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WARD Nathan
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    Father : WARD Nathan (1761 - 1835) (Age in the birth of the child : 43 years old)
    Mother : Sarah\Sally (? - 1850)
    Siblings :
       WARD William (1779 Virginia, USA - 1863)
       WARD Zachariah (1792)
       WARD Benjamin (1796 - 1858)
       WARD Eleanor (1800 - 1870)
       WARD Enoch (1806 - 1895)
       WARD Landreth (1811)
       WARD Silas (1814)
       WARD Wells (1848 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1907)
       WARD Stephen (? - 1849)
    Birth :
          Date : 1804
          Place : Grayson County, Virginia, USA
    Death :
          Date : 1862 (58 years old)
          Place : Corbin, Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
    Burial :
          Place : Corbin, Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
          Address : Jones Cemetery
    Note :
Wells WARD b 1830 believed in Henrico Co VA was the patriarch of most of the WARDs of Grayson Co VA.
Nathan Ward. His will was written 14 Mar. 1803 Grayson Co., VA; wife's name was not mentioned. Ch: 1. William - b. 1779 VA, d. 1863, m. 17 Sep. 1800 Grayson Co., VA, Elizabeth Wilson; 2. Margaret - d. 31 Mar. 1840, m. 18 Aug. 1792 Grayson Co., VA, Morris Davis Sr.; 3. Wells; 4. Nathan - b. 1770-80, d. 20 Mar. 1835 Grayson Co., VA, m. Sarah; 5. Enoch - m. 14 Dec. 1825 Grayson Co., VA, Nancy Hash.
Here's the basic info that is found in the printed references. It would take a check of the microfilm of the actual pages to see the other data columns.
Here's one reply that I received and also mention of an interest in JONES --
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Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 12:44:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Whitley Co KY--Nathan WARD
1850 Whitley County Census
Nathan Ward age 39 born in Virginia---Wife Ellenor (Jones married11-19-1834 Whitley County) age 37. Isom 15; David 13; Isaiah 11; Peter 8; Rachel 6; John 4; and James 2. In 1860 these people were family # 787 There was an earlier Isaiah Jones who was a school teacher in Whitley County, age 63 in 1850 born in NC. On 1860 census he is # 789. I have parts of 1860 census. Will look to see if in my files. I also have a Jones ancestor. Nancy Jones daughter of William Jones married Howell Bryant in 1822 at Whitley County.
Arville Oliver
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I sent a thank you and also mentioned the connection of Isaiah JONES to Ellender. Also mentioned the John JONES in Rutherford Co TN that was administrator of Dr. William WARDs estate. Just thought I'd take a chance and see if either of these JONES families connected to ones Arville is researching.
Another Rooter sent the following --
Hello Kansas from MO.....
1850 Census Whitley Co,
WARD, Nathan 39 VA Farmer $400
Ellenor 37 (JONES, m. 18 Nov 1834 W)
Isom 15
David 13
Isaiah 11
Peter 8
Rachel 6
John 4
James 2
1860 Census, Whitley Co.
WARD, Nathan 46 M VA
Eleander 40 F VA
Jackson 24 M KY
Nelson 23 M KY
Mary 18 F KY
Silas 20 M KY
Martin 18 M KY
Sampson 16 M KY
Wells 14 M KY
Malinda 10 F KY
Sophy 4 F KY
Jones, Isaah 76 M VA
Here are some dates that a VA rooter sent me that might be of interest. They are also descendents of the Wells WARD group.
Children of Nathan Ward and Sarah:
Nathan Ward (c1760 - c1833)
1- Stephen Ward (c1780 - c1847)
2- Nathan Ward (c1790 - ?)
3- Wells Ward (c1792 - ?)
4- Zachariah Ward (1793 - 1878)
5- Jeremiah Ward (c1794 - ?)
