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    Father : BRADFIELD Elijah Davis (1837 - 1913) (Age in the birth of the child : 40 years old)
    Mother : FEATHERSTONE Narcissus Ellen (1839 - 1907) (Age in the birth of the child : 37 years old)
    Siblings :
       BRADFIELD Elias Harvey (1863 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA)
       BRADFIELD Elston E. (1866 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA)
       BRADFIELD James Wesley (1868 Noblesville, Marion County, Indiana, USA - 1954 Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma, USA)
       BRADFIELD Jennie Olive (1870 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA - 1951 Tryon, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, USA)
       BRADFIELD William R. (1872 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA)
       BRADFIELD Elijah A. (1874 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA)
       BRADFIELD Tamer Ellen (1880 Wilson County, Kansas, USA - 1956)
       BRADFIELD Homer O. (1880 Wilson County, Kansas, USA)
    Birth :
          Date : 8 JUN 1877
          Place : Hamilton County, Indiana, USA
    Death :
          Date : 29 JUN 1965 (88 years old)
          Place : Liberal, Seward County, Kansas, USA
    Burial :
          Place : Elkhart, Morton County, Kansas, USA
    Note :
By Buena, Marvin, & Jean Bradfield
John Cyrus Bradfield and Lillie Alice Fowler were married February 21, 1899 at Chandler, Oklahoma. One son Ozzell William Bradfield was born April 11, 1901. The family lived at Tryon, Oklahoma until February, 1905. The reason for leaving their first home and moving to Texas County, Oklahoma was to acquire land from the government under the Homestead Act.
John, Lillie, and five year old son Ozzell traveled 350 miles in a covered wagon. They brought three horses, two cows, pigs, and a dozen chickens. There were three other families that made the trip with the Bradfields.
Not having a house and the month was February they took the over-jet (box and wagonsheet) off the wagon and lived in it until they could dig a dugout. This dugout was about twelve feet by twelve feet in size and was covered with twelve inch boards, sod and had a dirt floor. Lillie sewed gunny sacks together to cover the floor. Then later John built an adobe house (16 X 24 feet) that had two rooms. Later he added a kitchen and a screened porch that they used until he built a bungalow in 1926.
Their first winter was a very cold winter with lots of snow. They looked forward to spring so they could plant their first crop which was corn. John plowed the furrow and Lillie and Ozelle dropped the kernals of corn. Maybe this crop was 1/2 acre. The crop wasn't very good and this family along with the other homesteaders knew what "hard times" were-- no crop and no money.
Then John Thompson family moved to this community in 1917. Ozelte William Bradfield and Buena Vista Thompson were married January 1, 1922. To this union were born two children Jeannette and Marvin.
John lived on his homestead forty-six years until 1961 when he moved to Hugoton, Kansas. His wife Lillie died June 16, 1937. John died June 29, 1965, in Hugoton, Kansas.
Many more stories could he told about this family and the hard times, dirt storms, living conditions of this time, schooling, and means of travel.
Published in the <I>Northwest Flats Heritage Book</I>, Texas Co., OK
    Given name : John Cyrus
          Surname : Bradfield
    Family Information :
          with FOWLER Lillie Alice (1882 - 1937) :
                Marriage :
                      Date : 21 FEB 1899 (21 years old)
                      Place : Lincoln County, Oklahoma, USA
                child :
                   BRADFIELD Ozell William (1901 Tyron, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, USA - 1973 Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas, USA)
          with HINCH Sarah Francis Ardella West :

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