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DOSS Frances
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    Father : DOSS John (1749 - 1833) (Age in the birth of the child : 46 years old)
    Mother : SHIELDS Mary Margaret (1774) (Age in the birth of the child : 21 years old)
    Siblings :
       DOSS James (1742 Amelia County, Virginia, USA - 1813 Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA)
       DOSS Marguerite (1790 - 1895)
    Birth :
          Date : 1795
          Place : Pitsylvania County, Virginia, USA
    Death :
          Date : Aft 1870 (75 years old)
          Place : Texas, USA
    Burial :
          Place : Hardeman County, Tennesse, USA
    Note :
Taken from Family Tree Maker File of Teddy Ray Tedford:
Notes for Frances Doss:
There is listed in the 1850 census of Hardeman county, under the name of Frances, a 20 year old woman, by the name of Matilda Tedford. This Matilda is not old enough to have been the daughter of David. This is left to be a mystery as to whom she may have been, or at least, her relationship to David.
There is also a Matilda Tedford reported to be living in the home of Abner Nelms of the same year and county, she is shown to be 18 years of age, this would be even farther from being the "daughter" of David and Frances Tedford.
Marriage records for the county of Hardeman, has that there was a Matilda Tedford who married an Andrew J. Carson, however I have been unable to trace this couple beyond this marriage date. I don't believe it likely that she would be a daughter of Frances Doss Tedford. I am open, to any such proof to the contrary.
It has been suggested that Frances may have had her out of wedlock, but I feel, that due to the custom of that time and the fact that the Tedfords where of a strong church following, and seems to have been highly respected. I feel that if this were the case, she would not have been able to have stayed in the area.
The last accounting of Frances is found in the 1860 census of Hardeman county, at which point she was 63 years of age. There has been some speculation, by way of family tradition, that she had moved to Texas, with William C. Tedford, her son. This is, nonsense.
William didn't arrive in Texas until 1879 and at that time he and Edith were in the home of Holly Burl Jackson, his son-in-law. Frances would have been over 80 years of age. The other side of that tradition is that they were near Abiline, Texas. This is also untrue. Willliam was in Bowie, Texas in 1880 and would not have gone any farther into the State. But would, if he had lived, gone to the southern counties of Oklahoma, from Bowie.
It is my thought that William is buried in the Bowie, Texas area, and that at some point after his death, his wife Edith had most likely gone into Oklahoma, with the Jacksons. It is said to have been Cornith, Oklahoma, and that she died in 1905.
    Given name : Frances
          Surname : Doss
    Family Information :
          with TEDFORD David (1789 - 1826) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : Abt 1812 (17 years old)
                children :
                   TEDFORD Mary Ann (1814 Tennessee, USA - 1896 Pochantas, Hardeman County, Tennesse, USA)
                   TEDFORD John Jackson (1816 Tennessee, USA - 1877 Hardeman County, Tennesse, USA)
                   TEDFORD Malitha Jane (1818 Georgia, USA - 1891)
                   TEDFORD Sophronia O. (1823 Georgia, USA)
                   TEDFORD Amanda (1827 Hardeman County, Tennesse, USA - 1910 Tennessee, USA)
                   TEDFORD William Carroll ( Alabama, USA - Texas, USA)

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