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Descendants of Joseph Woods (1745 to 1835)

Joseph Woods was born near Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia on 22 August 1745. He married Mary Hamilton on 28 January 1768 Mary was born in Albemarle County in 1747 and died 26 August 1829 at Gibson County, Indiana.

Joseph served in the Revolutionary war as a private In Captain Benjamin Briggs company, 7th Virginia Regiment muster roll dated Fort Pitt, 18 November 1781, for the year 1780 and January to October 1781 “term of enlistment, War”, on command at Wheeling. His name was last born on muster roll for June 1783, dated at Fort Pitt, 3 July 1783, with remark “on furlough”.

About 1790 Joseph Woods with his wife and ten children, migrated from Albemarle County Virginia to Tennessee and settled on the Holston River about ten miles from Knoxville, where Samuel Hamilton Woods the eleventh and last child was born in 1791. In 1807 he moved with all his family except his son Joseph L. to Knox County, Indiana and settled on the Du Chien [Du Shoe] river, on 10 April 1809 he moved to Gibson County, Indiana and settled on the Turkey Hill in section 21, T 2 8, R 10 W, 3 miles southwest of Princeton. In 1811 his son Joseph L. and his family followed from Tennessee and settled two miles West of the homestead. Joseph Woods died 16 January 1835 on his Turkey Hill farm. Joseph Woods and Mary {Hamilton} Woods are buried at Marsh Creek Cemetery, also known as Woods Cemetery, at Patoka Township, Gibson County, Indiana.

Joseph Woods and Mary Hamilton’s eleven children were,

John Woods born 1769 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1844, he married Polly Dickson.

James Woods born in 1770 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1815 married Nancy Dickson.

Margaret “Peggy” Woods born in 1777 in Albemarle County, Virginia and  died in 1845 she married Samuel Hogue Sr.

Patrick Woods born 1775 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1856 married Jane Hanna, born1780, died 11 July 1836, buried in Marsh Creek Cemetery, Patoka Township Gibson County, Indiana.

Joseph L. Woods born 25 October 1776 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died 22 December 1845, he married Elizabeth Hanna she was born 30 April 1784 and died 14 November 1860, both are buried in Marsh Creek Cemetery, also known as Woods Cemetery, Patoka Township, Gibson County, Indiana.

William P. Woods born 30 August 1778 died 30 December 1844, never married, buried at Marsh Creek Cemetery, also known as Woods Cemetery, Patoka Township, and Gibson County, Indiana.

David L. Woods born 1 October 1780 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died 4 March 1841 he was buried at Marsh Creek Cemetery, Patoka Township, Gibson County, Indiana, he married Ester Witherspoon.

Issac Woods born 1783 in Charlottesville Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1872 at Blount County, Tennessee, he married Elizabeth Witherspoon, she was born 1783 in Tennessee.

Jane Woods born 1785 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1848, she married Samuel Hogue Jr.

Elizabeth Woods born 1787 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died in 1894  she married William Embree.

Samuel Hamilton Woods born 1 March 1791 near Knoxville Tennessee and died 16 July 1880. He married 8 November 1815 to Ann McMillian, she was born 1794 died 4 August 1861.

In 1909 Robert A. Woods published a small book titled “Joseph Woods and his lineal descendants” this book tells us that Joseph and Mary’s first son John was born in 1769 at Albemarle County, Virginia, and that he married Polly Dickson who was born about 1773.

John Woods and Polly Dickson had nine children their names were;

Joseph E. Woods he married Nancy Embree.

James Hamilton Woods born 1812 died 1869 married Becky Ann Brokaw.

John Woods married Lucinda Barker in 1825.

James Woods married _ _ _ _ Hawkins.

William P. Woods married Suckey Rowden in 1835.

Hugh Woods married Nancy Wheeler in 1822.

Sarah Woods married James Johnson in 1828.

_ _ _ _ Woods married _ _ _ _ Blackard

Jane Woods married George Humphreys in 1818.

John Woods and Polly Dickson’s first son:

 Joseph E. Woods   born in Blount County, Tennessee on 11 January 1792, and died 20 December 1847 in Gibson County, Indiana, Joseph E. married Nancy Embree on the 24 of March 1814 in Gibson County, Indiana, Nancy was born 11 January 1797 and died 8 February 1868 in Massacre County, Illinois, her father was Joshua Embree born in 1770 and died in 1813 at Princeton Gibson County, Indiana, he was the son of John Embree Jr. and Frances {Fannie} Burris.

Nancy Embree’s mother was Elizabeth {Betsy} Edmondson, she was born in Virginia and died 24 June 1829 in Rock House Bottom Cumberland County, Kentucky, she was the daughter of William Edmondson and Martha {Patty} Stevens.

