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UBER Jesse A.
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    Father : UBER James F. (1862) (Age in the birth of the child : 32 years old)
    Mother : WHITELEY Elizabeth Ann (1873 - 1923) (Age in the birth of the child : 20 years old)
    Siblings :
       UBER Irena B. (1889 Kansas, USA - 1919)
       UBER Cecil A. (1890 Kansas, USA)
       UBER Linna J. (1893 Kansas, USA)
       UBER Ina N. (1895 KLuray, Russell County, Kansas, USA - 1917)
       UBER John W. (?)
       UBER June (?)
       UBER Vinnie (?)
       UBER Verda Mae (?)
       UBER Celeste (?)
    Birth :
          Date : 20 JUL 1894
          Place : KLuray, Russell County, Kansas, USA
    Death :
          Date : 11 APR 1970 (75 years old)
          Place : Horton, Brown County, Kansas, USA
    Note :
Jesse A. Uber was born at Luray, Russell Co., Kans., July 20, 1894 and died April 11, 1970 at the Horton Community Hospital (Horton Kans.)
He had been a maintenance man at Stormont-Vail Hospital in Topeka until his retirement, when he moved to Horton.
He is survived by his wife and four sons, Jesse Uber of San Diego, Calif., Earl Uber of Springfield, Ill., Harold Uber of Junction City, Kans., and Barney Uber of Horton; two step sons; four daughters, Juanita Cattrell of Whiting, Ks., Ellen Miller of Wichita, Ks., Velma Brown of Hammond, Ill., and Betty Jeffries of Meriden, Ks., one step daughter; one brother, Cecil Uber of Orange, Calif., four sisters, Celeste Brunner of Grass Valley, Calif., Vinnie Ellison of Seattle, Wash., Verda Mae Brandt of Nysra, Calif., and June Jones of Ojai, Calif., 30 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Burial was at Larkinburg, Kans.
    Given name : Jesse A.
          Surname : Uber
        children :
           UBER Earl (?)
           UBER Barney (?)
           UBER Ellen (?)
           UBER Betty (?)
           UBER Velma (?)
           UBER Juanita (?)
           UBER Harold (?)
           UBER Jesse (?)

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