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    Father : TOWNSEND Gilbert (1780 - 1861) (Age in the birth of the child : 47 years old)
    Mother : SAXON Mary (1786 - 1870) (Age in the birth of the child : 41 years old)
    Siblings :
       TOWNSEND Charles (1804 Steuben County, New York, USA - 1888 Blackford County, Indiana, USA)
       TOWNSEND John (1812 New Jersey, USA - 1856 Henry City, Illinois, USA)
       TOWNSEND Lydia (1812 - 1885 Steuben County, New York, USA)
       TOWNSEND Ardelia (1814)
       TOWNSEND Gilbert (1815 New York, USA - 1890 Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, USA)
       TOWNSEND Lucy Ann (1818)
       TOWNSEND Sarah (1820 Steuben County, New York, USA)
       TOWNSEND James S. (1822 Steuben County, New York, USA - 1908)
       TOWNSEND Elizabeth (1827 Steuben County, New York, USA)
       TOWNSEND Mary (1833 New York, USA - 1881 Blackford County, Indiana, USA)
    Birth :
          Date : 13 AUG 1827
          Place : Steuben County, New York, USA
    Death :
          Date : 20 DEC 1912 (85 years old)
          Place : Miles, Indiana, USA
    Military : Civil War-21st regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    Burial :
          Place : Miles, Indiana, USA
          Address : Miles Cemetery
    Source : S2810
          Page : pg. 20
          Name : Page
          Data :
                Quote from the original source document : Lun 36 99 99 Townsend, Alvi 23 M Farmer New York
    Note :
Alvah Townsend was one of the younger of his parents' children, and wasborn in the state of New York, in 1830 0r 1831. He was still a small ladwhen he was brought to Indiana be his parents, and grew up amid ruralpioneer surroundings in Washington township, his educational advantagesbeing confined to several winter terms in the primitive district schools.
Subsequently Mr. Townsend became the owner of forty acres of the oldhomestead place which he farmed until being drafted in the Thirty-firstRegiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, for service in the Union armyduring the Civil War. At the close of struggle, with his honorabledischarge and a record for soldierly bravery and faithful service, Mr.Townsend returned to his home and resumed agricultural operations, laterbecoming the manager of the Co. A. E. Steel homestead, containing about asection of land in Licking township, of which he remained as thedirecting head for thirty-two or thirty-three years.
He then purchased eighty acres of land in sections 6 and 7, in Lickingtownship, upon which his home was made for several years, he then movedto what was known as the Adam Shields farm, in Washington township, wherehis death occurred in 1909.
He was a prominent man in his community, was active in democraticpolitics, and was a faithful member of the Universalist church. InWashington township, Mr. Townsend was married to Miss Elzary Shields, whowas born in Virginia, and was a young woman when she came to Washingtontownship with her parents. Adam and Anna Shields, who were pioneerfarmers here and lived to advanced ages. They had a large family ofchildren, of whom Elzary died in 1913, when about seventy-eight years ofage, a member of the Sole Steeple church, now defunct. Eleven childrenwere born to Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, of whom one is deceased, and ten arenow living, married and with families.
Thirty-first Infantry Indiana
(3 years)
Thirty-first Infantry: Cols. Charles Cruft, John Osborn, John T. Smith,James R. Hallowell; Lieut-Cols, John Osborn, Charles M. Smith, John T.Smith, Francis L. Neff, William H. Fairbanks, Tames R. Hallowell, SilasGrimes; Majs., Frederick Am, Charles M. Smith, Henry L. McCalla, John T.Smith, Francis L. Neff, William H. Fairbanks, James R. Hallowell, SilasGrimes, Craven P. Reed.
This regiment was organized at Terre Haute and was mustered in September16, 1961. It left the state the following week, went into camp atCalhoun, Ky., and from there proceeded to Fort Donelson, where itsurrendered losing 12 killer, 52 wounded and 4 missing.
It moved to Fort Henry, thence to Pittsburgh Landing and was activelyengaged at Shiloh, losing 22 killed, 110 wounded and 10 missing. It wasassigned to the 4th division, Army of Ohio, in command of Gen. Nelson.It was in the siege of Corinth and its conclusion joined the marchthrough Alabama and Mississippi into Tennessee being stationed at variousplaces.
Col. Cruft, was appointed brigadier-general on July 16 and Lieut. ColOsborn was made his successor. The regiment fell back to Louisville inSeptember, but returned to Nashville when Bragg was driven fromKentucky. It moved in December for Murfreesboro and participated in thethree day's battle at Stone's River, losing 5 killed and 66 wounded.
At Bridgeport, Ala., it re enlisted as a veteran organization, Jan. 1,1865, and was furloughed home in February. It was stationed at Ooltewah,Tenn., until the beginning of the Atlanta campaign, when as part of the4th corps, it participated in t various skirmishes and battlesattending that movement.