Major Joseph Woods and Nancy Embree had six children, their names were:

Elisha Woods

Joshua Embree Woods, was born 1818 in Gibson County, Indiana and died about 1879 in Hunt County, Texas. 

William Hamilton Woods

Joseph E. Woods [never married]

Lucretia Woods married John Brokaw in 1832.

Betsy Jane Woods married James T. Brown in 1836.

Joseph Woods and Nancy Embree’s second son Embree who we now know to be Joshua Embree   named after Nancy’s father {Joshua Embree} was born in 1818, Gibson County, Indiana Marriage index shows that he married Eliza Jane Stewart on 18 January 1838.

Eliza Jane was born in Wabash County, Illinois in 1821, her mother Eleanor Tougas Levoilette was born in Vincennes Illinois in about 1803.

The History of Edwards, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, Illinois includes many references of the Levoilette family in about 1800.

We know very little about the early life of Eleanore Levoilette but we do know that she met and married John Stewart in Edwards County, Illinois, on 8 November 1819, John was born about 1799 in Kentucky.

Eleanore and John had ten children their names were:


Eliza Jane Stewart born in 1821, Wabash County, Illinois; died after 1880 in Hunt County, Texas, married Joshua Embree Woods on 18 January 1838 at Gibson County, Indiana.

H. H. Stewart, born about 1825, Indiana; died in May 1850, Hunt County, Texas, of typhoid fever

Roxey Ann Stewart, born April 1828 in Indiana; married Benjamin Baccus about 1847, he was born in July 1822 in Ohio.

Robert E. Stewart, was born in 1830 in Indiana and died about 1861 near Little Rock Arkansas; Civil War killed in battle, Confederate Army, Company K, 9th Texas Calvary.

Nancy Louise Stewart, born 1833 in Indiana, she married Elijah Irwin Hathaway 10 November 1859 in Hunt County, Texas, he was born about 1836 in Tennessee.

Henry Harrison Stewart, born 1836 in Indiana.

George Washington Stewart, born 1838 in Indiana.

John Franklin Stewart, born November 1840 in Indiana, died 1916 in Hunt County, Texas, and was buried in Stewart Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas.

He married Eliza Jane Rippy, 20 September 1866 in Hunt County, Texas, she was born May 1846 in Hunt County, Texas and died in 1908 and was buried in Stewart Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas.

Julia Victoria Stewart, born 19 September 1843 in Texas, died 9 May 1910 in Hopkins County, Texas, she married William Martin Williams 20 October 1868 in Hunt County, Texas, he was born 11 November 1839 in Arkansas and died 20 June 1908 in Hopkins County, Texas.

Julia and William are both buried in Oakland Cemetery, in Hopkins County, Texas.

Daniel Stewart, born about 1844 in Texas, died in June 1850 in Hunt County, Texas.


                                Joshua Embree Woods 1818 - 1879Photo of Joshua Embree Woods

Genealogy research tells us that Joshua Embree was the administrator of his fathers estate in Gibson County, Indiana in 1848, and family oral history tells us that he studied law but was never admitted to the bar because he refused to take the oath that required him to defend a client right or wrong. Joshua was elected Justice of the Peace for Hunt County, Texas on 2 August 1852 and again on 4 August 1856, for a total of eight years, he enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 and served in Co. K 9th Regiment Texas Calvary in The Civil War.

Educated as a Lawyer, Elected for two four year terms as Justice of the Peace, and worked as a farmer and stockman.

Joshua Embree Woods and Eliza Jane Stewart had eleven children:



Theodore Perry Woods was born in Indiana in 1841 and died in 1872 in Texas, he married Sarah Ellen Baker 15 August 1860 in Hunt County, Texas, she was born about 1844, Theodore and Sarah Ellen had five children;

Margaret Woods born about 1861.

Joseph Embree Woods born December 1865 in Hunt County, Texas and died in 1949 at Drumright Oklahoma. 

William Perry Woods born 9 December 1867, Black Jack Grove, Hopkins County, Texas and died 13 April 1956 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Charley Woods born about 1870.


Theodore Porter Woods born 17 September 1873 in Texas and died 9 July 1962 at Sacramento California.

George Cleveland Woods was born in Indiana in 1844.

Hellen Woods, was born in Hunt County, Texas in 1850 and died in Texas, she never married.

