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Mary Elizabeth_
NICHOLS William R._
CASEY Paul Edward_
CASEY Pamela Mary_

FOWLER Charlie Alvin_ + BRADFIELD Tamer Ellen_
FOWLER Harold Calvin_
FOWLER Lenora Olive__
FOWLER Bertha Lilly_
FOWLER Ward John__
FOWLER Austin Charley_
FOWLER Mattie_
FOWLER Ada Viola Iona__
FOWLER Lillian Ellen__
FERGUSON Charley E._FERGUSON Glen Carey_
FOWLER John Ward__FOWLER Lenora O.__FOWLER Ada V._FOWLER Harold_
HISER Linda LoRee_
PUGH David_PUGH Ella__

VILLINES Mary Pearline_
ROBINS James Mitchell__
WISE Eunice J.__
WISE Ervin Levi_
WISE Johnny Calvin_
ROBINS Sue_ROBINS Dina_ROBINS Terry_ROBINS James Michael__
OWENS Sharon Sue_OWENS Phyllis Ann_OWENS Beverly Joyce_

WATSON George_ + WILLIAMS Ivory Bell_
WATSON Bonnie__
WATSON Retha Marie_

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