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Genealogy, Our focus on this website is to help O’Keeffe genealogist and family researchers find information about their O’Keeffe heritage. Currently there are several family trees of information that is continually update and maintained. There are over 20,000 names in the family tree. Additional names are added to the family tree as the source information is being cleaned up. The current O'Keeffe Clan family tree is located under the Genealogy tab .

The first family tree, started in 1996, is built from the queries and GEDCOMs that people have sent hoping to find more about their ancestors. An obituary information was added to the family tree in 2007. Many obituary notices contain hypertext links to the original source. There are several sources of obituary notices such as and Recently, news articles have been added to the database. This includes information about living people such as political figures, artists and performers.

The Ireland 1901 and 1911 census has its own family tree. This family tree is unique in that it only contains O’Keeffes and includes many spelling variations. Unfortunately the family tree is only individuals, the family connections still need to be built. The purpose of this database is to make it easier to find O’Keeffes without having to search all the spelling variations.

Sucess Stories

We do our best to help others find O’Keeffe family information. We would love to hear your success stories that we have contributed to.

Researcher Remembrance

O’Keeffe researchers who have pasted away. I would like to thank them for their help and take this time to remember them.


Many of us have old photographs of our O’Keeffe ancestors. There may be other family members who may have the same picture. This is one way to find distant relations or even lost relations. Please send your photo with a brief description of the person or family.

Photos provide a great opportunity to visualize older family members. They are now linked to the Family Tree


See the Wikipedia links for Famous O’Keeffe’s..

• Ó Caoimh (O'Keeffe, O'Keefe, Keeffe, Keefe)


DNA has aided in the genealogy research.


The O’Keeffe Clan guestbook was retired by Locos on 1 April 2012. Until a new guestbook is created, please use one of the Message Boards or e-mail your query to O’Keefe Clan


Family Tree

An O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree has been added to the site.