Joseph Embree Woods was born in Hunt County, Texas on 25 January 1855 and died on 1 April 1929 in Tulare County, California, he married Nancy Keren Wilkinson 13 January 1878 in Hunt County, Texas, she was born 17 August 1855 in Upshur County, Texas and died 4 May 1939 in Tulare County, California. Nancy Keren’s parents were John Wilkinson born 1815 in Wilkes County, Georgia, and Keren Happuch Olive born 1815 in Georgia.

Robert Elisha Woods was born in Hunt County, Texas in 1856.

Belle Woods was born in Hunt County, Texas.

Mildred Woods was born in Hunt County, Texas.

Fred Woods was born in Hunt, County, Texas.

Mary Elenor Woods born 1849 in Hunt County, Texas died before 1860.

{Female} Woods was born in Hunt County Texas.

{Female} Woods was born in Hunt County, Texas.

According to family stories handed down to us Joshua Embree and Eliza Jane traded their home in Indiana to Elisha Woods “Joshua’s brother” for land that Elisha had gone to Texas and claimed.

When Joshua and family arrived in Texas by covered wagon they could not locate any land belonging to Elisha, but they did stay and established a home in Hunt County, Texas.

We know that Joshua Embree was the administrator of his father’s estate in Gibson County, Indiana in 1848 and that his third child Mary Elenor was born in Hunt County, Texas in 1849 so the move from Indiana to Texas was made between 1848 and 1849.


The Historical Society of Greenville Hunt County, Texas has records showing that Joshua E. Woods was elected Justice of the peace for Precinct # 2 on 2 August 1852 and was commissioned 20 September 1852 he was elected again for the same office on 4 August 1856.

His son Joseph Embree related that his father served as a peace officer for many years, Joseph remembers taking meals to the prisoners in the jail that his father was in charge of.


The 1850 Hunt County, Texas Census lists Joshua Woods, 32 – Eliza Jane 30 – Theodore Perry 9 – Cleveland 7 – and Mary Elenor 1, living in the John and Elenor Stewart household, Eliza Jane’s Father and Mother.


The 1860 Hunt County, census shows:

Joshua E. Woods 42 [M] Farmer Real Estate Value $1600.00

Personal property, $1000.00 birth place, Indiana.

Eliza Jane       39   [F] Indiana

Theodore        19   [M] Indiana

George C.      16   [M] Indiana

Hellen           10    [F] Texas

J Embree       6     [M] Texas

Robert E.      4     [M] Texas


Joshua Embree Woods served in the Civil War with the Confederate Army, as did his two oldest sons.

Joshua enlisted with the Texas 9th Cavalry in 1861 and was discharged in 1862 with a disability. Records don’t state the nature of the disability.

Theodore Perry Woods enlisted in the Texas 9th Cavalry on 14 October 1861 and was captured and taken prisoner of war on 2 April 1863 at Franklin Tennessee, he was released and discharged on 16 April 1863.

George Cleveland Woods enlisted in the 1st Battalion Texas Sharp Shooters in 1862 and was discharged in 1863.

 Photo of Joseph and Nancy Woods


 On 13

 January 1878 Joshua Embree and Eliza Jane’s third son:

Joseph Embree Woods married Nancy

                   Joseph Embree Woods 1855 – 1929                         Nancy Keren Wilkinson 1855 - 1939        

Keren Wilkinson at Hunt County, Texas, Joseph was born 25 January 1855 in Hunt County, and Nancy Keren was born 17 August 1855 in Upsur County, Texas, Nancy’s father was John Wilkinson born 25 February 1815 in Wilkes County Georgia her mother was Keren Happuch Olive born 1 July 1815 in Georgia.


Joseph and Nancy’s first child {Ada} was born 0n 22 October 1878, her

Grandfather Joshua Embree Woods who named her died in 1879 and he was

Buried at the Stewart Cemetery between Commerce and Cumby Texas     The 1880 Hunt County, Texas census shows:

Woods     Joseph Embree     25

Woods     Nancy Keren        24     Wife

Woods     Ada                        2     Daughter

Woods     Eliza Jane            53     Mother

Woods     Hellen                  28     Sister

Stewart    Eleanore             76     Grandmother


No record has been located that gives the dates of Eliza Jane and her mother Eleanore’s death, but it has been determined that they are both buried in the Stewart Cemetery in Hunt County, Texas.


Joseph Embree and Nancy Keren had six children:

 Family of Joseph & Nancy Woods photo


                        John Clevleland 1885-1952 Joshua Embree 1882-1960 Ira Irvin 1888-1970

                                     Eliza Jane 1880-1961 Ada 1878- 1955 Virgie 1890-1978

                            The children of Joseph Embree Woods & Nancy Keren Wilkinson


Ada Woods born 22 October 1878 in Hunt County, Texas and died 30 December 1955 in Los Angeles California, she married Oscar Winfield  Alexander on 26 September 1897 at Hunt County, Texas he was born 4 July 1874 in Texas and died 25 September 1953, Oscar was buried at Cumby, Hopkins County Texas and Ada was buried at Inglewood California, they had nine children;

Maud Ester Alexander born 1 September 1898 in Texas and died 1898 in Texas.

