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QUICK Reyniear_ + UPDIKE Elizabeth_
QUICK Mary Ann__
QUICK William R._
QUICK Loretta_
QUICK Lewis C_
QUICK Charles_
QUICK Josiah Worth__
QUICK Ennis__
QUICK Laura Melissa__
FURMAN Ida May_FURMAN Agnes_FURMAN Frank_FURMAN John Cyrus__
QUICK Ethel Maud__QUICK Isaac Irl__QUICK Frank Ridenour__QUICK Mary Almeda__QUICK Addie Eleanor_QUICK Nellie May__
QUICK Harlan Ota_QUICK David Allen__QUICK Catherine Grace_QUICK Jerry Louis__

QUICK Ennis_ + CONOVER Elnorah_
QUICK Harlan Ota_
QUICK David Allen__
QUICK Catherine Grace_
QUICK Jerry Louis__
QUICK Harold Osbern__QUICK David Reyniear_QUICK Wilfred Ennis__
QUICK Jerry Louis_

SCOTT James Allen_ + BARTLETT Jemima Laing_
SCOTT Maggie Bartlett__
SCOTT Georgie Allen_
SCOTT James Everett__
PAYNE Mona Grace_PAYNE Garnet Allen_PAYNE Hazel Bertha_PAYNE Alfred Leroy_PAYNE Merril Arnold_HARRIS Mildred Louise_
SCOTT William Allen__SCOTT Avva Laing__SCOTT James Henry_SCOTT Harold Wayne__

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