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Sancha (?) of Castile1

F, #11257, b. 1182, d. 1184?
Father*Alfonso Viii (?) of Castile1 b. 11 November 1155, d. 5 October 1214
Mother*Leonora Plantagenet of Aquitaine1 b. 13 October 1162, d. 31 October 1214
Relationships24th great-grandaunt of Richard Tonsing
1st cousin 1 time removed of Edward I Plantagenet
Birth*1182 Sancha (?) of Castile was born in 1182 at Castile, Spain.1 
 She was the daughter of Alfonso Viii (?) of Castile and Leonora Plantagenet of Aquitaine.1 
Death*1184? Sancha (?) of Castile died in 1184? At age 2 years.1 
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