Glenna May Alexander born 31 October 1899 in Texas and died 13 December 1988 at Silverton, Marion County, Oregon, she married Oliver Elvin Steffen 17 May 1924 son of Peter Steffen and Rosina Liechty, Oliver was born 23 April 1901 in Oregon and died 19 August 1987 at Silverton, Marion County, Oregon.

Nolene V. Alexander born 29 January 1901 in Texas and died 11 November 1933 in Oklahoma, she married Earl Randoll Reid 9 February 1929, he was born 16 September 1897 in Texas and died February 1967 in Marlow, , Stephens, Oklahoma, they had two children;

George Wayne Reid, born 19 September 1930 in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, he married Julia Cordwell, 28 August 1955.

Robert Reid, born 8 August 1933 at Wewoka Oklahoma.

Eliza Naomi Alexander born 19 December 1902 in Texas and died 11 February 1947 in Los Angeles California, she married Emmitt Amos Bridwell on 28 February 1920, son of Jasper Bridwell and Mattie Rice, he was born 19 March 1899 in Oklahoma, and died 6 December 1982 in Riverside California, they had two children;

Melvin E. Bridwell born 11 August 1922 in Wewoka Oklahoma.

Robert Leo Bridwell, born 22 February 1927 in Oklahoma.

Garlin Grady Alexander born 11 July 1905 in Cumby, Hopkins, Texas and died May 1985 in Jefferson County, Colorado, he married Almeda Rose Todd 16 August 1924, daughter of Robert Todd and Elizabeth Spence, she was born 15 June 1906 in Arizona, and died 30 May 2002 in Littleton, Jefferson, Colorado, they had three children;

Margaret Nolene Alexander, born 7 April 1926.

Judy Rose Alexander, born 23 July 1943.

Lawrence Kent Alexander, born 23 July 1943 in Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona.

Thomas Carrol Alexander born 12 May 1907 in Hunt County Texas and died 19 March 1982 at Woodlake, Tulare County, California, and was buried in Woodlake District Cemetery, Woodlake California, he married Florence F. Legrand, born 17 January 1912 and died 21 March 2006 in Woodlake, Tulare, California.

Lola Ree Alexander born 1 September 1909 in Texas and died 21 July 2005 in Fallbrook San Diego California, she married [1] Clarence C. Bergman 21 November 1918, son of Bernard Bergman and Lena Carlson, he was born 3 August 1901 in Missouri and died 28 March 1976 in Santa Clara County California. She married [2] Jonas J. Byberg, son of John Byberg and Ellen he was born 12 August 1902 in North Dakota and died 21 November 1989 in Marion County Oregon.

Lola and Clarence had three children;

Donald C. Bergman, born 1 October 1930 in Glendale California; married [1] Avis L. Cheathum, 1959 in Nevada; married [2] Mary Helen Marant, 1968 in Nevada.

Raymond L. Bergman, born 2 February 1932 in Salem Missouri.

Lenada Maxine Bergman, born 7 June 1935 in Woodlake California.

Gertie Lee Alexander born 15 July 1911 in Oklahoma and died in Denver Colorado, she married Robert Lynn 26 May 1952.

Ava Loveda Alexander born 15 July 1914 in Seminole Oklahoma and died in Seminole Oklahoma.

Eliza Jane Woods born 10 August 1880 in Hunt County, Texas and died 8 January 1961 in Oklahoma she married Edgar E. Powell on 23 November 1904 at Arthur Stephens County, Indian Territory he was born17 July 1880 and died 18 December 1932 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma they had four children;

Edgar Reed Powell born 5 February 1906 at Texas County, Oklahoma and died 5 February 1906 in Texas County Oklahoma.

Herman Alfred Powell born 12 July 1907 at Dombey Oklahoma and died 4 June 1982 at Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, he married Hallie Mae Price 9 December 1934 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, daughter of James Price and Hester W.. She was born 6 April 1913, and died 31 July 2002 in Aztec, San Juan, New Mexico 87410.

Child of Herman Powell and Hallie Price is;
James Edward Powell, born 12 February 1944 in Beaver Oklahoma. He married Jan Kathleen Cool, 12 June 1965, she was born 21 September 1945.

