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    Trees of Ancestry
    Father : SPARKS Peterson B. (1806) (Age in the birth of the child : 35 years old)
    Mother : Isabella (1820) (Age in the birth of the child : 21 years old)
    Siblings :
       SPARKS Dred C. (1839 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA)
       SPARKS Caroline (1840 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA)
       SPARKS Samuel D. (1843 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA)
       SPARKS William P. (1845 Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA)
       SPARKS Robert Turner (1847 Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA - 1936)
       SPARKS James G. (1850 Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA)
       SPARKS Richard M. (1852 Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA)
       SPARKS Martha I. (1854 Carroll County, Arkansas, USA)
       SPARKS Noah (1856 Carroll County, Arkansas, USA)
    Birth :
          Date : Abt 1841
          Place : Jefferson County, Alabama, USA
    Death : Y
    Ancestral File : 1L5M-JJG
    Given name : Ruth
          Surname : Sparks

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