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Drominagh Castle

Dromin Atha: The Little Fort on the River Crossing

The third castle of the O'Keeffes in the north-west Cork area to Dromagh and Duarigle was at Drominagh (Drom-EEn-ah) which was above a stream on the road to Boherboy from Dromagh Castle on the right of the road and straight on from the crossroads to Cullen and Kanturk for less than half-a-mile. It is on the other side of the road and in a field, which is opposite a secondary road to the left. Only a rocky mound on which the castle was built remains. It was wrecked during the Confederate War. An inquisition of 1638 indicated that Art O'Keeffe died possessed of the castles and lands of Drominagh and Dromtarrife.

The last O'Keeffe to own the castle was Hugh who surrendered to Broghill after prolonged resistance in May 1654. He sent his heir to the care of the MacAuliffes and went aboard (see Dromagh) for a time. Mr Moynahan National Teacher of Kanturk told me that descendants came about twenty years ago asking to see the site. Broghill burned the nearby church, so was probably responsible for the destruction of the castle as well. Little or nothing is known of its independent history apart from that of Dromagh. (1)

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(1) The Castles of County Cork With 72 line drawings and 10 maps by the author James N. Healy

Copyright © 1988 by James N. Healy, p. 333.

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