Amy Lee Powell born 27 May 1910 at Morton County, Kansas and died 10 October 1991 in Tulare California. She married Lloyd Wade Thomas 26 January 1928, son of William Thomas and Delilah Sharp. He was born 28 January 1906 in Concordia Kansas, and died 31 August 1970 in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Children of Amy Powell and Lloyd Thomas are;

Ina June Thomas, Was born 7 August 1930, Guymon, Oklahoma. She married Walter Wayne Loraw 21 February 195, he was born March 1931.

Elwanda Joyce Thomas, was born 7 July 1932, Guymon, Oklahoma. She married Raymond Luther Boland 19 February 1951, he was born 28 May 1922 in Oklahoma.

Lloyd Wade Thomas, was born 7 July 1932, Oklahoma and died 5 December 2001in Aurora, Adams, Colorado. He married Ellen Caroline Williams 30 December 1955. She was born 7 July 1937.

Mildred Louise Thomas, was born 23 April 1936. She married Martell Herman Twitchell 6 December 1958. He was born 6 December 1938 in Los Angeles California and died 30 November 1993 in Orange County California.

Judith Karen Thomas was born 16 March 1938 at Silver Cliff Colorado. She married Jack Ronald Scarbrough 22 June 1957. He was born in August 1938.

Edgar William Thomas was born 11 March 1940, Silver Cliff Colorado. He married Leta June Willis 21 August 1960. She was born 18 June 1942.

Arthur Lee Thomas was born 13 July 1942, Marlow Oklahoma. He married Sherry Star Fleener 12 June 1964. She was born 13 October 1945.

Lila Jane Thomas, was born 30 September 1944, Marlow Oklahoma. She married Carl Wayne Huddleston 23 December 1963, he was born 25 February 1947.

Larry Dean Thomas, was born 31 August 1946, Marlow Oklahoma. He married Linda Smith, she was born 14 September 1951 at Bagley, Minnesota.

Ronald Wayne Thomas, was born 12 March 1948, Marlow Oklahoma. He married Martha Bressler 29 December 1971. She was born 30 April 1950.

Willa Joan Thomas, was born 18 June 1950, Marlow Oklahoma. She married Patrick Hickman, 4 June 1972.

Mabel Powell born 27 August 1915 in Morton County Kansas and died 24 September1999 Eureka Humboldt County, California. She married [1] James E. Guthrie. She married [2] James E. Marks. He was born21 April 1914, and died 12 September 1993 in Klamath County Oregon.

Children of Mabel Powell and James Guthrie are;

James E. Guthrie, born 4 April 1940 and died 5 December 1960 in California. Burial Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno California.

Kathleen Farest Guthrie.

Children of Mabel Powell and James Marks are;

Roy Marks, was born 18 January 1949 Fort Lewis Washington. He married Lindsay Ann Wells 3 July 1971. She was born 25 August 1952 in Humboldt County California.

Mary Katherine Marks, was born 15 November 1950, Visalia, Tulare, California. She marred, Agah 

Michael Dennis Marks, born 25 November 1952 at Fort Devon Massachusetts. He married Debbie.

Michelle Doreen Marks, was born 25 November 1952 at Fort Devon Massachusetts. She married Chalmers.

Patrick Richard Marks, was born 18 July 1957, Fort Scott San Francisco County California. He married Robin Carroll.

Joshua Embree Woods born 30 September 1882 in Cumby Hopkins County, Texas, he married 1st Florence Ethel Blackwell on 12 November 1905 at Arthur Stephens County, Indian Territory 2nd Julia Ann Blackwell on 18 June 1910 at Arthur Stephens County Oklahoma.

John Cleveland Woods born 20 August 1885 in Franklin County, Texas and died 12 May 1952 at Tulare County, California  he married Esther Olna Hearne on 22 January 1914 at Texas County Oklahoma she was born 28 January 1896 in Sugden Indian Territory and died 16 July 1937 in Texas County, Oklahoma, daughter of Edward Hearne and Lema Elliott. John was buried at Woodlake California, Ester was buried at Happy Flats Cemetery, Texas County, Oklahoma, they had six children;

Randell Carl Woods born 23 November 1914 in Texas County, Oklahoma and died 2 April 1978 at Hickory North Carolina he married Clarissa Margaret Sage 2 June 1935 in Liberal Kansas, daughter of Melvin Sage and Clarissa Fuller. She was born 11 June 1917 in Beaver Oklahoma and died 12 December 1997 in Calawba North Carolina.

