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FOWLER William Calvin_ + FIELDS Nancy Lucinda_
FOWLER David Beeson__
FOWLER Lula Bell__
FOWLER Minnie May__
FOWLER Emma Elizabeth__
FOWLER Edwin Leander__
FOWLER Christine Maude__
FOWLER Laura Dale__
FOWLER Oscar Bennett__
FOWLER William Robert__FOWLER Samuel Larkin__FOWLER Stella Cathrin_FOWLER Iva Della__FOWLER Charles Oliver__FOWLER Lucy Lucinda__FOWLER Lillie May_FOWLER Frances_FOWLER Ethel Lillian__
DOWNING May Pearl_DOWNING Arthur B.__DOWNING Chester Roy__DOWNING Porter Lloyd__DOWNING Maud Marie__DOWNING Opal Lee_
PALMER Effie__PALMER Christine Maude_
FOWLER Bessie_FOWLER William Audie__FOWLER Troy__FOWLER Charlie_FOWLER Mintie F.__FOWLER Walter__FOWLER Everett Efton__FOWLER Chester Vernon__FOWLER Earl Hurchel__
PERRY Lester_PERRY Zelma_PERRY Lucille_PERRY Laura Etta__PERRY Edith Wynema__
AYERS Roy Dale__AYERS William Floyd__AYERS Oleta Faye__AYERS Opal Marie__AYERS Ethel Lorene__
FOWLER Norma Lee_FOWLER Russel Levaugh_FOWLER Orville Clio_FOWLER Cecil Eugene_

ALLRED Thomas Nathaniel_ + HATFIELD Ida Mae_
ALLRED Clyde Beven__
ALLRED Clyde Junior__ALLRED Rosetta Mae__ALLRED Darrell Wayne__ALLRED James Albert_ALLRED Shirley JoAnn__

HATFIELD William Henry_ + TIMMONS Nancy Jane_
ALLRED Clyde Beven__

ALLRED Clyde Erastus_ + SEITZ Lillian Goldie_
ALLRED Irma Lea_
ALLRED Billy Rex__
ALLRED Helen M._
ALLRED Michael William__

ALLRED Billy Rex_ + MCCOLLISTER Marilyn Sherry_
ALLRED Michael William__
ALLRED Matthew Ryan_

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