After the capture of Atlanta the regiment joined in pursuit of Hood'sarmy to Pulaski, Tenn., proceeding from there to Nashville, where it tookpart in the battle in December afterward pursuing Hood's army as far asHuntsville, Ala.
It was in a brief campaign in eastern Tennessee, and then was atNashville from April until the middle of June, 1865, when it was orderedto New Orleans and from there to Texas, marching to the interior of thestate and being stationed at Green Lake
It was mustered out Dec. 8, 1865. The original strength was 1,038; gainby recruits, 563, reenlistments 285; total, 1, 886. Loss by death, 366;desertion, 76; unaccounted for 13.
Source: The Union Army, vol. 3
Alva Townsend, youngest son of Gilbert Townsend Sr., was a soldier in theCivil war. He was assigned to the Thirty-first Regiment IndianaVolunteer Infantry and joined his regiment at Bridgeport, Alabama. Hethen returned to Nashville and was in the battle at that place where hisregiment lost heavily. He was also in the Batt Franklin. He accompaniedhis regiment as far as Duck River in pursuit of General Hood, at whichplace he was left sick in a hospital. He then returned to Nashvillewhere he lay sick five weeks then he joined his regiment at (illegible)Alabama, which he accompanied to Greenville Tennessee, (several illegiblewords) returned to Nashville then proceeded to Green Lake, thence to SanAntonio where Mr. Townsend was again unable to proceed. He had fallenout of line of the way and crawled to a house where he was taken in anddoctored by a rebel surgeon for five weeks. He then started for homedriving a team and doing what he could to pay his expenses. He arrivedat his destination on March 29, 1866, his regiment reaching home October,1865.
Mr. Townsend was married to Elzara Shields, a native of Virginia,daughter of Adam and Martha (Mills) Shields. Peter Shields, father ofAdam Shield, was of Irish descent and came to America with the BritishArmy, which he deserted and enlisted under George Washington andwitnessed the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. The parents ofMrs. Adam Shields, John and Agnes Mills, were both natives of SouthCarolina. John Mills enlisted in the War of Revolution when but fourteenyears old, serving through the entire war. He and his father weremembers of the same regiment and were both pensioners.
Mr. and Mrs Townsend were the parents of eleven children, whose name wereElijah, Elmira, Andrew Jane, Martha L., Almeda, George W., Samuel,Minerva, Wilson and Nellie. Elijah married Rachael Ann Farmer and theywere the parents of Olie, Charles, William, Fred, Adam and Orna. Elmiramarried Junius Miles. Their children were James, Ella, Carey and Harry.Andrew married Rebecca Miles and they were the parents of the followingchildren, Lucy, Elmore, George N., Gertrude, Frank, Trepoloa, Thomas andMary - Jane was the wife of Joseph Walker and they were the parents ofsix children namely, May, Arther, Dean, Nora, Inscoe and Roll. Marthamarried William Long - Homer, Clayton and Vaughn were their children.Almeda became the wife of Milton Roth. Their children were, Sam andBertha. George W. married Clara Hunt and they were the parents of sixgirls - Almeda, Jessie, May, Ella, Ora and Dorothe. Nellie was the wifeof George Persinger. They had the following children, Claude, Alfred,Delmer, Russell and Ruth.
Elizabeth Townsend, daughter of Gilbert Sr., married Daniel Leffler.Their children were George, Alva, Mary and James, Mary the youngestdaughter married Fantley L. Foy and they were the parents of fourchildren, whose names were James, Clem, Sarah and Cynthia.
Joe Cronin, In weekly installment, Tells of migration from Steuben Countyto Blackford County in the early days - Descendants of families are stillhere.
    Given name : Alva
          Surname : Townsend
    Family Information :
          with SHIELDS Elzara (1830 - 1912) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 28 FEB 1849 (21 years old)
                children :
                   TOWNSEND Elijah (1850 - 1921 Indiana, USA)
                   TOWNSEND Elmira (1852 Hartford City, Washington Township, Blackford County, Indiana, USA - 1936 Hartford City, Washington Township, Blackford County, Indiana, USA)
                   TOWNSEND Andrew Jackson (1854 Arkansas, USA - 1929)
                   TOWNSEND Sara Jane (1854 Blackford County, Indiana, USA - 1931)
                   TOWNSEND George W. (1857 - 1922)
                   TOWNSEND Nellie (?)
                   TOWNSEND Minerva (?)
                   TOWNSEND Wilson (?)
                   TOWNSEND Armeda (?)
                   TOWNSEND Martha (?)
        child :
           TOWNSEND Samuel (1868)

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