Ruby Lucile Woods born 12 September 1916 in Texas County, Oklahoma, she married Charles Ernest Parsons 13 May 1934 in Texas County, Oklahoma, Charles was born 11 June 1911 in Texas County, Oklahoma, Son of Overton Parsons and Martha Brownlee.

Leora May Woods born 6 November 1919 in Texas County, Oklahoma married 1st Eithal Clell Patty born 12 June 1908 at Michigantown Indiana, died 22 September 1974 at Porterville California. Married 2nd William Meyers; Married 3rd Preston O. Holder

Bonnie Jewell Woods born 24 April 1924 in Texas County, Oklahoma; died 13 July 1998 at El Centro California. She married Kenneth Aaron Zanella 3 January 1943 in Yuma Arizona. He was born6 July 1926 in Bell California and died 26 June 1987 Brawley California.

Johnnie J. Edward Woods born 18 April 1926 Texas County, Oklahoma and died 21 September 1990 at Tulare County, California, he married Wilma Ruth Walker 17 May 1952 in Tulare County, California.

E. J. Woods born 11 April 1928 in Texas County, Oklahoma he married 1st Floy Jennie Berry; 2nd Pearl Shirley Powell 20 August 1950 in Quartsite  Arizona she was born 12 July 1933 in Bell California.

Ira Irvin Woods born 1 June 1888 in Hunt County, Texas, never married. Died 21 January 1970 in Tulare County, California.

Virgie Woods born 29 September 1890 in Hunt County, Texas and died 10 June 1978 in Wichita Sedgwick County, Kansas she married Samuel Dudly Wall on 31 March 1907 at Texas County, Oklahoma Territory, son of William Wall and Sarah Craddock, he was born21 October 1884 in Montague County, Texas and died 9 April 1942 in Adams, Texas, Oklahoma. The children of Virgie and Samuel were;

Gertie May Wall born 28 January 1908 in Texas County, Oklahoma, and died 7 October 1967 in Colorado, [drowned in a lake] she married Bernard Otto Barnes 27 November 1930, he was born 13 September 1910 in Amarillo Texas and died 5 December 1981.

Lewis Woods Wall born 14 April 1911 in Texas County, Oklahoma and died in December 1977 in Roeland Park Kansas, he married [1] Hazel King, [2] Dorothy Elliott, [3] Polly Rich 3 October 1932 in Texas County, Oklahoma, she was born 20 June 1915 in Stephens County, Kansas and died 29 April 1966 at Liberal Kansas. Lewis and Polly were both buried at Hooker Oklahoma.

Leonard Allen Wall born 20 March 1921 in Texas County, Oklahoma he married Evelyn Justena Balzer 19 October 1944, she was born 6 October 1923 at Hooker, Texas, Oklahoma.

In 1878 when Joseph and Nancy Keren were married, Nancy brought to the marriage a sizeable herd of cattle and horses which she had inherited, and Joseph already established in the stock business with his father, buying, selling and trading cattle and horses made a good living for his family.

In the late 1890’s there were rumors that the Oklahoma and Indian territory’s would soon be open for settlement and always looking for new opportunity’s Joseph and Nancy decided to make the move north, so in early 1899 they began to make preparations.

In September 1897:

 Ada Woods the oldest daughter had married Oscar Winfield Alexander born 4 July 1874, so only five of the children would be making the trip.

Several months were spent preparing the two wagons for the journey, Joseph’s older sister Hellen [a seamstress] spent days at her treadle sewing machine making wagon sheets for the two wagons as well as two tents.

There was also a cousin with a third wagon making the trip this cousin was Calvin C. Stewart son of John Franklin Stewart who was Joseph’s mother’s brother.

So in October of 1899 the Joseph Embree Woods family left Texas headed for Indian Territory.

Family oral history related by Virgie Woods, who was nine years old at the time tells us that the first night of the trip was spent near Bonham Texas about thirty miles south of the Red river. Several days later they arrived at Durant Indian Territory, where they spent several weeks, and then on to Lehigh Indian Territory where they spent the winter of 1899 – 1900,

Soon after setting up winter camp Joseph came down with pneumonia and was unable to work most of the winter, but John even though he was only fourteen got a job as water boy with a local coal mine, and Ira [eleven] worked at odd jobs for home owners in town and Embree at sixteen had a full time job feeding and caring for the stock they had brought with them  from Texas.

The following spring the family moved from Lehigh Indian Territory to Granite Oklahoma Territory, where according to a letter that Embree wrote in 1955 “ Father and I helped build the Rock Island railroad from Mountain View to Mangum in 1901 and then we moved to Arthur, Indian Territory in the fall if 1901”.

