route over which the Cherokee Indians were brought from Georgia and Tennessee to Indian Territory, and that on the return trip, Turner and some others came through the Ozark Mountains, following up Mulberry River and across the divide ... they liked what they saw."
After his return to Tennessee, Turner led the assembled families of the Casey clan back to Arkansas, where he and his older brother Jesse settled on the Mulberry River, along with their families. Perhaps ingrained with the old Virginia law restricting the Irish to no more than ten families per watershed, the Casey families scattered from the Mulberry River to other river valleys throughout the Ozarks, over the coming decades. One of Turner Casey's sons, Christopher C. Colombus Casey, settled on "Falling Waters Creek, " a Richland Creek tributary of the Buffalo River, where he--in the Casey tradition--constructed a gristmill."
Abner Casey was already 70 years old when the Caseys arrived on the Mulberry. After he directed the construction of a mill there, he left the two older sons to run it and carry on the raising of their ample families. Abner gathered the other offspring and their families, and pushed up the Mulberry River's headwaters and down the divide's other side, into the Valley of the Big Buffalo River. There they settled, but for Abner's son Levi Casey. Levi, wife Polly Haggard Casey and their considerable family, ventured north into Carroll County; thence into Missouri, where they settled on White River, near Forsyth and Kissee Mills." While the latter town is named after its founder, by coincidence, the word "Kissee" was a recurring Christian name for Casey women, including the mother of Christopher C. Casey, 2nd. That youth grew up as "Lum Casey" and married Mary U. Kissee, daughter of Alexander C. Kissee, who laid out the town of Kissee Mills." Levi Casey's issue from Taney County, Missouri, were added to the outflow of the Ozarks' Casey offspring to many points of the nation."
1850 Census, Van Buren Twp., Newton Co., AR
House Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation State of Birth</B>
229-229 CASEY, Abner 84 M Farmer South Carolina
Elizabeth 68 F South Carolina
    Given name : Abner
          Surname : Casey
    Family Information :
          with BOWEN Elizabeth (1783 - 1865) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : Abt 1803 (17 years old)
                children :
                   CASEY Jesse (1803 Georgia, USA)
                   CASEY Turner Franklin (1804 Georgia, USA - 1882 Johnson County, Arkansas, USA)
                   CASEY Levi (1805 Georgia, USA - 1859 Taney County, Missouri, USA)
                   CASEY William Marion (1806)
                   CASEY Susannah (1807 Roane County, Tennesse, USA)
                   CASEY Anthony (1807 Georgia, USA)
                   CASEY John Marion (1812 Roane County, Tennesse, USA)
                   CASEY Mary Elizabeth (1813 Roane County, Tennesse, USA - 1886)
                   CASEY Abner Ellsberry (1820 Roane County, Tennesse, USA - 1863)

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