6- Benjamin Ward (c1796 - c1863)
7- Eleanor (Nellie) Ward (c1800 - 1870)
8- Lewis Tommy Ward (1802 - 1875)
9- Enoch Ward (1806 - 1895)
10- Landreth Ward (c1811 - ?)
11- Silas Ward (c1814 - ?)
I think we have another Nathan running loose that is being confused with Nathan Jr. It could be possible that a brother to Nathan Sr might have named a son Nathan that was born before Nathan Jr and he might have been referred to as Nathan Jr to separate the two. The way this family named children after another family member, this would be possible. Can you elaborate any more on your discovery of Sarah's Indian name. Have the rolls ever been checked for her?
I started looking at some census listings for IN. I noticed that there were some other WARDs in Owen Co IN on the 1830 as well as some others that those with Grayson Co connections as well as some of mine were.
Owen Co IN 1830 -- No WARD in census.
Owen Co IN 1840 -- Jacob, Noah, Wells, William
Wayne Co IN 1830 --- Daniel, Daniel, Nathan, Robert, Thomas, Anthony, Enos, Obed
Parke Co IN 1830 -- Elisha, Greenbury, James
Parke Co IN 1840 -- Greenbury, James, Samuel, Thompson
Fayette Co IN 1830 -- Joseph, Squire ( brother of my great-great-grandfather), David, James
Fayette Co IN 1840 -- Artemus, Isaac, Jesse, Mary
Hancock Co IN 1840 -- Emanuel(believe also a bro, died 1840), Ephraim ( my great-great-grandfather),
Squire ( brother of great-great-grandfather), and a Michal L.
Morgan Co IN 1840 -- David, Enos, Thomas, William
Shelby Co IN 1840 -- Daniel, Rosana
Vigo Co IN 1840 -- Avery (This is a granson of Benjamin WARD Sr. of Ashe Co, NC),
E.M., J. G., James, Michael, Robert
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Tim Sparks Sat Nov 9 18:46:40 1996<BR>
Whitley Co. KY Looking for info on Mary Elizabeth Taylor b.4 Sept. 1793 and married to Enoch Sexton in 1812 in Grayson Co. VA. They had a daughter, Obedience Mayer Sexton b. 29 Dec. 1833 in Whitley Co. She apparently never married but had 3 or 4 children. The father is said to have been a Columbus Hudson:
One of the children was Oma Snow Sexton b. 16 April 1854 and married Wells Ward in 1875 in Whitley Co. Nathan Ward b. 1804 in VA and married to Ellender Jones 18 Nov.1834 in Whitley Co. was Wells Wards' parents. Nathan Ward is buried at the Old Ward Cemetery near Corbin, KY.
Thanks, Tim Sparks
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Here's some info from the 1850 Owen Co IN Census that I thought you mightlike to have --The county coordinator for Owen Co., INGenWeb was kind enough to look this up for me.
There are two, both in Marion township.
Household 685 page 134:
WARD, Ezekiel 27 M Farmer VA
Cinthia 22 F VA
Malinda 60 F VA
Wells 35 M VA
Household 731 page 137:
WARD, Wells 45 M Farmer VA
Patience 45 F VA
David 21 M VA
PHIPS, Patience 12 F IN
PHIPS, Emily 10 F IN
She later added in another message ----------->
A surprising household next door #731:
WARD, Elizabeth A. 17 F IN
Malinda 14 F IN
Sarah 12 F IN
William 11 M IN
Abigail 5 F IN
Methursey A. 2 F IN
also in Marion, IN household 718:
WARD, Jacob 49 M VA
Nancy 41 F VA
Calvin 20 M VA
Solomon 18 M VA
Stephen 16 M IN
Patience 14 F IN
Abigail 12 F IN
Mary 10 F IN
Ealeanor 8 F IN
Susannah 6 F IN
William B. 4 M IN
Nancy J. 2 F IN
Also noted there was a John Ward that was very active 1830s and 1840s as a Minister (MG)(John W Ward 41 OH lived in Jackson Tnsp).