The 1900 United States Federal Census, Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma

Joseph E Woods           age 45        born in Texas

Nancy K Woods                44                   Texas

Joshua E Woods               17                   Texas

Eliza J Woods                   19                   Texas

John C Woods                  14                    Texas

Ira E Woods                     11                    Texas

Virgie Woods                 “ 10                     Texas

A permanent camp was set up in the Velma/Arthur area where Joseph and the boys built feed lots for cattle and Joseph bought and sold livestock and did some farming in partnership with Indian land owners, as only Indians were allowed to own land in Indian Territory

It was while the family was living at Arthur near Velma Indian Territory that word came that land was available for homestead filling in the area known as “no mans land” which is now known as the Oklahoma Panhandle, and by this time Ada and her husband Oscar Alexander had rejoined the family, so Joseph and his son-in-law O. W. Alexander went with many other men from that area, and filed on 160 acres each, Joseph’s filing date as written in their bible was 10 February 1904. The following year after the claim was granted, John, Nancy and Virgie moved to the claim on 24 August 1905, while Joseph and Ira stayed at Arthur with their livestock to get them ready for market.

In November 1904:

Eliza Jane Woods had married Edgar Powell and Embree had a job on a ranch in the Velma area and was keeping company with a local girl, so neither one moved to the panhandle at that time. I also find Ira Irvin in the 1910 census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, so he went to the Panhandle some time later.         {ELA}

Joshua Embree Woods born 30 September 1882 in Cumby Hopkins County, Texas and died 5 August 1960 at Marlow Stephens County, Oklahoma, Married Florence Ethel Blackwell on 12 November 1905, Florence was born on 27 October 1886 in Jack County, Texas on a move that her father, mother and grandmother were making from Parker County, Texas to Old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory.

Her father was driving 57 head of cattle and her mother was driving a team of oxen and wagon with all their possessions.

Florence’s father was Benjamin Huston Blackwell born in 1863 in Parker County, Texas and her mother was Mary Frances Broom born in 1864 in Rusk Cherokee County, Texas. 

Embree “ as he preferred being called” and Florence Had three children:



 Ruthie Gertrude Woods was born on 15 February 1907 in Stephens County, Indian Territory she married 1st

                                 Florence Ethel Blackwell 1886- 1909                    Ruthie Gertrude – Joshua Embree &

                                                                                                         Laura May Woods

Everett Leoland Austin on July 1925 at Wilburton Morton County, Kansas, 2nd William Stanley Hunt in 1936 at Hutchinson Reno County, Kansas, 3rd Jake Base in May 1974 at Hutchinson Reno County, Kansas.

Laura May Woods was born on 4 February 1908 in Stephens County, Oklahoma she married 1st James Wilson 2nd John David Gray on 17 March 1934 at Henrietta Clay County, Texas.

 Milas Huston Woods was born 17 March 1909 in Stephens County, Oklahoma and died on 17 July 1909.

Florence Ethel died on 24 March 1909 and her son Milas Huston died on 17 July 1909, they were both buried in the Old Velma Cemetery at Velma Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Charlotte {Gordon} Blackwell, Florence Ethel’s grandmother died on 13 August 1907 and is also buried at the Old Velma Cemetery Velma Stephens County Oklahoma.

The 1910 Stephens County, census dwelling # 145 FM 145 shows:

Blackwell, Benjamin    HD M   46   M

                 Mary F.       WF F   45   M

                Julia            D     F   17   S

                Ernestine    D     F   14   S

                Edward       S     M 14   S

                Myrtle        D     F   10   S

Woods, Embree        SL    M 28   WD

               Ruthie         GD   F   4     S

               Laura         GD   F   2     S            

Manley   Wade         NE    M NR  NR

The Wade Manley listed was the son of Mary Frances {Broom} Blackwell’s twin sister Amanda Elizabeth {Broom} Manley who died in childbirth in 1900 when Wade was born, Benjamin and Mary Frances brought Wade home in a shoe box and he lived to be ninety seven years old.









                                    Rose {Unknown} Julia Blackwell --  Julia Ann {Blackwell} Woods

                                             Joshua Embree Woods                  Joshua Embree Woods

Joshua Embree Woods married Julia Ann Blackwell on 18 June 1910 at Arthur Stephens County, Oklahoma, her father was Benjamin Huston Blackwell and her mother was Mary Frances {Broom} Blackwell, Julia Ann was also the younger sister of Joshua Embree’s first wife Florence Ethel who died in 1909.

Joshua Embree and Julia Ann had six children;                              

Ethel Elmina Woods was born on 25 January 1911 at Velma Stephens County, Oklahoma and died 31 October 2004 in Colorado Springs Colorado, Ethel was buried at the Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma, she married Thaymore Beeton, she married Ken Waters.

