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ROARK William Williamson
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    Father : ROARK William C. (1814 - 1862) (Age in the birth of the child : 26 years old)
    Siblings :
       ROARK Amelia (1835 Madison County, Arkansas, USA)
       ROARK Elvira (1838 Madison County, Arkansas, USA)
       ROARK John (1842 Madison County, Arkansas, USA)
    Birth :
          Date : 27 MAR 1840
          Place : Arkansas, USA
    Death :
          Date : 2 FEB 1900 (59 years old)
          Place : Carroll County, Arkansas, USA
    Burial :
          Place : Carroll County, Arkansas, USA
          Address : Rush Cemetery
    Note :
Williamson Roark like his father was a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War.
Actual conflict between the Federal and Confederate forces in the Indian Territory. began in the summer of 1862, when Col. William Weer invaded the Cherokee Nation with a number of Federal troops from Kansas. The sortie was unsuccessful, mainly because of lack of proper discipline among the officers and soon retreated, but in October of the same year General James G. Blunt commanded a 2nd federal invasion of the Nations. Fort Gibson was abandoned by the Confederates and was occupied by the Union, who made it their headquarters in the Territory until the close of the war. The most important battle in the territory during the war was fought on Elk Creek or Honey springs in the Creek Nation, not far from present Muskogee. The result was a decisive victory for General Blunt and the Union Forces, with the Confederates under General William Steele and Douglas Cooper retreating south across the Canadian River. General Stand Waite and a Confederate Force of 2,000 men captured a Federal supply train of 325 wagons, in the Cherokee Nation near Prior. Stand Waite, who won rank of General was brave and fearless. Williamson Roark was in charge of guarding Stand Waite at the Canadian River, in Creek Nation, Indian Territory.
William Williamson Roark was a Baptist minister.
See the book "Arkansas Traveler for the Indian land grant papers...
Jim Liles in his book "Old Folks Talking" says Wm. Roark homesteaded in 1881 entered in T 16 and 15 Range 22 west.
Margaret and Wm. were married Oct. 21, 1866 as found in the Newton Co., Marriages book A, page 17. This is the index for the marriage. The original page is missing from the book. His last name was spelled RHOARK on this record.
In the book "Old Folks Talking" by Jim Liles, it says that Roark Bluff (in Newton Co., ) was named after Williamson Roark.
Wm. Williamson ROAR K's wives were sister-in-laws.... Per Maude Comfort Gibson.
    Given name : William Williamson
          Surname : Roark
    Family Information :
          with VILLINES Margaret E. (1847 - 1882) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 21 OCT 1866 (26 years old)
                children :
                   ROARK Rebecca L. (1868 Low Gap, Newton County, Arkansas, USA)
                   ROARK Effie Delone (1871 Big Buffalo, Newton County, Arkansas, USA)
                   ROARK Carroll H. (1874 - 1878)
                   ROARK Dora Mae (1877 Boxley, Newton County, Arkansas, USA - 1965 Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma, USA)
                   ROARK Cora Laura (1879 Madison County, Arkansas, USA - 1979 Madison County, Arkansas, USA)
          with LACKEY Kiziah A. (1858 - 1908) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 1 JUN 1883 (43 years old)
                children :
                   ROARK Oney Burr (1884 - 1937 Barryville, Carroll County, Arkansas, USA)
                   ROARK Lonnie Grover (1887 - 1979 Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas, USA)

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