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Here is some info from William WARD of Fairfax VA --
(1) On page 319 of the book The 1870 Federal Census of Grayson County, Virginia by Jeffrey C. Weaver, James J. Stamper, and The Grayson County Historical Society, the following is exerpted: "Nathan Ward's heirs include: Jeremiah, Benjamin, Lewis, Enoch, Stephen, Sr., Landreth, Silas, John Cox & wife Nellie Ward Cox, and Wells of Owen Co., IN, Nathan Ward, Jr. of Whitley Co., KY and Zachariah.
(2) A cousin of mine copied the name Lewis Tommy Ward out of the Bible of his great-great-grandmother who was the granddaughter of Lewis Tommy Ward.
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Here is the cemetery reference --
Ward or Hulett or Summers Cemetery Located in Marion Twp, Sec 24, 1mile S and 1/4m. w of the Pleasantview Baptist Church. It can only be reached by foot.
WARD, Wells, s/ W & M, 9 July 1814 Mason County, VA-23 Feb 1883
Patince, w/o Wells, s. 4 Aug 1865 -aged 64y
Ezekiel, 12 Dec 1822 -2 May 1913
Cyntihia, w/o E. 12 June 1823-23 Jan. 1913
Malinda, w/o W d 26 Oct 1862-aged 78y 8m 3d
Exekiel s/o N & W d 15 Sept 1844 -aged 2y 6m 3d
Noah, consort of Mathursa, d 9 Oct 1826 -aged 36y 7m 7d
Mathursa, consort of Noah, d 10 Sept 1850-aged 32y.
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Here are some Grayson County VA marriages:
6-3-1820 Benjamin Ward Jane Cox
2-12-1807 Charley Ward Anne South
9-17-1800 Elijah Ward Polly Colins
12-14-1825 Enoc Ward Nansey Hash
1-14-1836 Ezekeil Ward Phebe Screech
1-30-1848 John Ward Eveline Hash
4-3-1823 Lewis Ward Maryan Hash
10-2-1836 Maroil Ward Jane Cox
10-12-1809 Nathan Ward Ann Williams
-14-1832 Silas Ward Polly Edwards
4-26-1833 Stephen Ward Jane Hash
2-27-1835 William T. Ward Nancy Carrico
9-17-1800 William Ward Elizabeth Wilson
1-29-1818 Zachariah Ward Tabitha Hash
8-11-1828 John Warf Martha Harrell
10-27-1835 Jonathan Bottomlay Ann Ward
3-13-1818 Jeffry Clark Betsey Ward
8-13-1818 Jeffry Clark Betsey Ward
7-10-1825 Thomas Lawhern Mary Ward
8-10-1837 Hurschel Dun Nancy Ward
9-13-1821 John Cox Nelly Ward
3-29-1832 Martin Edwards Polly Ward
1-26-1826 John Landreth Rebekah Ward
12-29-1831 David Bedsaul Sally Ward
1-1-1827 Nathaniel Spirling Susannah Ward
5-30-1795 John Black Mathew Wardin
11-22-1837 John Stoots Catharine Warf
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Here is what Jeff had to say about the Grayson Co VA WARDs ---I am a descendant of the Ward family of Grayson Co., VA, and the given names are similar . . . . .My ever so great-grandmother was a lady named Abigail Ward Barton, B. 12/1/1759 in Chesterfield Co. and Died 3/11/1859 in Grayson Co. (Grayson Co. death register). This register states that she was the daughter of Wells Ward and Rebecca. It appears that Wells Ward was from Henrico County, VA and was probably born ca. 1725-30. ........Apparrently all of the Grayson County Wards are descendants of Wells Ward, Sr., and there is quite a flock of them, mostly living in the west-central portion of the county. I have quite a bit in tid-bits here and tads there where they connect with other families closer to the top of my gene pool, but have never done a comprehensive study of the clan.