Cecil Victor Woods was born on 26 August 1913 and died on 9 December 1913 he was buried in the Old Velma Cemetery, Velma Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Edgar Earl Woods was born on 28 January 1915 at Dalhart Dallam County, Texas and died 22 of October 1952 at Oklahoma City Oklahoma buried at Marlow Stephens County, Oklahoma he married Ester Carlson in September 1947 at Denver Colorado, [no children].

Truba Fay Woods was born on 17 July 1920 at Duncan Stephens County, Oklahoma {twin} and died February 19 2007 in Colorado Springs Colorado and was buried in Colorado Springs, she married Paul Irwin on 3 June 1939 at Chicago Illinois, he was born 31 January 1914 in Chicago Illinois and died 3 April 1972 in Florida, Truba and Paul had two children;

Charles Hugh “Buddha” Irwin was born 11 February 1941 in Chicago Illinois.

Paula Lynn Irwin was born 23 February 1948 in Chicago Illinois.

Ruba May Woods was born 17 July 1920 at Duncan Stephens County, Oklahoma {Twin} she died at birth and was buried at the Old Velma Cemetery, Velma, Stephens County, Oklahoma 

Frances Keren Woods was born 24 May 1924 at Wilburton, Morton County. Kansas, she married Donald Atkinson Savage on 5 March 1944 at Chicago Illinois, son of William Thomas Savage he was born 6 November 1921 in Chicago Illinois, and died 10 January 1997 in Boynton Beach Florida

Embree was a stockman and yes a cowboy at heart, he had worked with horses and cattle with his father and later with his father in-law beginning before he was a teen-ager, family oral history tells us that he had also worked as a cowboy on several cattle drives between 1905 and 1912, but times were hard in those years and he had helped build the Rock Island railroad from Mountain View to Mangum in 1901, so sometime in 1912 Embree got a job as Hostler - Fireman – brakeman on the railroad working out of Dalhart Texas.

We don’t know exactly how long the family stayed at Dalhart, but we do know that Edgar Earl Woods was born there on 28 January 1915, and I recall a number of family stories told by my mother Ruthie Gertrude and my Aunt Laura May about the years they lived there, I also have several pictures of family members taken in Dalhart that are dated 1918.

I have a letter that Benjamin Blackwell wrote dated 24 February 1918 and he states that Embree had gone to Chickasha to see about a job at the ice plant, and if that didn’t work out he was going to Arkansas City Kansas to see about a job on the railroad, I also have Embree’s World War 1 draft card that is post marked 10 October 1918 and giving his address as 913 So. D street Arkansas City Kansas, again we don’t know how long he stayed there, but the 1920 U. S. Federal Census lists the family in Grand Valley, Texas County, Oklahoma;

Joshua E Woods          37

Julia A Woods             27

Ruthie G Woods          12

Laura M Woods          11

Ethel E Woods             8

Edgar E Woods           4

I also find Julia and Ethel Woods listed in the Benjamin Blackwell household in the 1920 Stephens County, Oklahoma Census, Hope TWP, ED#3.

Knowing that Truba Fay, and Ruba May were born at Duncan Oklahoma in 1920, I would assume that Julia was there to be with her mother during childbirth.

At some time after 1920 Embree and family moved to Wilburton Morton County, Kansas where he worked on the railroad, and on 24 May 1924 Frances Keren Woods was born, and on July 10 1925 Embree’s oldest daughter Ruthie Gertrude married Everett Leoland “Tom” Austin.

The family then moved to Edmond Oklahoma County, Oklahoma where Truba Fay started school and the following year finds her in the second grade at Prairie Dale School District # 33 in Stephens County, Oklahoma.


Embree’s, father in-law Benjamin Huston Blackwell was 65 years old in 1928 and at the age where he needed help with the livestock and the farm, sense Embree had worked with him from time to time and knew the business of buying, selling, trading and raising livestock, he was the one that Ben called on to take over the running of the farm.

This was a 180- acre farm that Benjamin had purchased about 1910 and had built a new home on in about 1920.


The 1930 Census for Stephens County, Oklahoma, Hope TWP, lists;

Joshua Embree Woods

Julia Ann                                  Wife

Edgar Earl                               Son

Truba Fay                                Daughter

Frances Keren                         Daughter


This was also the year that my sister Maxine and I went to live in that household with our Grandparents, Embree and Julia Woods, Great Grandparents, Benjamin and Mary Blackwell, and Aunts, Truba Fay and Frances Woods, and Uncle, Edgar Woods


To be continued            ~ Everett ~


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