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    Father : WOODSON John (1586 - 1664) (Age in the birth of the child : 78 years old)
    Mother : WINSTON Sarah (1590 - 1660) (Age in the birth of the child : 74 years old)
    Birth :
          Date : JUN 1664
          Place : Fleur De Hundred, Prince George, Virginia, USA
    Death :
          Date : 1 OCT 1707 (43 years old)
          Place : Varina Parish, Henrico County, Virginia, USA
    Note :
Robert Woodson, son of John and Sarah (Winston) Woodson, was born in Henrico County, Virginia 1634, and died post 1707. He married in 1656 Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Ferris, who descended from a Norman family, Henri de Gascon of Leicestershire, England. Under date of October 21, 1687 Robert Woodson, Richard Ferris, William Ferris and others had a grant of land covering 1637 acres, while John and Robert Woodson personally owned 531 acres.
Robert lived at Curls, and none of the earlier generation of descendants held prominent offices in the Colony, but served on grand juries, were constables and surveyors. But they were substantial and self respecting citizens of the community, listed as planters owning land and by patent and purchase ran their holdings up to several hundred acres. In these capacities of service they were compelled to have had some education.
Robert and Elizabeth had five sons and four daughters: John, Robert Jr., Richard, Joseph and Benjamin; Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Judith.
In 1707 Robert Woodson made a deed giving land to two of his grandsons, William and Joseph Lewis. This was possibly the last instrument that Robert Woodson signed as he died soon after that in his seventy-fourth year of age.
The Woodson brothers were not limited in land holdings, for Robert and John had 531 acres in 1681 and in 1688 their holdings had increased to 1887 acres and in connection with Robert Ferris and William Porter, Robert Woodson had nearly two thousand acres. Much of this was disposed of, however, as the children grew to maturity and married and scattered to various parts of Virginia and other states as well.
    Given name : Robert
          Surname : Woodson
    Family Information :
          with FERRIS Elizabeth (1638 - 1689) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 1656
                      Place : Virginia, USA
                child :
                   WOODSON Robert (1660 Curles. Henrico County, Virginia, USA - 1729 Curles. Henrico County, Virginia, USA)

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