Nathan, Wells (probably Jr.), and James Ward were on the 1783 militia list for Capt. Enoch Osborne's company. The 1815 Grayson Co. Tax list shows Nathan Ward living on Saddle Creek with 236 acres, a house 24' x 18', valued at $350, Stephen Ward, living on Saddle Creek, with 50 acres, and having one "cabben", Thomas Ward (living in what is now Carroll Co. -- connection unknown). and Wells Ward, (jr) on Saddle Creek, with 50 acres and "cabben" and inferior grist mill, valued at $100.
Nathan (B. ca. 1761-D. 1803+) was one of the sons of Wells Ward, Sr., His children were named: Benjamin, Zachariah, Eleanor, Lewis, William, Enoch, Wells, and Nathan, Jr. Wells of this group migrated to Indiana and Nathan, Jr. moved to TN in 1822.
So you can see that Benjamin was a name used in this family, and they migrated to places you are interested in.
Alice Cox Phillips of Poquoson, VA, did a bit of work on the Ward folks in 1988, but she stopped at Nathan, and does not state that his father was Wells Ward, although I am convinced of it. I would reconstruct this family as follows, with the possibility of numerous errors.:
Wells Ward, Sr. (1730)
1. Abigail Ward (1759-1859) MD. Isaac Barton
2. Nathan Ward (1761-1803+) MD. Sarah ________(thought to be Cherokee)
3. Wells Ward, Jr.
4. James Ward
5. Stephen Ward
6. Daugher Ward MD. Nathan Blevins (TLW: Ron BLEVINS said this should be Elizabeth m James BLEVINS Jr)
7. Benjamin Ward (who went to Watauga Co.)
Probably others.
I suppose if a fellow spent enough time in the Fincastle/Montgomery/Grayson Records, one could come up with a pretty good reconstruction on this family.
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Mary Ann SUTPHIN from VA sent me this--According to "Carroll, The Settlements, 1765-1815, Nathan Ward in Montgomery County. A Wells Ward and James Ward taxed in Botetourt Co VA 1771 and 1773 Nathan and Zachariah Ward taxed. All were probably in Grayson/Carroll area. Nathan settled on Coal Creek, now preent day Carroll Co., this from Fincastle records. Nathan died 1803. Grayson Co Will Book 1-25. left life estate to wife, with it to pass at her death to sons nathan and enoch. His original tract willed to sons William and Wells. Other records show her name was Sarah. Nathan Ward Jr married Ann Williams, Grayson Co 1809. and moved to Hawkins Co TN. where he was living 1822 when he sold his inheritance. Son Enoch Moved to Rutherford Co NC, he sold out there in 1822. Sarah was living with Enoch. Wells Ward sold out 1807 and seems to have moved away. William Ward became one of the wealthiest men on the community.. A little more to the sketch, but this is all the children records name. J P Alderman, the author thinks there were daughters.
These folks were quite close to Franklin Co VA where Daniel WARD was.
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From: "Gary and Becky Earls" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Nathan Ward
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 18:53:11 -0500
I checked Stephen Broyles's book on Tax List Summary,1819-1850. A Nathan Ward is listed in 1836,1840,1845,and 1850. In 1845 he had two school age children and in 1850 he had four school age children. He lived in the Spruce Creek area, which is the same area as my fourth great grandfather, John E. Ward.
    Given name : Nathan
          Surname : Ward
          Text after the name : Jr.
    Family Information :
          with JONES Ellender (1814 - 1903) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 18 NOV 1834 (30 years old)
                      Place : Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
                children :
                   WARD Jackson (1836 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1925 Red Star, Madison County, Arkansas, USA)
                   WARD Nelson (1837 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA)
                   WARD Silas (1840 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA)
                   WARD Mary (1842 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA)
                   WARD Martin (1844 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA)
                   WARD Sampson (1845 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1935)
                   WARD Belinda (1850 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1910 Coquille, Coos County, Oregon, USA)
                   WARD Sophina (1856 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1937)
        child :
           WARD Wells (1848 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA - 1907)

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